What film cameras do you use?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by eddy_d, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hey Everyone. Since most of us here shoot film, I was wondering what cameras everyone shoots with. I have a canon ae 1 program, two eos a2's, an Elan 2, I was just given a minlta maxxum 900, the one I posted about the shutter being stuck, which is being fixed, an olympus xa2, a holga, a lomo and I may be given a rollei.
  2. Some Minoltas and a Nikon F75 are what I currently have.
  3. Do you really want a list?
    Ebony SV810UE
    Ebony 57SUE
    Hass 501CM
    Mamiya RB67pro SD or some such name
    Leica M6
    Nikon FM3n
    those are the most used, especially the Ebony 8x10.
  4. Nikon F2AS
    Minolta Hi-matic 7S
    Best regards,
  5. Graflex Super Speed Graphic
    Nikon F4s
  6. Mostly (and roughly in this order):
    Leica Ms
    Sinar X
    Toyo 45F
    Crown Graphic
    Nikon (F5, FM/FE)
    Canon EF/F1
    Zeiss Ikon Contessa
    Plus tons of others just to keep me on my toes (e.g. Holga 120N, Canonet IIIG, Voigtlanders, Minolta HiMatic, etc. - I like collecting and using vintage rangefinders)
  7. Mostly Canon EOS 1v, Elan 7NE, sometimes AT-1 and Ftb QL the least.
  8. Olympus OM-1n
    Hasselblad 500CM
    Olympus XA2
    Mamiya 6
    Konica Pop
    Olympus 35 SPn
    Konica Autoreflex T3 / TC
    Kiev 4
    Vilia Auto
    Elikon 35C
    Voigtlander Vito B
    Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2
    Saving up for an M3 though!
  9. Canonet
    Nikon FM2
    Nikon F801
    Yashica D
  10. All of them. I have all kinds and formats. I not only collect cameras I use them too.From AFGA-Zeiss
  11. Nice sampling here. For me:

    1) Nikon F6 - IMO the best 35mm film camera made, and the best ergonomics of any modern Nikon
    2) Nikon F4s - Again love the feel of this camera
    3) Nikon F3 - Love the simplicity
    4) Nikon FG - Tiny and still a great SLR


  12. Currently loaded I have an Nikon F with an eyelevel finder, two Nikon F3's, an F5, FA, FE2, FM2 & an F301. They are loaded with a mixture of Superia 100 & 400, Pro 800Z, Sensia 200, Portra 160NC, TMax 400 & Ilford FP4
  13. Leica M6
    Nikon N90s
  14. Maxxums 9, 9xi, 7xi
    Kiev 88CM
    Pentax 67
  15. Nikon F100, 2 x F3hp, F80, Fm2n, Leica M6, Olympus Om2, Pentax Me Super and Canonet Ql17.
  16. Jim the N90s is my most used 35mm camera. the good old N90 no s is second but my old Minolta X370 with auto winder and a 25-50 is 3rd. In MF I use my ARAX 60 the most used now but the Kiev 88 gets at least 1 roll a month fed through her with the Rolleicord always in my bag.. And I also have a Holga with a 4 lens system.
  17. Besides the odd camera I buy on EBay once in a while (currently a Yashica Electro MG1) my keepers are a Konica C35EF3 and an Olympus Stylus Epic.
  18. In this order :
    Leicaflex SL
    Leica R9
    Mamiya C220
    Nikon F3 HP
    Mamiya 645
    Contax G1
    Leica C2
    Pentax K1000
    all loaded with slide film ( K14 or Fuji Provia) or B&W film ( Tri-X, Rollei Retro 100, Ilford Delta 100)
  19. Nikon N90s
    4x5 Crown Graphic often with a 2.25 x 3.25 roll film back
    Retina IIa
  20. FED1, FED3 and Zorki-Zorki rangefinders,
    Praktica Super TL2 SLR,
    Rolleicord V TLR.
    I have other cameras but I don't use them on a regular basis.
  21. My Fed 3b and my Fed 5 are my 2 favorite rangefinder cameras.
  22. Nikon F6, Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Mamiya 7II, Contax G2
  23. Lots of different ones, here's a few in no particular order.
    Graflex Super Graphic
    Graflex RB Series B (3x4)
    Koni Omega 100
    Mamiya 645
    Yashica 124
    Zeiss Ikon Maximar 207/3
    Miranda S
    Agfa Record III
    Minox 35GT
    And about 30 others
  24. One I have not shot yet.
  25. Kiev 88cm, Kiev 88, Kiev 4a, 2x om10, omg, 2x F601, multiple toys...
    I use the Kiev 88cm, Kiev 4a, and F601 the most and in that order.
  26. SCL


