What Film for Minox 8x11 ?

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  1. What films are currently available for Minox 8x11 cameras ?
    Where to buy them ?
    Is Kodak Technical Pan film available in 9.4mm format ?
    What is the frame format of Minox ultraminature cameras ?
  2. Factory Loaded 8x11 Film

    Minox GmbH, Germany

    • Minopan 25(Agfapan APX 25) 36 exp,
    • Minopan 100(AGFAPAN APX 100) 36 exp,
    • Minopan 400(AGFAPAN APX 400) 36 exp
    • Minochrome 50 36 exp
    • Minocolor 25 in 15 and 36 exp ,
    • Minocolor 100; 15/36 exp,
    • Minocolor 400 15/36 exp
    • Minocolor Pro 100 15/30 exp

    • ACMEL JAPAN films(Fuji) for MINOX 8x11

      • ACMEL KING SUPER G 100 15/36 exp
      • ACMEL KING SUPER G 400 15/36 exp
      • ACMEL REALA ACE 100 15/30 exp (=Minocolor Pro 100)
      • ACMEL NEOPAN 100 36 exp
      • ACMEL NEOPAN 400 36 exp
      • ( Available in Japan, Hong Kong )
  3. Minox 8x11 films are available from major photographic suppliers, such as
    B&H in USA,
    8Elm or Alt Camera Exchange in Toronto.
    Or you can mail order through a list of Minox suppliers around the world is listed in MINOX Wetzlar
    Minox 8x11 film has a frame format of 8mm x 11mm and film width =9.4mm Minox format is some times referred to as 9.5mm format by mistake.
    9.5mm was a European movie standard, used in Pathe movie camera, it has center sproket hole between frames, frame size about 6x8mm, and is unsuitable for Minox 8x11 camera.
    Any one using 9.5mm width film will jam his Minox camera.
    I think Minox cassette was intentinally designed to reject Pathe 9.5mm film, perforamted or unperforated.
    The actual measured width of Minox format is not 9.5mm, but between 9.2mm to 9.3mm
    MINOX FORMAT IS 8x11 format , not 9.5 format !!
    You cannot put Pathe 9.5mm film into Minox 8x11 cassette.
  4. If you have a 35mm film to 8x11 slitter, then almost any 35mm film is available for your Minox 8x11 camera; further if you have a 16mm to
    8x11 slitter, you can access vast amount of microfilm common in microfiche industry, thus
    expand enormously the variety of film available for Minox
    For exmaple you can slit your own Kodak Technical Pan, TMAX, infrared,
    ADOX, Agfa COPEX RAPID,Fuji Super HR etc.
  5. I've made a slitter and split my own film. If there is another
    minoxer in Brazil needing films, contact me.
  6. Mr. Al Doyle (Subminiature Times) sells Minox and other subminiature films.<P> Contact alldoyle@worldnet.att.net
  7. Has anyone tried respooling super 8mm movie film into Minox
    cassettes?I used to respool b&w 16mm movie film into Minolta
    cassettes when I was into Minolta 16mm cameras years ago.I have just
    gotten into Minox cameras and have just bought a cartridge of super
    8mm tri-x (ASA 400) b&w film.Haven`t tried it yet,but the 8mm width
    is pretty close to Minox film and no splitter is required!The
    sprocket holes will be annoying,but if you shoot your frames a little
    larger than you want,it won`t matter.
  8. Lance, I haven't heard any one using super 8mm movie film for Minox cassette. The Minox film is 9.2mm, super 8mm is 8mm, there is a 1.2mm difference, which is quite subtantial. If respool super 8mm film into Minox cassette, there is nothing to prevent the film from wobbling up and down the spool, and may cause camera jam.
    If you want to try, try it with care, and see how it goes. Good luck !
  9. I was e-mailed asking where to get 8mm movie film for Minox
    respooling.You have to get Super 8mm film-regular 8mm film is
    actually 16mm wide!It`s shot on one side,flipped,then shot on the
    other side.It`s split into 8mm during processing at the lab.The Suoer
    8mm film I bought is Kodak B&W Reversal film.It comes in Tri-X(ASA
    400)and Plus-X(ASA 100)and comes in a cartridge(light trap!)and you
    pull it out as needed.
    I got mine(along with rolls of Minopan 100 and 400 in 36 exposures
    for $7 a roll)for about $11 for 50 feet from Samy`s Camera-(800)321-
    4726.I learned that they had a local store in Hollywood near me,so I
    went.Huge discount photography warehouse-darkroom stuff,etc.The local
    professional photographers rave about their prices.They have a Minox
    department(probably with great prices on new & used Minoxes)but it
    closes at 7 p.m.PST and I was there later(store closes at 8 p.m.PST.)
    so I don`t know what else they have.
    I previously ordered Super 8mm and several rolls of Minopan(at $5 a
    roll)from Cambridge Photo in New York,but after weeks of them lying
