What ELSE are you obsessed with?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by kevin_bourque, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. There’s been a recent post in which several guitarists/photographers
    came out of the closet. That got me to wondering…what other
    wonderfully idiosyncratic obsessions are in our group? For me, its
    music (both listening and playing) and astronomy (mostly teaching but
    some observing).

    My apologies to the Topic Cops. This might get deleted but I find
    myself greatly fascinated by the personalities here.
  2. sailing, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, my ipod & oh yeah... being a father.
  3. 1960's and 1970's Buicks - I own a 69' Buick Skylark Converitble

    Music- both playing and listening- I play the drums, but I spend
    more time listening these days, and have recently gotten the hi-fi
    bug again- but now I have no money!!!

    and the standard stuff, my soon to be wife and our dogs and

    cooking is another, and I have noticed in my travels that a lot of
    photographers are also into that heavily.

    this is an interesting topic....and I hope it doesn't get deleted.
  4. Recumbent bicycles, in a BIG way.

    Check out the Titanium Rush from Easy Racers:


  5. cxc


    Playing Bach on the piano. Riding my fixed-gear track bike through downtown SF. Visiting Southeast Asia.

  6. Harleys.
  7. Yet another guitar freak- although it's really taken back seat to the photography over the past few years. Also, collecting and breeding snakes, and my Mustang GT convertible. Am looking into buying a motocycle and a large telescope....
  8. BMW motorcyles, women (my wife and daughter in particular)...I used to like guns, but they were louder than my Hasselblad so I gave it up.
  9. Not an obsession, really. But having done a lot already in my 52
    years, I've decided to concentrate on how much happier I am
    when I want what I have instead of thinking how happy I'll be 'if
    only I....'. Camera stuff is still fun, and this approach may not
    work for everyone, but I'm trying to leave a small footprint here.
    My 2 ¢
  10. Currently, teaching/practicing aikido and trying to get my photos to sell at art
  11. Fitness and bass fishing.
  12. Photography, especially large format, takes up most of my 'spare' time. Otherwise, astronomy (using and making telescopes,) computers ('recreational programming'), model rocketry, and trying to finish my BS, a couple of courses at a time. I'm also our family's primary cook and I read whenever I have the chance.

  13. pvp


    Seems like LF ought to be sufficient obsession for anyone. Notwithstanding, mine include singing (solo, a capella small ensemble), trying to learn to play the hammered dulcimer.
  14. The past few yearsmy obsessions have alternated between photography, mountain
    scrambling and 3D image building.
  15. Painting, Mayflower II, sailing ships, the Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast (to quote the title of Dr.Anderson's great book), long walks along the water here on the Massachusetts South Shore, and the Boston Red Sox.
  16. "Riding my fixed-gear track bike through downtown SF"

    Some sort of death wish? Bindfolded too no doubt.

    Fun topic. These days, Music playing: Beginer at the guitar. Music listening: Mostly Irish/celtic anymore.

    I used to do a lot of rock climbing, but that was 40lbs ago. So not so much anymore. Also bicycled a bunch.
  17. Music: Singing, guitar, piano - performing and listening.
    Sailing. Mushrooms (picking, eating, and studying). Fishing (trout). Cacti (growing). Wine (enjoying)....

    The list goes on...
  18. Flying, astronomy, sailing, fine rifles & revolvers, tool&die and woodwork, Motorcycle racing and skydiving in my younger days.Richard Martel
  19. trying to make the perfect pizza dough ..
    and making / eating food in general.

  20. in my spare time, i run a recording studio that specializes in chamber music, and i've produced 3 commercial CDs, so i am obsessed with expensive microphones and preamps. i have also built and owned several telescopes, and have built a recumbent bike. nowadays, i drink a lot...
  21. It is interesting to note that many of you are musically inclined (I wish I were) I have noticed that most folks I know who are gifted in music are also mathematically inclined. Is that the case here also?
  22. The English language and how to think rationally.
  23. uk


    My Harley Davidson Road King and travel, see my photo.net
    Portfolio. Also camping to further my biking and photo interests.
  24. I know what you mean Art. But as long as I take my medication I'm ok. LOL. I play a mean stereo, but have been known to pick up a guitar. Love to listen to all kinds of music except country (but within that exception I do like Johnny Cash).
  25. I'm with Gary Meader on the "less is more" philosophy. This year I decided to apply this to the way I spend my time, so now I'm focusing on "just" photography, piano (mostly jazz), C# (programming), surfing, and a side business venture. Stuff that's been put on the back burner include: harmonica, accordion, Yiddish, and Swedish to name a few.