    Leica M4, Leicaflex SL2, Leica R8, Canon T90, Nikon EM. Love them all.
  27. Have used Minolta X700/X570/XD/SRT102/SRT 202 for a few years. Love Minolta's quality and inexpensive price. Great for my hiking and backpacking trips where the weight is a big concern.
    Recently ventured into MF world. Got a couple of Bronica ETRSi. Would love to see what they can achieve when I get a chance to bring them out for a shoot out.
  28. In this order;
    Maxxum 7
    Minolta X9
    Canon Sure Shot 115 U II
    Mamiya C220
    Maxxum 7000
    and other Minolta bodies, but never shoot them.
  29. In no particular order other than that which I remember them:
    Rolleicord V
    Mamiya RB67 Pro SD, 50mm, 90mm & 180 mm
    Bronica ETRS. 50mm & 75mm
    Minolta XE-1, 28mm, 50mm, 135mm & 28-105mm
    Nikon FG, 28-70mm, 135mm & 80-200mm
    Zeiss folder 6x6
    Zeiss folder 6x9
    Ansco Speedex Special R
    Olympus XA
    Olympus XA4
    Speed Graphic
    Polaroid 110A converted to 120 roll film
    And soon to be finished, this: http://www.freewebs.com/stevesmithphoto/pano612.html
  30. Minox IIIs, B, C, BL and EC.
  31. Lubitel 166B
    Canon AE-1 Program
    and I have a Yashicaflex on the way in the mail.
  32. I could go on for a while but primarily my
    Mamiya M645 system (currently my favorite camera! I LOVE this setup!!!)
    Nikon N80
    Nikon Nikkormat FTn
    Calumet 4X5 setup
    I also have a couple of small cameras like the KODAK Brownie cameras wich I like for fun and I have anCanon FD setup I don't really use often.
  33. These are Contax, Hasselblad, Praktica, Pentax, Rollei what ever model is up for grabs. But mostly interested in the lenses, filters and type of film setup for an occasion.
  34. SLRs----Olympus OM-4T and OM-2S.
    P&S--- Nikon 35Ti, Contax T, couple of Olympus XAs, Rollei 35B, several Yashicas
  35. In order of acquisition: Minolta Maxxum XTsi, Minolta Maxxum 70, Canon AE-1.
    These days I tend to reach for the Canon more often than either of the Minoltas--not that I'd trade any of them for the world! :)
  36. I use a Canon AE-1, Yashica Electro 35 GSN, a Holga, Canon EOS Elan II.
    To those who listed "Speed Graphic" or Graflex, et all.. How'd you get into LF? I've been checking Speed Graphics out here and there and am afraid I might be getting sucked in over the next few years.
    • Nikon EM
    • Nikon N2000
    • Nikon N4004s
    • Nikon F80
    • Pentax P30T
    • Canon Elan 7
    The only ones I still own are the Nikon EM and the Pentax P30T. The EM would have to be my favorite out of all of them. Compact, light, well built, and refuses to die.
  37. My all time favorite film bodies, Nikon F3HPs and F2As.
  38. Hasselblad 501CM, Olympus OM4T, and Leica CM
  39. In roughly this order:
    • Canon 7s
    • Leica IIIa
    • Topcon Super D
    • Kodak Monitor Six-20
    • Olympus XA
    • Pony Premo No. 4
  40. Nikon N80
    Mamiya RB67 Pro S
  41. Pentax LX, MX, ME Super, P3n
    Nikon F3HP
    Bronica ETR-Si
    Pentax, Ricoh and Canon point & shoot's
    Fuji digital P&S, which is also a PoS (handiest, most convenient, least satisfying)
  42. Zorki 4K
    Praktica BC1 (x2)
    Canonet QL17
    Mamiya Super23
    are my main shooters other than the one dslr I carry (Pentax K200d)
    and about 20 other occasional film shooters including Roliflex T, Yashica Mg1, Canonet 28, Olympus Trip 35 ... yeah i like rangefinders, just wish I had more medium format stuff also.
  43. 2- 500 C/M's
    2- Leica M3's
    1- Leica MP3
    1- Leica M6TTL
    1- XPan
    1- FM3A
    1- F100
  44. You have my dream setup Dan :)
  45. Nikon F4s
    Nikon N90s
    Nikon N8008
    Minolta 9xi
  46. stp


