What do you expect from the photographs you are presented?

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  1. "What do you expect from the photographs you are presented?"

    - I expect them to inspire me to pick up my camera, when I am not in a mood to.
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  2. Expectations
  3. Sort of like a sales thing to sell to someone's expectations. Sort of like, what is your favorite colour .I just love that colour!

    Methinks, most of the Art, tend to just do their own thing.
  4. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    THAT is the biggest reason I lurk about PN.

    To see what others are doing, think about what I would like to do, and share what I have done--with the EXPECTATION that I will share the results of my mental prodding.

    Plus, I just like the work of many of those here. I expect that this is too simple...
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  5. "What do you expect from the photographs you are presented?"

    to make the presentation worth my time--no preconceptions as to what it would be that fulfills this expectation

    now you'll want to define "worth" :eek:
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  6. Hey, this is the Philosophy forum. Start by defining "time." :)
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  7. Expectations can be either a positive or negative for me.

    They can often prepare me for something in a constructive way. They can also limit me in negative ways if I allow them to.

    If a photographer or curator introduces work, I may come at it with expectations from what I’ve read. That can help sometimes and hurt other times. Often, when I’m in a museum, I’ll skip the intros until I’ve seen the work for myself. That way, I have an open mind to the work and, when reading the intro later, my experience may or may not be further enhanced.

    My expections may differ depending on circumstances. I may have different expectations of a beginner than a seasoned photographer, of a photojournalist than a fine artist, etc.

    Mostly, I consider my own expectations of myself. There, too, it’s not a one-way street. My expectations can motivate me and sometimes help focus me. They can be an articulation of goals or general ideas in advance. But I try to provide a counterpoint to that with some combination of spontaneity and abandon.
  8. It's the difference between expectation and disappointment.
  9. since when has time been subject of philosophical inquiry? :cool:
    (yes, one of those questions that are the answer as well :rolleyes:)
  10. Methinks, folks should post photos of what they like; rather than what they expect.

    Too many expectations, and little involvement. Okay, the endless words-of what this word means or whatever.

    Lost in space. Danger Will Robinson.

    Time for a photo...which is a reflection of this forum.


  11. Jeez folks, please ignore more troubled sense of humour and just carry on.

    Photography encompasses all, including insightful photographic prose.

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