What film format is easy for you to load and what is a pain for you to load

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by bobpeters, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. If I understand this conversation correctly, the takespool has a lot of slippage. The film trave is governed by the shaft with the teeth on it so it should never get tight on the spool.
  2. I will still take an RB over a Hassy anytime. Especially when it comes to a doctor bill. Loading either (I have both) is a no-brainer. I converted a 70mm Hassy and two RB backs to 35mm. Mexican panoramas are really great. Bulk load it and have fun!
  3. Yes, loading something like the old HIE through the bottom of a Leica IIIf inside a changing bag was about as hard a job as I ever had in the old days. Even loading it into a Leica M2 wasn't that fun. Now regular bottom loading of an M2 with regular film was fine. It might just be what you're used to.

    You're also right that Contax was easier. I still have 2 Contax IIAs and loading them is pretty easy. However that takeup spool just won't let go of the film and you kind of have to cut the leader off the takeup reel getting the film out.

    On the other hand, Contax SLR? Pull leader to red mark and close case! Minoltas too. Maybe Leica thinks loading film through the bottom builds character? ;-)

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