    Mamiya 7II
    Pentax 645NII
    Nikon F100, F3HP, and FM2N
    Rolleiflex 2.8
    Zero Image pinhole (6x9)
  47. Minolta X700
    Yashicamat 124G
    Minolta Autocord
    Yashica GSN rangefinder
    Mamiya 645 Super
    and no $$
  48. I try to use all of my collection. Even the 'lowly' T80 makes great images.
    Canon A1
    T-90 (x2)
    T-80 (Oooh! Autofocus!)
    Bronica SQ kit
    Graphic View 4x5
  49. When the stock market and home prices were high, I felt rich enough for a Nikon F6 and Hasselblad 501CM, which I still have and use. Oh...those were the days.
  50. The ones that are the most used are:
    Cambo 4x5
    Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S
    Mamiya 645 Pro
    box cameras from 127 to 130 size film, (great with Ortho film)
    kodak 1a jr
  51. Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7 - my all time favorite SLR, and the most advanced film camera ever, save the Nikon F6. I'm not sure why its uncommon to hear about the Maxxum on the Net, with all its cool features such as mid roll rewind, built in wireless remote flash, and saving all lens/exposure data for film shot to a flash card, not to mention lightning fast and highly accurate autofocus. A fantastic camera.

    Olympus Stylus Epic aka mju-ii. Actually, as far as usage goes, this is my no.1 camera. Just took it out sledding with the kids yesterday, shot some Kodachrome 64 and Elite chrome 100 in it. FAST, accurate autofocus even in very low light, since it uses an IR beam. Its 2.8 lens is an available light wonder. The flash is pretty good too. This camera rightly deserves its cult status on the net.

    Contax 645. Great camera, have had it about a year, but I have thought of selling it a few times, as its usage on my part may not justify its cost. Its a great Portrait camera, probably also a great Landscape camera, but as I always take several cameras on outings, its weight is a deterrent. If I did the sane thing, and took only 1 camera, this one would be great. But as it is, I usually take my Fuji GA645Zi to cover medium format scenics.

    Fuji GA645Zi. I bought the last new one available in the States from BH Photo. Although I had early thoughts to sell it as with the Contax, 5 years on, I am so glad I didnt. Looking back, It has caputed many great shots, both of my family, as well as landscapes. The built in flash is great for indoor snapshots. The camera is very light, compact, and the zoom lens very very sharp. It is so easy to slip this in my pack, loaded with Velvia 100, and be set for Medium Format when on a landscape outing or hiking. Its primary limitations are a rather slowish f4.56-6.9 lens, 1 meter min focus distance, and limited zoom range of approx 32mm to 60mm 35mm equivelant. Thats why I got the Contax, to cover available light and close range shots.

    Panasonic/Leica FX150. Digital, so I wont go into much detail about that here, other than to say, this is what I use to get Flickr images, fast.

    Minolta XtSi - I take this body along purely for the Panoramic switch function built into the body. Swapping the lens off my Maxxum 7 when I want a 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio. Yes, an APS inspired cropping cheat, but the change in aspect ratio really does make a huge difference in perception and impact of the photo. Plus, 35 Pano slides projected are pretty cool!

    Contax N1, Contax NX, Olympus XA, Minolta Maxxum 7D, others...
  52. After 40 years and lots of cameras including a DSLR, the one I consistently go to is a Pentax KX with K-series glass.
  53. Pentax ME Super
    Pentax K2
    Canon AE-1 Program
    Nikon FG
    But the one I have the most fun with is a plastic fantastic I picked up at a junk store for $1.00 -
    Bell & Howell 250 "Infinite Focus" panorama P&S with a "27mm Optical Lens". Produces 4 x 10-inch prints of surprisingly good quality.
  54. 2 Minolta X-700's.
  55. Don't be surprised by that P&S I have one that cost $1.00 and when I looked at it closer it had a 2 element lens in it.
  56. Patrick Mont wrote:
    You have my dream setup Dan :)
    And you have a few decades more than me to live your dream..:)
  57. Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7 - my all time favorite SLR, and the most advanced film camera ever, save the Nikon F6. I'm not sure why its uncommon to hear about the Maxxum on the Net, with all its cool features such as mid roll rewind, built in wireless remote flash, and saving all lens/exposure data for film shot to a flash card, not to mention lightning fast and highly accurate autofocus. A fantastic camera.​
    Mystery to me also Randall. Coupled with the 24/105 3.5 that was built especially for it, it's just a hard combo to beat under any circumstances. But keep it quiet please so as not to drive prices up.
  58. There is one BIN on ebay for 40 bucks.
  59. mizore

