What do we hope for in Olympus's first micro thirds?- (a trick question.)

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  1. For me, the trick answer is this: a great zoom lens. Not just good, but great. Comparable to the 14-54 mm moderately fast and good quality all purpose zoom that came out with the E-1 kit when it hit the shores. )Alright, for the bird shooters that stalk cranes and herons, one good zoom telephoto. And for the inconspicuous nighthawks of the pavement, an adapter for a Leica 35mm Summicron will do :)) No offense intended.
    Of course, we will grouch if the LCD does not swivel or a least tilt. ( tilt is fine, when you think about it) We want it to be small, but still feel right. It does not have to satisfy all shooters and does not have to bring along a lot of prime lenses. Olympus could also market its own line of adapters. Then salesmen could pull out any old legacy lens and show that it works with whatever tools you know and love. I 'heart' one 95% at the ready lens with close focus, always have...
    So, I am proposing the above ( the first brilliant and versatile lens, besides the Crackerjacks plastic ones that seems to be so common these days on the Best Buy models-)- as more important than most any other feature I can think up. How about that thought?
    For you, my good friends of the format ( no duffers/ yard sale only buyers need reply), what is the must have , sine qua non quality -for you to add this Olympus forthcoming entry to micro format mount system to your kit?
  2. For you, my good friends of the format ( no duffers/ yard sale only buyers need reply), what is the must have , sine qua non quality -for you to add this Olympus forthcoming entry to micro format mount system to your kit?​
    That they would actually come with something (not a model, no curtains, no history) that works.
    We know that once they start, they will be coming with a model every other month! M1, M1a, M2001...;)
  3. i want really fast primes. i want what will essentially be a digital version of the 35rc except with interchangable lenses. none of this matters though because we are going to get our hopes up and olympus is going to unveil something noone could have imagined.
  4. i do like the idea that oly make adapters for others lens types (leica m mount, r mount, OM mount, etc...)
  5. I'm with Warren. Must have FAST primes.
    In 35mm terms - a 21mm F/2, a 24mm f/2, 28mm f/2, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/2, 100mm f/2.8 MACRO, and a 135mm f/2.
    It also must have SDHC memory card ability, 8 megapixels would be good. Must have a hot shoe to use external flash. It would be nice to use BLM-1 batteries.
  6. The mockup has a rear LCD for composing the image and no optical viewfinder. I think this camera could be great for wide to mid focal lengths but very poor for long telephotos. If you want something for longer lenses I think the Panasonic G1 would be a much better choice.
  7. I would want a really small body, similar in size to Sigma DP1, with a hot shoe in top that can be fitted with an optical viewfinder, maybe a zoom. A fixed focal length wide angle lens. That may be diffiult for the full 4/3s but should be easier for the m4/3. 2.8/14 or even better, 2/14 would be ideal. 2.8/17 a good compromise. Maybe a 2/35 as well. The zoom viewfinder should then have settings for 14 (or 17), 25, 35 and 50mm focal lengths. A good, responsive camera, better than the DP1 in this respect. Proper raw buffer for a few images.
  8. - A body the size of the Panasonic LC1, with the control design of the Panasonic L1, using the micro-FourThirds lens mount, 12Mpixel sensor and EVF from the Panasonic G1, with a weather-sealed magnesium skin.
    - A set of fast, compact, prime, pro-grade, weather-sealed lenses: 10mm f/2.8, 15mm f/2, 20mm f/2, 25mm f/1.4, 40mm f/1.4, and 70mm f/2.
    - Be sure the body has a front and rear IR remote receptor and a wired remote receptacle. Include the IR remote with the body, have a dedicated slot on the body to store it.
    - Ensure a 5-8 frame RAW buffer and SDHC memory storage cards, a 1500 Mah battery.
    - Make sure it is compatible with the FL36R, including the dedicated wireless control functionality.
    - Deliver a pro-quality FourThirds to micro-FourThirds lens adapter, update the firmware on all FourThirds SLR lenses to enable AF compatibility if at all possible.
    - Price the camera plus 25mm f/1.4 lens at $1000 MSRP max.
    That would be my ideal system at this point in time ... I wouldn't need or want anything else. It would allow me to leverage my existing, substantial investment in Olympus and Panasonic/Leica lenses and complement my SLR bodies while having significant, unique value add on its own.
  9. Hard to improve of the two suggestions above mine.
    Basically m4/3 camera should be a 'system' that spans more well above/beyond 'Olympus'
    only lenses. In other words, they should continue the 'OSS-like (from software world) model that they
    have done with the mount. And apply the open standards it to other attachments -- like viewfinders/flashes/in-lens electronics, batteries, any other electronics that can have an 'interface'.
    So that other manufactures can jump onto the system and improve it. Create
    various market tiers.
    The above would bring prime lenses of various qualities from various vendors and olympus,