    The benefit has been that I can now regularly spend hours on any one of these pursuits instead of just a sporadically as had been the case before. I'm enjoying them more and excelling more quickly than I had in the past.

    Oh, I also listen to a ton of music, but usually while I'm doing other stuff, so that doesn't actually take up my time--just makes it more enjoyable.

    Fun topic. I find these much more entertaining and informative than the "Which spot meter is best for photographing white-tail deer?" questions.
  26. BMW Motorcycles...So many roads, so little time....
  27. Greetings- Classical music,(work as a piano technician) do some singing in a symphony chorus, and Amateur Radio, licensed as KD9FC. Also science fiction. best wishes, TY
  28. Playing the blues on piano and harp.

    Alternative processes.

    Camera collecting and repair.

    Building clock cases.

    Gardening (chile peppers, iris, and scented geraniums my specialty).

    Telescope building.

    Reading (non-fiction mostly).

    Being a dad.

    tim in san jose
  29. Greetings,
    Other than photography.... like Ole, I'm big into wines (especially collectible reds from
    Bordeaux, Burgundy, Napa, and Australian). Life is too short to drink bad wines!
    Also collect fountainpens... Montblanc, Pelikan, Perchins, etc
    Along with good wines...I also LOVE great food! NOTHING like great food, great
    wines, and, of course, great friends!
    Great topic Kevin - Thanks
  30. More or less in order: wife and daughter, powder skiing, kayaking, hikeing (with and without view camera), windsurfing, astronomy, bicycling, skate skiing, telemark skiing, non-powder downhill skiing, metal sculpture, listening to classical music and jazz (I can't play a note), reading (especially books on modern physics), finding time to do all this in a contemplative manner which is basically impossible so I must cut back my activities any day now but what could I possibly give up without an extreme sense of loss?
  31. I also play the guitar--mostly classical, but my main instrument is the trombone--mostly classical and jazz, but increasingly more eclectic world-music kinds of things, like this band, which defined the genre of "dub-country" (I'm on tracks 1, 6, and 9).
  32. Running, cross country skiing, cycling, recovering rock climber, building cameras and fighting gravity.
  33. Playing the bagpipes! What else can a red haired Scotsman do!
  34. Is there anything else than photography???

    (OK, OK - my wife, my Dachshund, my friends, good Pyro and good Wine - and throw in a couple of good olives now and then!)
  35. Bicycles (I'd like to have a recumbent too) and playing half-assed jazz on our beat up old Kimbell piano. But what I really want is a Hammond B3. I'd like to see Jimmy Smith in concert someday.
  36. Well, you asked.

    Political activism. I'm working to get Howard Dean in the White House in 2004.
  37. Movies-Kieslowski, Almodovar, the Andersons, Wes and P.T., Cohen brothers, David Lynch, Altman, etc.; music-play at guitar, folk, jazz, classical ;books- currently Haissen, and Hillary Clinton.
    However, almost all free time, of which there is too little, goes to photography.
  38. Swimming 15 miles a week, reading Nabokov and Proust.
  39. Custom built Rifles, shotguns and knives. Options trading.
  40. Ironman Triathlon, Scuba diving (and underwater photography, of course), BMW motorcyles, fine wine and the pub!

    Although I'm not sure if I should be encouraging this outrageously offtopic thread!

    Rob (Co-mod)
  41. Wow - lots of musicians here. I play the saxophone (mainly jazz). Photography is really my other obsession to my music (although I guess they're both "hobbies" since I have a "real" job), but lately it's been getting more time (just built a Bender 8x10).

    I also enjoy making pizza dough/bread. I like to grind the wheatberries into flour right when I want to bake. (I started doing this shortly after I started developing B&W - I guess it kicked off a sort of "I want to do that myself" thing...)
  42. Guitar (photo junkies translate well into guitar junkies :^p), backpacking, billiards,
    mountain biking, snowboarding. Anyone notice that there are a lot of astronomers
    here too? I guess it's the lens thing.
  43. Raising my son, and playing golf.
  44. Horses.

