What do you carry on "the street"

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by denny_rane, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. Walking BACK to the car is hardly sensible.:)
    After a bus ride, the car might be 1-2 miles away, etc etc etc.
    The back-pack, or whatever you carry, is going with you anyway.....you might as well put stuff in it.
    How much does an eye-cup weigh......1/1000 of an ounce.?
    There is nothing to "juggle", it is all in compartments in the pack.
    No need for anybody to be stupid...Nobody is suggesting that you use Everything you carry Every time.
    I was just wondering what some people use. The OP was not a Trumponian ploy to divide an conquer.:)
  2. s/b "Trumpian"
  3. No problem, I don't carry a backpack shooting so whatever works for you. I've just always preferred light and compact. :)
  4. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Surprise! Just Fred again ad absurdum. He is modeling Dear Nancy or Chuckie.
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  5. Sandy, you've now lost your sense of humor if not your entire mind, and you're dragging a sycophant down with you. It was a joke! I didn't even bring it up. If you want to blame anyone for bringing up Der Leader, please blame Denny, who had already made A JOKE and it simply made me smile because I thought he added a syllable and wasn't sure if it was an oversight or intentional just to make it sound a little funnier. If you're this insecure about the leader of your cult, not to mention the free world, maybe you should think about finding a different cult you could be more secure with. I've read enough news stories in both conservative and progressive blogs and websites to know that "Trumpian" is how we quite commonly turn Trump's name into an adjective, not Trumponian, as Denny wrote it. Never heard anyone talk about someone lying and referring to it as Nixonian? Or talking about trying to obfuscate with word play and calling it Clintonian? Turning names into adjectives is an equal opportunity employer. Believe me, it wasn't a political slur. It's really as simple as that. It seems you've become what you loathe, the political correctness police. Careful!
  6. Sorry, i did not realize the Reference/Joke would be that obscure.
    Trumponian, you know.....as in Draconian. :)
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  7. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    I always carry a man bag complete with

    battery or 2
    rse wipes
    fountain pen
    lens pen
    spatula (don’t ask)
    rabbit’s foot
    mace spray (occasionally)
    usb drive
    gps (handheld)
    map (paper)
  8. You rascal! :cool:
  9. Lately I've added Advil, bandaids and ear plugs to my kit.
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  10. A see a few people who haven't changed one bit still battling it out here after all these years… Wow.
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  11. 95% of the time, 1 camera with a 21mm or 35mm prime. Maybe a lens cloth in a pocket and a plastic bag if there's a threat of rain. If there's an event (Women's March, Political Protest, Gay Pride Parade, Air and Water Show, etc.) I might carry two cameras, one with a 21mm, and one with a 50mm or sometimes a telephoto. Maybe an extra memory card too. Almost never carry any kind of pack.
  12. Hiking boots, Levis relaxed fit, right front pocket S&W Shield 9mm; left front pocket spare magazine, Buck knife, billfold; left rear pocket iPhone 8+; right rear pocket handkerchief, spare camera battery; Lance sling around my neck holds a Fuji x-e3 with 18-55mm lens and Fuji xf-20 flash (seldom turned on). I carry a Leatherman tool on my belt and wear a vest with cash in a zipped pocket, a pocket notebook and two pens, a bottle of water and sometimes a bag of mixed nuts or oatmeal cookies.
    If I'm going into an area where I want to be less noticeable, I ditch the vest and the stuff in it and change the lens to a 27mm pancake. Everything else stays the same.
    It's all the same whether I'm in the city, where I seldom go anymore, or on rural trails, where I often wander. At 71 years old, I don't take too many chances but I "won't be laid a hand on," wherever I go.
  13. vdp


    Lately I've been going out with the Fuji-X-T2 and either the 23,27,or 35mm lens. On occasion I roam around with either the Contax film SLR or the Konica Hexar AF. All great cameras.
  14. Being a Brit and a wheelchair user, the kind of personal protection some Americans feel they need when out on the streets, I just don't need; indeed you are likely to be collared over here if you did! Generally, I don't have any problems toting around my E-M1, 7-14mm,14-40mm, 75mm, a collapsible 50mm Summicron and maybe 60mm macro, because I have a bag which is QD attached underneath my manual wheelchair seat and can be very rapidly accessed.


    It seems that disabled photographers and what they use rarely gets any coverage on this website, or other websites and photo magazines world-wide unless these 'publications' are targetted specifically for disabled people. Let's face it, photographers get incapacitated by age or injured, leading them to use wheelchairs or scooters, at which point these people probably feel 'left out in the cold' because no-one else like them seems to exist as far as the media in general treats them.

    Well, that's my rant on the subject concluded!

    Maybe it's time for me to post a thread on here, covering my 'situation' where other like me, can contribute, so they don't feel 'left out in the cold'?
  15. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    There have been a bunch of PN members discussing managing their disabilities - I certainly don't run stairs or do a variety of things I took for granted in years past. I think you have a good idea. I do remember England when you could go anywhere anytime safely, with cameras or without. No reason to visit now and wreck that memory.
  16. Ha ha ha! You must be kidding about the UK being unsafe! If you do wish to 'politicise' what the UK's like, maybe you need to chew over these figures:
    Comparing the Uk to the US, per 100,000 people, in 2011, the UK had 0.06 homicides, whilst in the US, in 2016, there were 4.62. per 100,000 people. There are 89 gun-owners per 100 people in the US, whilst in the UK, the figure is 2.8 per 100 people.
  17. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry, not trying to politicize anything - I follow the English press. London is a far cry from what it was the years when I visited. The last I will say, Free people are armed and have the right of self defense against the Yobs- more important as one ages. Endit for me.
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  18. Ok, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this point.
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  19. Huh. I don't normally lurk in this forum, but was about to ask questions on how to progress in street shooting - and "street shooting" seems to have acquired a different interpretation in this thread.

    Just to be clear, I don't believe London is any less safe than it used to be. 1970s? Mods and rockers. 1980s? IRA bombings. Now we have (occasional) knife attacks, people trying to cause terrorisms via traffic accidents, and kids have learned to throw acid at people. Go back far enough and you had Jack the Ripper. What has changed is the abililty to report stuff promptly (due to the internet) and the vast proliferation of security cameras, so far more crime is recorded, and more widely. Walk around with a bunch of money sticking out of your pocket in a busy tourist place, and someone will probably take advantage of it - but that's true of almost anywhere in the world (possibly not Monaco). Being relatively local, I don't find London all that exciting (because I've seen it), but please don't be put off by some reports that it's become some kind of war zone.

    Just don't bring up Brexit unless you want a rant from one side or the other. :) (It won't be violent, it'll just be very tedious.)
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  20. "When the ships from America approached our shores with their priceless arms special trains were waiting in all the ports to receive their cargoes," Churchill recalled. "The Home Guard in every county, in every town, in every village, sat up all through the night to receive them.... By the end of July we were an armed nation.... a lot of our men and some women had weapons in their hands." - From Churchill’s book “Their Finest Hour”


    ‘Nuff said....
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