    viewfinders, flashes perhaps other tools that we are not even envisioning.
    in other words, I would like to see m 4/3d to be developed into a true long lasting
    'platform' for photographic tools.
  10. While some good prime lenses will be nice the camera needs a viewfinder (otherwise i will stick with the G1). I may be old fashioned but except for a tripod mounted shot I cannot compose photos on an LCD screen with the camera out in front of me. The mock ups I have seen appear to be much more like a compact camera. If the pass the viewfinder test then lenses and in body image stabilization would be very desirable.
    I am interested to see if others regard a viewfinder as essential.
  11. I would normally insist on a viewfinder, but for a small interchangeable lens camera I do not see it as essential. I would rather have the option to use a good separate optical viewfinder. The rear LCD seems to do for most people. When I need SLR viewing, I use an SLR. This would be for me a small travel backup landscape and street shooter. I really don't want Olympus to make another G-1, whether improved or not. That is good for what it is, but I want something entirely different.
  12. Ve-e-er-y interesting.I feel a bystander or out of the shooting loop, at times, when Oly enthusiasts yearn for more prime lenses. (And fast, meaning at least f 2.0 or wider).
    I have a modest but ample collection of Canon FD primes, 7 fixed focal length lenses from 28mm to 200 mm used w/ T90 and A-1, Served me well for years, with big shoulder bags. And then I got drawn by siren song to the E-1's feel and solidity. ( Like my Bronica SQ in build and heft, sort of)... Bought used FD lenses whenever possible. Bargains. . Came close to springing for the Aspheric 85mm 1.2L .but even used it was about $600.00. Settled for the 85mm 1.8,nice enough, carryable. I rented the F 1.2 for two weeks, marvelous indeed, almost too sharp and fussy in focus in some ways, and pretty hefty chunk. I appreciate that kind of superlative crispness is what I mean to add,but I didn't need it at the time...
    Surprised myself however by traveling to places like Western Australia with who lenses, the FD 35-105mm F 3.5 and the 50mm 1.4. That's all.. Not a prize winner that zoom, in terms of barrel distortion correction, and long, rotating barrel. But light, an all around utility outfielder lens.
    Does it not seem that Olympus has put its talents not into designing affordable ED prime lenses. What do they sell, about 3? One for special order for the National Geographic Society crew... ( I may be out of synch.Square me away,please,thanks). Fast prime shooters, what is the attraction? is it more than a fetish? Is it a hangover of the OLD DAYS? That 25mm pancake was not exactly a "gold standard optic "was it? And not on the old lens roadmap. It got slipped in while the bosses were on vacation, gs...
  13. Will they they add SD capability? I haven't a clue. It seems inevitable sooner rather than later.
  14. I have always purchased Olympus P & S cameras (film & digital) over the years but have not quite made the plunge into their DSLR line - have been tempted many a time, especially by the E-3. I see this new micro third line as promising.
    I have a Contax G system with a number of Carl Zeiss primes that I still use - it is the perfect travel camera with excellent quality lens. If Olympus produces anything remotely akin to a "digital version" of the Contax G system in size/functionality/versatility then I will in the queue!
  15. George,
    FYI: RJ (jinfinance from Ebay) let me know yesterday that he's producing a Contax G to micro-FourThirds lens mount that will be compatible with the 35, 45 and 90 mm lenses (includes a focusing mechanism).
  16. Godfrey,
    Now that is good news! Thanks.
  17. I like primes because they are generally speaking better than zooms, also smaller and usually cheaper, and just about always faster. Fast lens is good, it gives a bright viewfinder image, it helps the camera to focus faster, it gives shallow depth of field to separate the subject, it allows faster shutter speeds and this can be especially important in 4/3s when ISO cannot indefinitely be raised. I have four primes for the 4/3 system (and a few adapted ones). 1.4/30 is fast for real low light use. 2.8/25 is just a small and handy lens, one of my favourites. 2/50 is a very good lens in every way and also a superb macro. The 3.5/35 would be much cheaper (and lighter) but is a bit slow and also feels very plasticky to me. 2/150 is my jungle lens, it is often dark and wet so I need fast aperture and water resistant construction. I would very much like something in between the 50 and 150. And something wider than 25.
  18. I want an EVF in the upper left corner of the back of the camera, like a Leica, so my nose does not coat the LCD screen with grease! And so I can work with it like I do with a Leica, with half my face uncovered to people that I'm photographing and my left eye is free to look at the real world. Working at arm's length with an LCD only is not as successful a street-shooter method for me as using a proper viewfinder is.
    I want a 17mm f/2 or f/2.8 prime. And I want a small 14-35mm f/2.8 zoom. Hot Shoe. PC connection would be sweet, but that's no doubt asking too much.
