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  1. I'm thinking of drastically paring down my somewhat bloated collection of FD lenses (as well bodies), but am afraid that the ones I am willing to unload (the slower ones) won't fetch much money to make the sell-off worthwhile. For example, I would consider selling my FDn 20-35/3.5 L, but have noticed that the online market value for that zoom is not great. Ditto primes such as the FD 24/2.8 SSC and 135/2.5 SC. On the other hand, faster primes such as the 24/2, 35/2, 50/1.2, 85/1.2, and 135/2 are fetching premium prices, largely because they can be readily adapted to mirrorless bodies and mirrorless users seem to love speed. But they are precisely the lenses with which I'm least willing to part.
    So what's an over-burdened FD lover to do?
  2. Is the primary motivation to create space and offload redundancies?
  3. I had a bunch of gear to get rid of, none of it would have earned me much money. So I cobbled together kits and gifted the kits to budding photographers. Or else I let the local repairman have first shot at the rest of the cast-offs.
    Basically, if the gear isn't going to bring in anything worth selling it for, give it away.
  4. I often don't put up my excess GAS fueled acquisitions because it's just not worth the time for the money involved; And my drawers are filled with crap nobody wants. I keep thinking about dumping it in the trash but hang on to the belief somebody would want it, but who would want old off brand filters as an example and bodies not worth the money to fix up. So I've come to the conclusion that some equipment is with me to the end; An example being a sticky back N80 that generally goes for the princely sum of $35 and are a hell of a camera. Sooner or later tho it'll be get the crap out of my sight and you'll take what you can get just to clean up and simplify.
  5. I long ago accepted the fact that my more mundane FD gear is not worth a lot of money and that selling the stuff would be more hassle than what it's worth. If I find somebody who will use and appreciate any of this stuff, I'll just give it to them. Most though, will probably sit in my drawer until I die.
  6. I followed Fred's path. I assembled several small but useful FD outfits from excess or lower end gear and passed them on to a couple of young photo students. There are plenty of young people that can use a leg up and would be grateful for a donation of serviceable gear. Throw in a couple of lessons and a few words of encouragement and the return for sharing your joy and passion in photography, in the long view, is greater than the few dollars they will bring.
  7. Well, a not so great market is better than none. I have been doing the same thing, and got decent enough prices for my FD and FL gear. I figured it was better than them just sitting in a drawer, possibly being at risk from fungus over time. If that happens, then you won't get much at all. My philosophy now is, if I'm not regularly using it, it's for sale.
  8. With the way news are going for film, the slower lens would not have much need or buyers, but I'm with Steve's philosophy, " if I'm not regularly using it, it's for sale". Now, I was able to buy a Canon Ft and FTb's at bargain prices. I also have a couple of slow Fd zooms I don't regularly use, I could have given them away or sale them for a cheaper amount but now they are just rotting away with fungus......
  9. I think the reason lenses like 20-35mm are going cheap is because the kit lens with digitals is usually an 18-55mm so what is the motivation to get a 20-35mm? Anyway you should keep what you want and sell everything else. So you don't get much, so what? If you sell enough of anything it adds up to something. On the other hand, keep the undesireable lenses and sell the sought after lenses. Eventually, film use will diminish and digital users will lose interest in adapting older lenses. Then prices will slip down. Then, even if you have legendary lenses, the prices will be a pitance.
  10. I would either keep it or give it away. It is not worth the hassle of selling it. I keep mine and just never use it
  11. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I think I'm going to continue going through my collection to determine what I'm going to keep, what I'm going to sell, and what I'm going to give away.
    Some time ago I started to sell some of the more valuable lenses that I didn't use much: 14/2.8 L, 17/4, 20/2.8, 300/2.8 L, and one of my 300/4 L's. If I were to continue that process, I could sell my TS 35/2.8 (in like new condition, with all original accessories and packaging), one of my 135/2's, and my 400/4.5 SSC (with modified rear baffle to accomodate 1.4x extender).
    I think I'd want to keep my 24/2, 28/2.8 (bought as new old stock in box), 35/2 SSC concave, 50/1.2 L, 55/1.2 SSC Aspherical, 85/1.2 L, and 85/1.2 SSC Aspherical, since I am more inclined to use those lenses than the others. I'd also keep my 80-200/4 L.
    As for the slower primes and some of the bodies, I think donating them to students and aspiring photographers is a good idea. I have given away a fair bit of gear in the past. Even though it may have little or no market value, giving it to someone who will use it increases its use value from zero to something greater.
  12. Do a gear giveaway on this forum. Cause some excitement.
  13. Do a gear giveaway on this forum.​
    I had thought of that, Tom. But that would entail the hassle and cost of shipping, and I really don't want to pay to get rid of my FD gear.
  14. I asked a vaguely similar question two years ago. In my case, it was: what do you do with your consumer lenses when you have replaced them with the fast primes?
    I ended up dealing with the problem by doing nothing. I still have Rubbermaid containers full of the cheaper lenses and other stuff I don't use. I've been busy, and it's not worth all the hassle to generate a few hundred bucks.
  15. I have quite a few FD lenses that I've accumulated over the years, but I'm still buying FD glass to use with my FD cameras. I just checked eBay's completed listings on the 20-35mm and it looks like the going rate for that item is about $400. That might be cheap compared to its new price, but that's a pretty healthy chunk of change for a zoom. Sadly, more than I could afford, although I'd love to own one. And as for your 400mm f/4.5, I used to own one of those until it was stolen last October, and I really miss it. Sometimes they go for fairly reasonable on eBay and I'm hoping I can scrape up the funds one day to replace it. If you're selling yours for cheap, let me know.
    I applaud you for your generosity in gifting your more pedestrian items to students. Hey, even these common pieces still render brilliant photos, so they should serve the students very well, and perhaps lead them to successful careers in photography. As for the other pieces you own, all I can say is you have the cream of the cream and if they were mine, the only way I would part with any of those items would be when they were distributed to my heirs in my will.

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