What do you typically find as the degradation of dated Fuji NPS?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by vick_ko, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I shot a couple rolls of Fuji NPS 160, outdated 2006 film last week.

    The shots came out with low colour contrast, looking a bit washed out / faded.

    My film processor guy told me that the exposure was correct.

    I'm trying another roll with t different lab this week - a lab that is more experienced (i.e. better, more

    My question - what do you typically find as the degradation of dated Fuji NPS?

    - more exposure needed (i.e. slower speed)?

    - faded colours? So more Photoshop / Lightroom time if I want to "improve" the prints myself?

    So other effect, or combination of effects?

  2. I doubt a different lab will make any difference.

    Do you know the storage conditions? If the film was stored correctly, '06 really isn't that old.
  3. Part of my post got deleted,

    I'm shooting a large lot of Portra 160NC from 2002 that I got for real cheap.
    Although it has only lost maybe 1/2 stop of speed which may be the true ISO anyway the color dyes have shifted to green.
    This is easy enough to correct in scanning but of course I don't use it for paying clients as all my paid stuff is digital these

    Expired film is really a crap shoot unless you can absolutely verify the storage conditions.
  4. Thanks all for your answers

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