    A smaller right hand grip than the G1. Those huge humps get in my way and limit how I can hold the camera. All I need is a little bump with a rubberised grip to hold on to.
    I want decent performance at ISO 1600, good at 800, but really great IQ at ISO 400.
  19. An OM compatible bayonet with the same sensor to bayonet distance and a full frame sensor.
    Oh, we were talking about the micro 4/3rds. Never mind, should be good if not what I really want.
  20. I would also like to see fast primes in standard to super-wide range. As already pointed out, the body without a grip and an SLR-like EVF don't seem to be suitable for longer lenses, so I would hope that Olympus has understood that and decided to put their energy to standard and wide-angle lenses.
    As for the lenses, I want lenses (especially wide-angles) that can focus extremely close to the subject. Thanks to the excellent live-view capability and the compactness, M4/3 camera can be held with one hand and put right in front of the subject (flower, insect and the like) by stretching the arm, which I had enjoyed doing when I used P&S cameras that can focus so close that the working distance would be like 1-2cm.
  21. Godfrey - any idea when the G series adaptor will be available? You say it will support AF which is interesting. Shame it will not work with the 28 and 21 lenses but they are very close to the film plane in the Contax. I use the Jinfinance FD adaptor and am very happy with it - you can even take interesting shots with the FD tilt shift lens on the G1 - it becomes a 70mm F2.8. Gary for the G1 I find that the Canon 85 F1.2 is a tricky lens to use as wide open it is almost impossible to shoot handheld as the DOF is so small. I must say that it is still my favourite Canon FD lens (closely followed by the 135 F2 and 24 f2). Have have had some fun with the FD 15mm fisheye on the G1. The G1 with canon FD glass really impresses me with it's image quality. On reasonable size prints it compares remarkably well to my 5DII with L series glass. Even shooting test charts at 10x8 it is had to seperate them in resolution and sharpness though they do have slightly different colours - the EF lenses on the 5DII being slightly warmer. I am very interested to see what the Contax glass will do on the G1 as the 90 F2.8 is one of the best 35mm lenses I have ever used.
    I have never seen the output of Micro 4/3 with Leica glass but I suspect it is very impressive.
  22. I just want it to cost less than $500. I apologize to anyone who just spit their coffee onto their computer screens...
  23. Philip:
    I'd recommend contacting RJ through Ebay (look up seller 'jinfinance' and send a message) to ask him directly what his schedule for this adapter is.
    I didn't mean to imply that the adapter would provide autofocus! That would be extremely difficult and expensive. What it will provide is a way to drive the Contax G lenses' focus system, which is the screwdriver slot connection in the lens mount and operates internally, through a focusing ring of some sort. RJ can give you more details.
    Yes, the Contax G lenses were superb. I had the 16, 21, 45 and 90 mm ... all brilliant. I just didn't like the camera itself very much, found it clumsy to work with compared to the Leica M bodies, and went back to the Leica M after I sold it off. It's good to see that someone is creating a way to use at least some of these great lenses on a digital body. :)
  24. About the size of a 35RC body
    Small primes: 11mm f2.8, 17mm f2, 25mm f2, 50mm f2; all lens accessory thread sizes the same in these four lenses. How about 43mm? Just like the old Pen F.
    LCD on top with clip for waist level finder, magnifed chimney finder, right angle(eye level) finder. When you push each finder on an electrical contact puts the screen into the correct orientation for right side up-left to right viewing.
    Many lens adapters at reasonable prices. (China?)
    A shutter speed dial! Please please please, no press button-spin control dial-read shutter speed on screen, just gimme the damm dial with the speeds marked on it!
    Ditto for a real aperture ring on the lens. Even if aperture control is fly by wire give it the feel of the old mechanical linkage.
    And, I'd rather have 5 million great pixels than 12 million crummy pixels.
    A cheap, easy to plug in, wired electrical release. If Olympus wants to develop a fragile, battery eating, radio or IR remote release they can be my guest. Just don't try to sell it to me for an 800% markup because I'm NOT interested.
    Well, I think that about wraps up the essentials.
  25. Well, I think that about wraps up the essentials.​
    That about includes everything. It is fine to dream. The L1 Panasonic with aperture on lens was an interesting kind of retro beauty. I rather think it did not sell well, albeit it was well conceived to appeal to the discriminating serious user who loves a quality and sleek design. People seem to want joysticks now, and more dial rings, I suppose. I Joysticks for little pinky fingers...I prefer levers where they make sense. And a little LED to tell me the power lever is on.
    I bought a wired remote for the E-1 but I couldn't really take to it, and used to have trouble attaching it. I still use the Camedia 5050 that came packaged..The remote should not be an option, so I feel. Costs chump change to manufacture. I give it to Canon and Nikon for the wide and upgraded accessories department Always something nice and new for the public. Must have an Accessories Czar at big C and N.