    Oh.. I almost forgot. Playing country music in my darkroom, especially when Eric is visiting. :>))
  45. Cool, lots of musicians! I forgot to mention earlier, electric bass is my main instrument (Yamaha 5 string, Danelectro longhorn re-issue and Fernandez 8 string). I have a heavily modified Telecaster that I wish I knew how to play better. I’ll sit behind the drums when the drummer is out for a smoke break (one TWO three FOUR).

    The band I play with is, um, eclectic. I call it “punk Calypso” if some asks me to put it in a category.

    Lots of astronomers, too. We’re lens junkies, no doubt about it.
  46. Collecting windshield wiper motors from 1956 Renaults; playing the dulcimer; reading old Sears Roebuck catalogs; riding my Cushman motor scooter in downtown Miami during rush hour with my ex-wife on the handlebars.

    P.S. to those who find this thread more interesting than how to meter a spot tailed deer. You're in the wrong group.
  47. Violin making
  48. Playing classical guitar, fishing, riding BMW motorcycles, collecting classical music...
  49. 4 BMW riders....Seems like a lot for such a small group posting. Do you all have German cameras to go along with the BMWs?
  50. Oh no! Not another musician! Actually I've been playing music a lot longer than I have been into photography. I play bass semi-professionally and also guitar and dulcimer (plucked). If you'd like to see and hear what I do musically check out my band's website www.rareblend.net.
  51. -- Studying Civil War Battlefields
    -- Amateur Radio
    -- Hunting / Shooting
    -- Reading (primarily Civil War related)
  52. Photography is certainly number one. Also playing with my MacIntosh
    computers and talking all over the world on Ham Radio. Call sign is KF9R. Ed
  53. I used to play guitar, mostly blues. Played live a couple times on jam nights and discovered I had horrific stage fright, which surprised me since I used to perform in live theatre. Gave it up.

    Live theatre. Mostly as an observer and photographer now. Used to act, direct, write, whatever needed doing.

    My grandsons.


    Used to enjoy target shooting. Don't do much anymore - bad back, neck.

    Xenia Seeberg's lips. Yeh...
  54. "4 BMW riders....Seems like a lot for such a small group posting. Do you all have German cameras to go along with the BMWs?...

    yes... a Zeiss Ikon Contessa (Stuttgart, Germany).. a Rollei 35T...that with a solo bike.... with the K100RS hooked to a sidecar.. I bring the LF gear...
  55. Brian, you crack me up, man. Windshield wiper motors from 1956 Renaults -- that's great.
  56. Rock climbing. Combining LF and rock climbing is an interesting challenge.
  57. Listening to jazz & blues; fly fishing for anything finny but mostly wild trout; fly tying;
    native trees and shrubs; making & growing bonsai (mostly with natives); database
    development; Macintosh computers; digital imaging. I used to cook too until there
    was no one but me to cook for (daughters are grown).
  58. Well...

    Bass guitar; model railroading; shooting (real and AirSoft); amateur radio (W9LSL): sex.

    I think that covers it.
  59. The New York Times Crossword.

    Sam, that's a very nice photograph. Ken, I used to be an N-Scaler.

  60. Skiing, winter alpinism (with Linhof on my back!), writing for newspapers and literature magazines, or for scientific magazines, science. Listening to jazz, classical or any good music. Good literature and movies. (The latter criterion based on the quality of actors acting not on “special effects” applied).
  61. Renovating my century home, since the last century, and commuting 150 miles a day has cut significantly into my life not to mention my passion for photography. Then of course there are my wife and kids! Growing children make for wonderful photographic opportunities, as well as the personal rewards of course! Many years ago I made the decision to focus any available resources on photography, so I have a lot of mothballed model train stuff and aquarium stuff that may eventually be brought back to life and my stereo speakers that are each the size of a small fridge are holding up the shelves in the basement!

    Photography on a budget has also created an addiction to eBay! It has served me well and as my camera bag, or should I say closet, has grown quite full my addiction is beginning to wain - there is hope yet!

    Good luck to all!
  62. Celtic music in the darkroom. Good friends, good wine, and there is a 1955 Thunderbird languishing in the garage under a tremendous pile of Large Format crap. When I get the LF under control the T'bird will be waiting.
  63. With what else are you obsessed? Grammar :)

    I wasn't going to jump onto this dogpile, but I didn't want to leave Richard Martel hanging in the wind. I am a guitar player, and doing math in grad school (in a mad attempt to add letters to the end of my name :).