    and saying that the order "went out today",I finally got somebody who
    told me they still had it on backorder and had NOTHING in stock!(I
    cancelled.)They were also very rude and obnoxious to deal with on the
    I also ordered Super 8mm film from Adorama in New York and Sy was
    very helpful.They sent me color by mistake(I ordered Tri-X B&W)and I
    returned it but have yet to see the Tri-X.
    Hope this helps.
  10. I finally tried the Kodak Super 8mm B&W movie film in a Minox B
    camera.I reloaded a Minopan 36-exposure cartridge with the
    recommended length for a 50-exposure roll.(This actually gives about
    53-54 exposures.)The cartridge took 50 exposures fine.The film went
    through the camera with no problems.When loading into the Minox
    developing tank(mine takes 50-exposure rolls)I had to make a hole in
    the end of the film(I used a stationary store hole-puncher)to engage
    the screw on the drum.(The metal clip isn`t strong enough to pull the
    tightly-wound 50 exposures out of the cartridge.)The film developed
    nicely and printed fine on a Minox enlarger.You just have to keep in
    mind whether the film sprocket holes will be on top or bottom of your
    negatives when you`re shooting pictures.It worked great and was a LOT
    cheaper than buying a splitter!
  11. Lance, your experiment with super 8 movie film is interesting.<p> What is the effective frame size you got, not including the sprocket holes ? What is width of the super * movie film, and what is its ASA/DIN rating ?
    <p> Can you find Pathe 9.5mm movie film ? It is supposely very close to the Minox format.
  12. Any one knows who sells 9.5mm motion picture film (unperforated ) in 100' roll ?
  13. CineDia sells Pathe 9.5mm Fuji Velva film, 30 meter/60 meter. Adress: 99 Avenue Joffre 93800 Epiney sur Seine France
    tel: 331 4841 3625. bye
  14. Martin-
    The 8mm movie film frame is from edge to edge of the film.(No
    borders.)The sprocket holes are obstructing the top or bottom of your
    frame,depending on how you load the film.(I keep the holes on the
    bottom of the frame so while shooting I can keep in mind I`m losing
    the very bottom of negative area.)I used ASA 100 and 400.It works,but
    I just ordered a slitter and plan to slit 35mm film in the future.I
    don`t want to try Pathe 9.5,since it`ll probably jam the camera.With
    8mm,you have to enlarge to almost 8 x 10 to get a 5 x 7 print-you
    lose lots of negative area.(To slit is better!)
    Question: How is ASA 25 or ASA 50 film for Minox?Are they too slow to
    hand-hold?Is quality(less grain) better than ASA 100?I noticed much
    better quality with ASA 100 film than with ASA 400 film in
  15. Lance, you do lost some film area on 8mm movie film loaded into Minox cassette.
    <p> Re: ASA 25 film. Since Minox cameras (except EC/ECX/MX) is always used at
    wide open f/3.5 aperture, based on Peter Zimmerman sunny 10*ASA rule, at sunny day
    outdoor, you have to use shutter speed of 1/250 sec.
    <p> Agfapan 25 is a fine grain film, you can enlerge 8x11mm negative to 8x10" and hardly see the grains.
    <p> If you want finer grain, you use Kodak Technical Pan.
  16. Lance, if you have a chance, do try out Pathe "9.5mm" Fuji film.
    <p> It may surprice you amd me. <p> I doubt the story about how Pathe Baby 9.5mm film was created by sliiting three strips from
    35mm film stock "between perfortion".
    <p> I measured the width of 35mm film "between perforation" and it turned out to be 25mm. Cut into three, one can only get three strips of 8.3mm film.
    <p> Pathe Baby indeed had three strips on one piece of film.
    <p> I am beginning to suspect that even Pathe-Baby film is not 9.5mm width.
    <p> Instead, I suspect that Pathe-Baby film could actually be 9.33mm wide.Because I suspect that the three-in-one strip
    might well be Pathe 28mm film. If Pathe cut their own 28mm film into three strips, then the width would be 28mm/3=9.33mm, and would feed the Minox cassette smoothly.
  17. 9mm Bulk Films for Minox 8x11

    9mm films in 10 feet and 25 feet bulk are now available through Subclub at
    Goat Hill Photo
  18. Agfa Copex Rapid copy film, developed in a new Speed Photography Ultra Resolution SPUR developer, produces 600 lpmm, double that of Technical Pan in Technidol
    Agfa Copex Rapid and Spur
  19. Eurofilm from Minox Eurolab EU811
    <img src="http://www.shops.siegen-nrw.de/Lab811/lib/eurofilm.gif">
  20. Please ignore, this is just a test: Minox (test)
  21. Minox Factory loaded Delta 100 and Agfa Copex film:

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