    I would love to see a little dial on top for exposure compensation, such as the clever and easily marked dial on the Canon G 10 top left. I don't want to be compelled to check a top teeny LCD to remind me I have locked in two stops over in a backlit situation. I can use the left hand for that. Well, it would be nice for discriminating folk, who know where to point the AE target, lock on and then do the zone/ chromazone thing based on desired result, contrast, subject, blah blah--controls that put one,well, in cotrol . ( Look how Canon worked it in on a 500 dollar G10 model. Those" buggahs."..)
    I also was impressed with the Pan. G-1 eyeball detection feature switch to get the back LCD on and off.. Those smart Panasonic "buggahs" too.
    Panasonic can have the lead on movies. Noone mentioned that I notice. They know DV and HD video high end too for production crews. Olympus needs to do what Olympus does best, which is............. Take a little different road. But not off the cliff! No Thelma and Louise Please . Thanks for all these interesting wantasees. It will be late in the day on the 15 th here in Pacific time when I get to read the first press release.I got chicken skin in anticipation.
  26. About 15 different models in the first two years so by the time I'm ready to buy my first digital camera, it'll be cheap enough for me to afford.
  27. awesome ideas.
  28. Godfrey I will contact him - I wondered how he would make AF work - now I understand. My wife is really the Contax G shooter - we have two bodies and all the lenses except the 16mm. She used to have a G1 which I never liked but now has a pair of G2s. The G2 is a much better camera - the AF is very good - it,s main issues are the metering which is rather selective and takes experience and the fact that the drive dial is easily knocked resulting in the shutter not operating is it is between settings.
  29. @Gerry - my reason for wanting fast primes is this; as far as i know the fastest zoom is the olympus f2 zooms. yet primes regularly go to f1.4 and faster in some cases (canon and nikon have f1.2 and leica has the noctolux f1) how incredible would it be for oly to make an f1 25mm lens for the m4/3's format?
  30. The proliferation of standard 50mm 1.4's over the years does make me wonder why Olympus won't produce one in this equivalency for micro4/3 without going to retrofocus gyrations, from an optical engineering standpoint. I don't think $500 or less dollars would be unacceptable for an aspheric, well corrected, close focus hunk of glass.
  31. Gerry,
    Since they haven't released anything at all yet for micro-FourThirds, what makes you think they won't produce a lens like this? Olympus engineers are not stupid, and the prototype mockup included a very compact lens quite similar in size to what Panasonic's team has showed in prototype for their Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 lens .
  32. The rumor sites are specing a 17mm f/2.8.... not fast but certainly compact... and with an equivalence of 34mm, a very popular wide-normal focal length... I don't wonder if they aren't referencing the XA with that choice!
  33. As far as speed goes... I don't see any reason why Oly wouldn't lay down a fast normal prime. Considering that small sensors suffer in low light situations, a fast normal lens would make shooting indoors a more welcome experience. A digital viewfinder can make up for dim optics, but it can't make up for noise at high ISOs.... only one thing can do that... more light.
  34. Patrick
    not that the micro 4/3rds is specificaly a small sensor, but when you speak of noise and low light, I think its best to keep in mind that the exposure system (the shutter and aperture) is designed to keep the amount of light falling on the sensor quite similar no matter if the amount of available light is small or large.
    Unless you're talking about long long exposures (like you do astronomy) the amount of light that the sensor sees will be the same assuming an output file of the same appearance. It is ISO which regulates the sensitivity of the sensor to light, thus when turning up the gain the sensor must do more with less. Accordingly I don't expect that using a f0.95 lens or a f5.6 lens in the same conditions will make any difference to the noise levels created.
  35. Godfrey,--- Yep, on reflectiion, I think you may, indeed, be correct in that prediction, and observation of the concept mockup. (which seems a prologue to design thought from the company,right?). I would like to see one that meets the size speed standard and wish lists above. I would agree that Olympus will -in due time of course- maybe soon, release a full classy line -up to satisfy even Pen and OM devotees the company bult its reputation upon. And can make some money in the process. Yoshio, I think I understand your point, but I am not sure I do. Or whether I can relate the physics in my mind. Will think on it though.
  36. Pocket sized, 28-300mm zoom, under $500.00.
  37. Pocket sized, introduced with a selection of fast primes, body under $1k. I want a re-interpretation of the compact 70's RF gestalt with current technology, a digital Leica CL please.
  38. Someone posted these sneaks on another forum.