    PS: Hogarth... I find Dean a bit too far right of centre, but I can't vote in your country anyways ;)
  64. Grey Wolf your such a bugger!! I'm bringing my Led Zep CD next time I come over! You better have that Saunders tied down buddy.
  65. Jazz drummer since age 14. Into Tibetan singing bowls for past 10 years...I have two New Age cd's out which are doing very well worldwide. Astrology, tarot and metaphysics. All things that speak to the other side of reality. How to take the known physical reality and the invisible, and merge them into one reality. Currently trying to do that with a 12x20. Who are we before we are born and who are we after we die? What is the real story for humanity? These are my questions and passions. In my higher moments there are no more questions...only....well...my presence/self...at last.
  66. Hmmm,
    1. Trying not to get killed by taxi drivers while riding my fixed gear Pista in Brooklyn. Recumbent!? Maybe when I'm older! (Hi Christopher, let's chat...)
    2. Cooking. Just got a pasta machine!
    3. Philosophy. Finishing up on Nietzsche, heading towards Hume, with another small detour of Smith. Avoiding Hegel for the time being.
    4. Jeet Kune Do (martial arts)
    5. Women. Which often makes riding my bike in Brooklyn seem safe...
  67. (1) Rock climbing/mountaineering.
    (2) Computational models of geophysical fluid dynamics processes (melting,mantle convection,climate, sediment transport).
    (3) Learning French.
  68. Wow! That’s the first time I’ve been called a “personality”. Or even having one.

    For the past 20 + years my interests have been photography. Been playing folk guitar for the past 40 years and can’t read a note. Hmmmmm . . maybe I should photograph the guitar.

    And now, a few comments on the comments:

    James D – My first car was a ’55 Buick Special – a 3 holer.

    CXC – Watch out for him in SF. Especially down Lombard St.

    Brian A – How do you breed snakes.? Answer: Very carefully. Very carefully.

    Blake A – Hassey’s will cost a lot less than women.

    Gene M – Combine hobbies – Photograph fit bass.

    Michael S – You can have some of mine. The wife says I’ve got BS to spare.

    Ed C – 40 pounds ago I was . . well . . lighter. And much younger. Much younger.

    Ole T – Fry up a handful of mushroom, a nice trout and poor the wine. I’m there.

    John N – When you find the “perfect” dough – I’m there. Call Ole T.

    jnorman – you too?

    Richard M – Let’s see – A filter factor of 3 is . . . . ? ? I dunno.

    Art H – The English language is not rational. English spelling even worse.

    Eric R – Waddu got gainst country???

    John E – I’ll help you with the Yiddish. Can’t help with the Swedish. Hmmmm . . . sweet and sour matzo balls? A meter for white tail deer? A Gossen WTD of course.

    Tim O – What can you tell me about starting an apricot tree.

    H. C. – A man after my own liver. Have you and Ole heard about the Charles Shaw Merlot? Available at Trader Joe’s @ $1.99. It’s pretty good. Locally we call it “Two Buck Chuck”.

    David G – I’m tracks 2, 7 & 8.

    Bruce W – “Recovering rock climber and fighting gravity. Always remember, “Gravity ALWAYS wins”.

    Per V – Sorry I can’t come to Shasta in Oct. Anyone who can should listen to this guy. Olives in wine??

    Hogarth H – You’re kidding . . Aren’t you?

    Hugo Z – Damn long pool.

    Peter G – Mark Twain said, “Golf – A pleasant walk in a beautiful park setting . . . ruined by a little white ball.”

    Kevin B – Ana one Ana two

    Brian E – What can I say? Renaults? Cushmans?

    Lex J – I performed once on stage – barfed – before AND after. Never again.

    Sam C – Always remember, “Gravity ALWAYS wins”.

    Wieslaw Z – Amen!

    John C – There IS hope.

    Cheers, my obsessed friends.
  69. Playing a musical instrument certainly seems to be the most popular second obsession followed by astronomy, motorcycling, guns, and food & wine. This is the result of my mental tally, so your mileage may vary.

