What does flashing green light on Yashica Microtec Zoom 90 mean?

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  1. I've just bought a used Yashica Microtec Zoom 90 without the user manual. It has a green light in the viewfinder that sometimes flashes quickly, sometimes slowly and sometimes is just on constant without flashing. I expect this is similar to other cameras in the Microtec Zoom series. Can anyone please tell me what this all means? Are these warnings or confirmations? Thanks!
  2. On the Yashica Zoomtec (cousin of sorts, perhaps), the blinking green LED is warning of a slow shutter speed which may result in camera shake/blur. A solid on green LED means go ahead and take the shot. It also has a red LED that means flash ready (off) or not ready (on). It also has a red LED blink if you are too close to the subject. (Basically, if the red is on, you can't take a shot). Beyond the above ... I cannot guess for your particular model.
  3. Many thanks, Jim. I wondered if it probably meant something like that. The only thing that still puzzles me, though, is why the green light blinks at two different rates - sometimes very fast, and at other times noticeably more slowly.
  4. Dunno. The only comment from this knucklehead would be -
    " 'cuz it can!"
    Happy shooting. (Obviously I've spent too much time today raking leaves). :eek:)
  5. Less silly now ... speed of blink related to how slow the shutter is ? I.e., fast blink for really slow selection which probably will result in shake versus slow blink which might result in shake, maybe possibly. Beyond that, no idea really.
    Good luck.
  6. Thanks again, Jim. I guess I'll just have to experiment and see if the resulting shots come out differently when the green light is blinking fast, as opposed to blinking slowly.
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