    Whether they are the real thing or not, it's a tidy, attractive camera. No optical or EVF viewfinder, but I'd stick a Voigtländer viewfinder on it and use it just as it is.

    John Reynolds:
    Pocket sized, 28-300mm zoom, under $500.00.

    For that, just buy yourself a Panasonic TZ7 and be done with it.
  39. Regards all the hoo-hah about noise, I'm pretty happy with these Panasonic G1 ISO 1000 exposure ...

    ISO 1000 @ f/1.8 @ 1/3 sec

    ISO 1000 @ f/1.4 @ 1/20 sec

    Both made with the Panasonic G1 fitted with Panasonic/Leica Summilux-D 25mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. It's a big, heavy lens on this camera, but it sure works nicely.
  40. The 17mm f/2.8 is the perfect range lens for this camera. I only wish for two things: 1) That this 17mm lens is of good optical quality and 2) That they sell the body only so I don't have to pay for a crummy zoom that I don't want when I'm obliged to buy a kit.
  41. Godfrey, the Panasonic TZ7 has a teeny tiny sensor. I'm looking for a large sensor in a compact camera. Also you might want to pay attention to focus when you're taking pictures. No point in copyrighting those.
  42. John,
    You won't get a super-zoom lens for FourThirds sized sensors of any quality for $500, never mind a whole camera. And it won't be pocket-sized. That's why I suggested you consider an itty-bitty sensor camera if what you said is what you want.
    Thanks for your advice on the photographs. I've sold several prints of the above photographs, the people who bought them seem to be very happy with them. And they are copyrighted. You might enjoy a photograph for what it depicts someday, rather than acting like a typical equipment geek.
  43. Dear Godfrey,
    Sometimes when we're just starting out, criticism is a bit hard to take. But that's how we learn! And I repeat: what I'm looking for in the new Olympus 4/3's camera is a large sensor in a compact size with a big zoom and a good price. Release yourself into the world of possibilities!
  44. Oh yes, kind sir, it is so difficult for us just starting out to take criticism from the wise and experienced whose wizened eyes cannot seem to tell the difference between motion blur and focus, even when the softness portrayed is essential to the aesthetic in the photograph. Give freely of thy eminent wisdom and we will be grateful.
    And we will also accept thy challenge to release ourselves into the world of possibilities and hope earnestly that camera manufacturers can defy the laws of physics and produce ultra zoom marvels that can fit in our pockets for peanuts.
    It is so kind to offer your wisdom freely to those beneath you, I am beside myself.
  45. btw - camera shake at 1/3sec is very difficult to avoid - even with image stabilazation! Next time you might want to use a tripod. There are some very good portable ones out there that you can clamp on to just about anything; the Gorilla Pod is one that comes to mind.
  46. I will carry my tripod and your gorllla with me everywhere from this moment on.
  47. When one thinks of lenses, I have to admire what Panasonic has done with its standard lens for the GH-1 zoom. I know that some folk think F 4.0 is no big deal, but consider. A lens that goes from 28 mm field of view ( the smallest rectilinear lens I own in a prime) and the long telephoto field of view of 280 mm ( what was once the domain of Canon's fastest and largest white knight lenses). Then add in image stabilization, fast autofocus motor, and (per reviewers) quiet fastish motorization.
    I am just boggled at how far the technology has come at this point for around one thousand dollars.( and this is just the first bid on the table ). I was an am still happy with the 14-54 mm original zoom, with only one stop loss from wide to moderate tele. Thus I am thinking that Olympus will sell a lot of zooms that will be seen as the standard lens for a lot of people. I am thinking of any of us whose cash flow requires some restraint and who shoot for fun and history.
    Others on the island go to Las Vegas to exercise their plastic cards. I OTOH ordered just this morning the VA-1 right angle finder from B and H for 175.00. Recognize that I expect the kind of quality that Olympus puts into its low end lab microscopes! (I convinced myself to no longer stand on a little stool as I copy slides w my E-1. ( I see that JinFinance on eBay makes a clone model r/< finder for half that price. I considered that too, looks good in the picture. Decide to go with Olympus and give the pound of flesh... Will report on my impression of the VA-1 here later on and try to photograph my copy set up one day if anyone is interested)...Cheers and aloha, gs
  48. Um, compact size but with an optical viewfinder, manual as well as automatic exposure, great lens ... oh yeah, that camera is already out: It's called the Canon PowerShot G1.
  49. ...plus, I forgot to mention: exceptional high ISO, low noise, low light performance.
  50. Godfrey, Alex and John: Thank you! You guys had me in tears. Great way to be entertained on a Monday morning.
    I suspect only Godfrey will understand why I'm laughing, but that's OK.
  51. rdm


    No, Miserere Mei I understand as well. I haad a chuckle too .
    And as for you Godfrey DiGiorgi , I take offence to that comment on equipment geeks. I am an equipment geek, but i did not see anything wrong with your photos. Then again I'm alittle more knolegable then some equipment geeks you may come across on here. So i guess i can forgive your comment this time, seeing how your just starting out an all. :)
  52. Yeah Guys, let's cut Godfrey some slack :)
  53. And I too understand. But this catfight, while fun for all I'm sure, has taken up too much of this thread. Let's try to keep it on topic, shall we?. So let me do my part to get it back on track:
    What I'm looking for in the new Olympus 4/3's camera is pocketable size, a large sensor, a super zoom and exceptional high iso, low noise, low light performance for under $500.00.
  54. Certainly, John. I want it to be a candy striped gumball that takes 50 mPixel images and costs a quarter. I suspect that has at least as much possibility of being delivered as what you suggest.
    Seriously: what you want isn't possible on several different counts. Wanting it is fine, expecting to get it is absurd.
  55. Really Giorgio, the thread isn't asking for your opinion about what I want in the new Olympus, it's asking for individuals to state what features the camera must have in order for them to purchase it. Let's put our egos aside and let the thread run its course.
  56. Really, Eynoldsio, I love chatting with condescending fountains of probity and experience like you.
  57. rdm


    My advice Jon, just hush up and buy this, What ever it cost.. Otherwise wait 3 years and then get it on eBay for 500. Or wait 2 years and get a Panasonic G1 for about that.

