What does the user ID# on Photo.net represent?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by craig, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. It's been a while since I've visited Photo.net (always bookmarked, but my hobbies are cyclical, so the photo bug comes and goes).

    One thing I've always wondered is how the user ID# works. I've been a member here since 1999 and my ID is 130000. Does this mean I'm the 130,000th member, the 1,300th member, the 130th member or what? I know the question is probably pointless, but I'm honestly curious about it.
  2. 130K is probably the closest answer. But it isn't exactly correct because I don't know what the starting number was. And sometime around 1999 was when Philip G decided to set up the "account" system, and every existing post author on PN was given an account. That was done all at once and I don't think it was super tightly tied to chronological order. I know for a fact that a few guys like shun Cheung have been on the sight longer than I have, but I have a lower user ID number. In fact, the fact that Philip himself has a 23k ID number and I have a 20K number would be a pretty good case in point.
  3. Even in a well-run totalitarian system (like Computer Technology back in mainframe days), the bosses do not always get the lowest party-member numbers. They did, however, get lower numbers than the mere supplicants. :|
    I never did find out who had user number gd0001.
  4. Somehow, random number assignments makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight :)

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