    mizore A Gringa in Nicaragua

    Nikon F3 and F100, with manual focus and autofocus lenses.
    Hasselblad 500C/M and 500C, with three lenses and four back. Use the C/M more than the C
    In the last year, I've tried and sold on a Minolta Autocord and a D90s.
  60. Funny thing is more than just me loves the D90s.
  61. My film cameras are;
    Olympus OM1n
    Olympus OM3Ti
    Olympus OM4Ti
    All three see regular use with several Zuiko optics, and I have been using the OM1n since May 1982.
  62. I currently own and use:
    Nikon F100 w/MB-15
    Nikon FM2n
    Nikon FM10
    I had a F3HP but it got ruined in a flood along with everything else. So if you flip the order of my list you can see how I replaced my system!
    I hope to add a MF system in 2010!
  63. Canon AE-1Program
    Pentax 67II
    Canon Elan 7N
  64. Pair of Leica R8s, a Leicaflex SL, and a Leica Mini 2.
  65. Pentax 67 with 75mm and 165mm glass
    Pentax K1000 with SMC-A 50mm f/2
    and I had a Nikon F5, which I still kick myself for selling...
  66. F5 & FE
    Contax T3
    Olympus RC35
    Having read the posts above, I feel a lot less bad about having so much equipment!
  67. Ben. Never feel bad about having too much equipment. If I told you how many guitars and pedals, amps , etc., my friend has you would feel you had too little. Oh I forgot I had a nikon n55 and a brownie
  68. My users, in no order at all...
    Canon New F1, T90, FTb
    EOS 630, RT, 1N, 1V, 5D
    Minolta XD11
    Zeiss Ikonta Nettar
    Mamiya 645 Pro TL
    Nikon F4
    Canon Powershot SD900
    Not to mention (and I won't) the piles of other cameras I don't use, largely because they need servicing. Camera acquisition ground to a halt for me last year; perhaps I sense it's time to move on to LF?
  69. Besides a point-n-shoot digital camera I mainly use:
    Canon EOS-3
    Bessa R2A
  70. I still have my Nikon F collection dating from as far back as 1964, but I don't use 'em much anymore.
    I do shoot a lot of film, but I only use my Mamiya AFD for which I have both film and digital backs, so I can switch to film without even taking the camera off of the tripod. That, to me, is the biggest advantage of medium format camera design.
  71. Wow. I never really gave it much thought….but here goes:

    Shen Hao 4x5
    Linhof 4x5
    Mamiya RB67
    Voigtlander Bessa R2a
    Konica T3n Autoreflex
    Pentax z1
    Minolta X700
    Holga 120n

    I think that’s it…..
  72. My son uses a Kodak Signet 40 I gave to him, making him study the details and classic rules of photography before he can use the digital camera I gave him.
    I use:
    Kodak Stereo camera (obviously this is for transparency film, but I have used print film in a bind forcing me to scan stereo pairs)
    Minolta SRT-101, Minolta XE-7e two I usually have Porta in one and an E6 film in the other (experimenting to replace Kodachrome)
    other Minolta's I have are in need of repair, same with my Praktica, but I will repair at least the Minolta Maxuum 5000 soon.
    For the fun of it I plan to experiment with my WWII era Petal spy camera as soon as I can find that missing magazine.
  73. Nikon F6
    Pentax Super-A
    Pentax LX
    Wouldn't mind an MX
  74. I have and use
    2 Nikon F4S
    Nikon F2AS
    Nikon F2A
  75. Having fun with a great camera now a Nikon N90s
  76. EOS 3, EOS 30 (elan 7e) canon
  77. Nikon F100
  78. Bronica SQB, EOS 3, EOS 300. I'm probably getting a Holga 120 next...

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