    [​IMG] It looks Beautiful! I wanna see what the back looks like tho.
  58. Hmmm ... where'd you get the pics. And the price.
  59. rdm


    google immages and difinatly alot more thain 500
  60. Formal announcement is tomorrow, but these photos have leaked from a Japanese website,

    There's an all-blaok model, rumored to be a "special edition" ...


    which will finally be the replacement for my Leica CL and Rollei 35S that I've been waiting for.

    So much for "superzoom that fits in a pocket and costs $500", John. Sorry 'bout that. I guess you won't be buying one.
  61. That is one sweet, small 14-42mm kit lens. This sucks, I'm losing my job at completly the wrong time. I need money, dammit! :-D
  62. That zoom is huge! And it only goes to 42mm. Definately won't be buying that - at any price. They can do better than that.
  63. You crack me up, Eynoldsio. :)

    The 14-42 zoom looks positively dinky to me. But then I'm used to rather larger zooms for FourThirds format cameras:

    That's what I call a Super Zoom! :)
  64. Looks like you got an older/test model. The current version is MUCH smaller. Sometimes it pays to be patient and bide your time. Technology is always improving - and generally it's getting smaller.
  65. On porpoise, Eynoldsio. Buying the pre-SWD model saved me $400 and it's worth more used now than I paid for it.
    The 'new' one is thicker and squatter set to 50mm, about the same length at 200mm, and heavier. Is that smaller or larger? ]'-)
  66. rdm


    Hey Godfrey , i know that site you got that picture of the black one from. The roomers wer started because of it , but that photo is a fake. Even tho it may be possible Oly is going to make a black one, there are no photos of a black one. Its alredy been found out as a fake on other message boards. That one pic is just the white one shopped to look black .. I mean I seen that pic also when i first looked around but could tell it was fake the second i looked at it .. Mostly because shadows dont lighten a surface they fall on, it darkens it ..lol. The kid who photoshoped that image did a quicky it seems.
  67. I consider all of this stuff rumor fun until Olympus makes the formal announcements tomorrow. Black on black does look pretty and I'd prefer it, but chrome with black trim panels (shown on several other sites) looks very nice too. Even silver with beige panels is fine by me ...
    I have a Rollei 35 Classic Platinum here, a Rollei 35 with real platinum plated exterior panels. Talk about a silly but pretty thing!
    No big deal ... I spend my time looking through a camera, not at it. I'll buy whichever color is cheapest. ;-)
  68. Thanks to diGorgeous's last post to me, I think I figured out why I was getting flak for wanting a 28-300 lens with the new Olympus. I meant the 28-300 figures as 35mm EQUIVELANT. In 4/3's terms, the numbers would be 14.73-157.89. However, the lens shown in dan Mars' post still falls short and if that's the size of 14-42 I'd hate to see what a 14.73-157.89 looks like.
    Pricewise it looks like a painted plastic body with some vinyl trim and very few controls. So I'm thinking they may have eliminated a lot of manual control, RAW capability etc. to keep the price down and make it more like a true point and shoot. Here's hoping - but we'll find out tomorrow I guess.
  69. John, I'll be VERY surprised if this camera doesn't shoot RAW. Unless Olympus has suicidal tendencies, I don't think there's any way they'll release it with JPEG only.
  70. The leaked photos are a surprise in a way. Because I didn' t actually think Olympus was serious about the spartan and spare brick look of the prototype. The camera looks like it will be handsome and compact and I am betting to anyone who will take the bet that the lenses will be up to at least the high grade ( or close) quality we expect of Olympus. There are some of us who will indulge a grand in something-dare I say- as cute as this appears to be in the pre release images.
    Now, will it have the ability of large fingered gents who have to play only nylon string guitars and can't do them old chord changes deftly anymore like the undersigned -)...well that remains to be seen in test. How clever are those little buttons and rings going to be, in practice...squeezed like our PDA's or cleverly placed? I think this may be everybody's wishlist top item for a SECOND CAMERA for now. Why not,versatile and sharp looking and solid I bet... Aside comment to Miserere. When you get back your 'financial sea legs' - ,soon I do indeed hope, Miz, I know you will indulge downstream with a sharp mini model..new or even liightly used. Oly or Panasonic, the new generation duo. they have grabbed on to something that will compete for buyers starting out. And Olympus old timers, finally..
    Olympus has a way of thinking in surprisingly keen ways--and they don't usually rush to market. But they have misjudged too..and made corrections pretty fast for a company where cameras are only one item as has been repeated again and again.. I am delighted,rapturous even to see the advent of SD in an Olympus machine. Bravissimo. Rational. Well grounded decision. Even close to synergy with Panasonic.
    I see it going this way, and no oracle here I have to say. Why get the Canon G 10 and be forever content with a fixed lens, if you can have the pizzaz of euqlly small, light, and a multiplicity of lens options....it has the style that common folk aspired to. Definitely will appeal to the Japanes shoppers ( not an unimportant market) who visit our Armani and Tiffany and Swarovski ( Example: Pentax makes binoculars as good as Swarovski, but there is a certain cachet about the latter.) No swivel LCD in this item is intresting and likely was subject of much late nights at sushi bar discussion, Akira-san.... I think I can live with it personally. Add on finder presents a dilemma if one usually wears a small flash on a camera...but not a biggie.
    I predict this item will be well received (with the usual reservations by the dpreview oracles. ( Highly Recommended (Just) maybe. And sell very well for model A. For me the changes are coming down at too heavy a pace---I am like the horse between two piles of straw as far as needs and wants and gear absorption ability . Translation= how many 170 page manuals can I digest and apply. T
    he movie modes a' coming are a whole new adventure,aren't they. It could be enticing for us who are so inclined at times .there is a kick to making movie clips..really! This discussion will be continued or a new thread as soon as the full specs get out tomorrow. It is fun. And beats the Iranian election kerfluffle by a mile, nay?
  71. Eynoldsio, you are a hoot. It's so easy to make a mistake like that, why, even I could make it....
    Right, sure. =8^)

