what does "r06" or "r09" mean on Nikon DSLR when shutter halfway depressed?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by anthony_cicero, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. on D70 and D80 halfway depressing the shutter release replaces the space
    counter for the memory card with a somewhat random 3 character code in teh
    format "r**", ** being a number. Sometimes it's "r06", sometimes "r09", and
    sometimes "r12". what does this signify and why does it change?
  2. It's the number of shots available in the buffer. It changes when the size of your files change (raw vs. jpg, different quality or resolution settings), and it changes when you fill the buffer up. Shoot a sequence quickly and you can watch the number go down buffer fills up. Stop shooting and watch the number go back up as the buffer empties.
  3. R=Remaining I believe.
  4. Richard, you win.

  5. I have D80 / 18-200 lens....Last night i took one picture in low light condition and right after that err r06 message popped up. I looked up online about this error and some people suggest that i should take the lens out and put it back in. I did that and now the error message is changed to err r09. I tried the following things with no luck.
    1) Took the lens out and put it back in (3 times)
    2) change the memory card (tried 3 different cards)
    3) Changed the battery with battery fully charged
    4) Did a soft reset (2 green buttons)
    5) Did a hard rest (lil button next to the usb port inside the rubber flap on the side)
    None of the buttons on top right work on the camera..i can still go into menu and change settings.....Also lens does not auto focus. When i try to take a pictures, i do get the shutter sound but no picture...I'm shooting is single picture mode.. I shoot in JPG...
    Any help is appreciated..
  6. I played with this on my D7000 for five minutes with a sinking feeling. Then I realize that I still had the shutter release set to remote.
    There's still a palm print on my forehead.

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