What film should I use?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by g william, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. I have recently been asked to help photograph at my fiance's
    sister's wedding. They problem is that I usually take nature pics
    and use Velvia or Provia. What film should i use to take engagement
    pictures? Because the couple are college students price of film
    might also be an issue, but not the deciding factor. I really want
    to help them out, but 'people' films are outside my area of
  2. Kodak Portra NC. It comes in ISO 160, 400 or 800. 160 if you're shooting outdoors.
  3. I suggest Reala for outdoors. For examples - you can check out my portfolio. It all comes down to skin tone preferences and for me - I like my greens a bit on the yellowish/green side. I'd try both what Marc suggests and Reala for yourself before hand and see which you like best. There is no wrong answer...it's all subjective.
  4. Wow, you mean film is still available?!

    -- OK, just a little joke.

    I prefer Fuji NPH skin tones to Portra NC. But that could be
    because it works better at my local lab. Either one is an
    excellent people film. If you're worried about cost, mail order it.
    B&H sells 36exp NPH for $3.89 a roll.
  5. People films like NPS/NPH,Portra NC are low contrast films,designed for high contrast subjects.They smooth out the speed bumps of bad lighting and high brightness range subjects.They also have great flesh tones when printed correctly,(at a lab that knows what they are doing).
  6. I've had some pretty good results with NPH. Going to try out a roll of porta 160 quite soon (although NPH was shot on 35mm and porta will be shot on 6x6 120 film)
  7. I happen to like the Porta NC stuff, but really just want to second the recommendation to try a couple of them out and see.
  8. NPH, 'nuf said.
  9. NPH if the lab you print at uses Fuji paper, NC if prints are on Kodak paper. Otherwise I have had equal sucess with both
  10. Try them out yourself, as several have already suggested. When you try them out, be sure to include "wedding colors" in the shot - especially pastels, and especially pinks and purples. My experience is that Portra reproduces these colors better than other films, but your preference may be different. Make sure you take them someplace which prints on the proper channels....
  11. I usually use Portra NC, but Agfa Portrait is also surprisingly nice (and less expensive).
  12. Fuji NPH exposed at ISO 320.

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