    So you're saying you want this lens:

    Panasonic 14-140mm f/4-5.8 ASPH MEGA O.I.S. LUMIX G VARIO HD


    Focal Length :: f=14mm to 140mm (35mm camera equivalent 28mm to 280mm)
    Lens Construction :: 17 Elements in 13 Groups (4 Aspherical Lenses, 2 ED lenses)
    Diagonal Angle of View :: 75 deg (W) ~ 8.8 deg (T)
    Max. Diameter :: 70mm / 2.76 in
    Overall Length (Lens only) :: Approx. 84mm / 3.31 in
    Weight (Lens only) :: Approx. 470g / 16.58oz

    Only you want it, plus the camera with a FourThirds size sensor to be pocketable AND cost $500.00. Complete.

    Dream on, signor. This is an $1100 lens. It's as small as Panasonic could make it for this format. It's about three times the size of the 14-42mm that Olympus has come up with, far as I can see it. Mechanical impossibilities are your fondest desire.
  72. How much you want to bet, Eynoldsio, that the camera has full manual as well as automation control, and captures in RAW format? Ya wonder what the PASM letters on that top deck control dial mean, eh? ];-)
  73. It will be hard to resist with the 17 mm F 2.8 ( I can shoot at F 2.8 happily), the optical finder. And for now I can use my little FL 20 and fit the lot in a small Mountainsmith bag. My pockets are too durn sagging already , thanks. And a holiday travel dream. Oh well, another battery charger. I give....
    Olympus is willing to go into their old/new bag and yank out something that says " Surprise!." A girl jumping out of a big cake like in the movie 'Singin in the Rain." A tasty morsel from the look of it.
    Same company that made a curious thing called the " O product Look it up. A real lolapalooza..I sense that the O engineers have fun.. aloha nui, gs
  74. rdm


    yea well hopfully alot of people with want to upgrade from their panasonic G1s and ill find alot of them on eBay soon that i can afford..lol
  75. rdm


    I just got the email from Olympus. They are Definitely calling it a Penn. That is so cool
    Experience the new Olympus PEN. | View the images in this email.

    Not a Point & Shoot . Not an SLR ... It's a PEN. In 1959, Olympus designed a camera with the photographic optics of an SLR and the size and simplicity of a point-and-shoot -- revolutionizing the way we take pictures. After 50 years, the PEN is back. And it's mightier than ever. Introducing the new Olympus PEN . It's totally digital, and offers unique and groundbreaking technology to a whole new generation of camera users. [​IMG]

    The PEN provides superior optics, interchangeable lenses and multimedia capabilities -- and combines the creative freedom of a sophisticated digital SLR with the simple controls and small size of a point-and-shoot.