    Sir Brian Ellis, my earlier post indicated that this thread is more interesting to me than the countless "Which equipment is best for such-and-such arcane situation" questions this thread receives. I did not intend to imply that this thread is more interesting than the actual practice of photography as you may have inferred. There's nothing I'd rather be doing right now than metering a deer's fuzzy white butt. Zone VIII, right?

    Steve M, thanks for the offer. I just might take you up on it someday.
  70. Sex, drugs, Rock 'n Roll and my kids.
  71. Buescher True-Tone saxophones from the 1920's occupy a lot of my time, especially my alto...
  72. Stay at home Dad to a just over one year old daughter and just under three year old son.

    Another guitar player, though for as long as I’ve been playing, I should be much better. Doesn’t matter much now that I’m in my Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt phase.

    Rockclimber, though that is on hold until the kids are older

    I’m a science geek both professionally (chemist, now on hold) and as a hobby. I can’t decide if I want to be a geologist or forest ecologist when I grow up.

    I love old tractors, though at this point, I don’t have one. Same with old sportscars.

    And finally, I’m an unapologetic liberal!!!!!!!!!!!!
  73. Collecting Edward S. Curtis prints of the North American Indians.
  74. All my previous "obsessions" have either matured into "passions" or dwindled into "interests". For me, Large Format still an obession though!-----Cheers!
  75. Bob Fowler: YEAH! I recently sold my Selmer Ser III soprano in favor of a beautiful original silverplate 1927 TT soprano - it's the best soprano I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Nice nice nice.

    My other horns are a 1954 SML tenor, a 1949 SML alto, and a Buescher Big B bari (whose age I've forgotten...). I've also got an early 90s Ser II tenor sitting here, but it's been demoted to "backup" status... (I'm keeping it for sentimental reasons, although I recently saw a low-A SML bari that made me consider offering it up for trade.)
  76. Well, for a woman's perspective, the list for me is:

    1. Helping my daughter get ready for her next oboe audition and loving being a stay-at-home Mom
    2. Helping my husband restore and enjoy his 1960 Austin Healey (and loving him for encouraging me to pursue my interest in photography)
    3. Doing a lot of aerial photography with a friend to hopefully get over the nerves I've had about flying the past couple of years.
    4. Finishing the remodeling of our entire house
    5. Trying to think of how to use my Colnago Master bicycle as a decorative sculpture in the newly remodeled house (got glancing blow by a car and don't want to ride on the road anymore)
    6. Reading, baroque music, wine, our dogs, enjoying having a few acres of beautiful land after moving to AL from Southern California
  77. Vintage jazz, curry dishes, and freckled redheads.
  78. Okay.....I'll throw in with freckled red-heads too. :p

  79. One more vote for guitar -- classical and folk. Also cooking, writing, and being a grandfather. Oh, and being a husband and father as well.
  80. Another BMW rider here - 1976 R90/6, 1981 R100
    and I strum a bit on guitar
  81. tubes TUBES TUUUUUUBES! :)
  82. TONE is crucial to photography and music. My other obsession is gettin' down with my '84 tobacco burst Strat with the hand-wired Rio Grande pickups and locking tuners, plugged into my "rack of doom" volume pedal, wah, funky envelope filter, various distortion boxes, compressor, flanger, chorus, phaser, L6 digital delay; then into my 100 watt stereo Flextone amp containing 32 amp models...yep it's a sickness. I specialize in funk rythym, am between bands right now...it's a good thing too. You know you're in trouble when your hobbies start getting in each other's way. If your funky blues band needs a guitar, don't call me...I don't have time for it and I can't say no.
  83. boating - power right now, sailing when my dreams become reality

    figuring out how to get a car (yeah, I'll be 17 in a few months)

    listening to music (NO, NOT that of my generation)

    once upon I tried learning guitar, that took a back seat

    The Hindi and Sanskrit are with the guitar

    Programming, hoping to be able to make some film money

  84. Suprisingly in common with others here is my appreciation for Celtic music. I also used to be a fanatic long distance runner, then cylclist; but now I'm a Metro Bus riding art film goer who's obsessed with sniping old stock/new Bronica gear from EBay.
  85. Jeff R wrote:
    Another guitar player, though for as long as I?ve been playing, I should be much better. Doesn?t matter much now that I?m in my Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt phase.
    If you think that's bad, well just wait till you enter your Richard Thompson phase!

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