    > Check out sample images, videos and more from the new Olympus PEN.
  76. Thanks for pointing out the lens di Gorgeous - at least SOMETHING is available even though it's not perfect. And it sure would be nice if everyone spoke about lenses in 35mm equivelent terms - I was wondering why everyone was talking about such small lenses on this thread.
  77. On the other hand, I think I might have to wait until next Spring when Olympus will be introducing 'a wide zoom or high magnification zoom.' Maybe they will do better in the size department.http://www.dpreview.com/news/0906/09061600watanabeinterview.asp
    Olympus seems more concerned with compact size than Panasonic. When I went to look at the G1, I was shocked at the size - they produced a puffed up body that seemed to be filled with air. What a waste of the technology.
  78. Thank you for your insightful prejudice. You provide ongoing amusement, John.
  79. Gerry Siegel wrote: Aside comment to Miserere. When you get back your 'financial sea legs' - ,soon I do indeed hope, Miz, I know you will indulge downstream with a sharp mini model..new or even liightly used. Oly or Panasonic, the new generation duo. they have grabbed on to something that will compete for buyers starting out.​
    Thank you for your good wishes, Gerry. Maybe in a year or so I'll be able to pick one of these Olys up. The Panny G1 doesn't attract me in the least, but the E-P1 does. I wouldn't use it for everything, but I think it would make a fantastic street camera, which is exactly what I want it for. It's not perfect, and I would prefer an f/1.8 lens or faster, but specs-wise it has surpassed my minimum buying requirements, especially with a $900 price tag for the camera + 35mm-equiv pancake + viewfinder.
    Go Oly for being innovative by going retro :) (If Olympus wants to license this slogan they can contact me here .)
  80. Good luck, Miz. It's tight times everywhere, I know your pain.
    I don't think the EP-1 is the camera for everything, but it would complement my work nicely for certain things. I am in no hurry to buy anything ... I look forward to seeing one in the flesh and will then decide whether it suits me.
    The G1 has done very well for my work thus far, I'm glad I spent the money on one. It was a lot considering where the economy is, but its returned what I spent several times over already.
  81. Thanks Godfrey! By the time I can afford the E-P1 there will be lots of reviews on the net, including yours, so I'll be able to decide what to do.
    As for the G1, I can imagine you would make it profitable a lot sooner than I ever would! :-D
    Off to tighten my belt one more notch...
  82. Now that the nature of the 'beast' ( can we call it a Hobbit camera?) has been finally revealed, we see the usual ayes and nayes and a few cautious ah shucks maybes.
    I have found personally that 'make or break' must -haves for me have turned out to be not so make or break after all.E.g: When I decided to get something with a bigger chimping screen than my C 5050 I looked for a small one that would have multiple manual controls and a nice hand grip feel. My decision was to get a Nikon Coolpix P5000 because it had an optical finder and a flash shoe. Since I bought ,it a year ago, I find that I usually shoot with the LCD screen in back. Though I felt I needed a moderate zoom lens, I note that most of the time I keep it on a 28 mm equivalent. its widest and fastest. AndI use the P mode more than I ever have before- the AE function is that good....The flash shoe and the small flash gun are a no compromise thing with me. I use it a lot. Nice flash Nikon made with tilt bulb. Smart folk gotta hand it to Nikon lately.
    Thus, the specifications on the EP-1, with the 17mm lens and the popular SD cards make it a derby winner. Can I find something to gripe about? Well, you bet your bippy I can.. As Fred Herzberg wrote in his book on motivation in the workplace, the list of dissatisfiers in life is endless. And the things that motivate/lastingly please are much fewer.
    What features then have only ephemeral value for you? What are make or break in any primary or secondary in the arsenal photo machine from Olympus? (trade- off wise we are speaking,not pie in the sky stuff)
  83. I dunno, Gerry. It looks very nice to me as is.
    I'll know better whether my hands and eyes get on with the EP-1 after I see one in the flesh. No reading of specifications will tell me that. (Of course, just in case they do, I did find a nice used Voigtländer Viewfinder 75 so I'll have an optical viewfinder for my 40mm lens as well as for the 17mm ... ]'-)
  84. ... used Voigtländer Viewfinder 75 so I'll have an optical viewfinder ...​
    The aspect ratio is different from 4/3, no?
  85. It's set up for 35mm film cameras, with 2:3 framing proportions.
    A 40mm lens on FourThirds format nets very close to the same vertical angle of view (about 18.9 deg vs 18.2 deg for 75mm on film) and just a little narrower on the horizontal AoV .. 24 deg vs 27 degrees. A little bit of silver masking tape and it will be nearly perfect. I might not even mask it as I tend to frame pretty square regardless of what format I'm working with.
    I figure I can use it with the L1 too. It's less useful for the G1 since that has such a good EVF; I tend to use the L1's Live View to nail the focus with the 40 and then swap to the optical viewfinder for framing and exposure when I'm focusing critically.
  86. I want a full time optical viewfinder. Why does it only work with the 17mm lens?
  87. rdm


    Because Lou. there are only 2 lenses for it right now and the other is a zoom lens, which would be awkward and imprecise to keep matching it with the taking lens, since there would be no way to sync them.
    Just think RANGE FINDER in older film terms and it makes sence.
  88. Lou, you could get one of those old Leica viewfinders that zooms... but the widest they go is like 35mm I think. I'm betting that as (if) Olympus introduces more primes they will introduce new viewfinders to go along with them. It's one heck of a way to make $100 extra every time someone buys a prime lens... which is something that only "pros" (and wannabe pros) will consider anyway since everyday Joe can't stand to be "trapped" behind a single focal length apparently.
  89. About the size of a 35RC body
    Small primes: 11mm f2.8, 17mm f2, 25mm f2, 50mm f2; all lens accessory thread sizes the same in these four lenses. How about 43mm? Just like the old Pen F.
    LCD on top with clip for waist level finder, magnifed chimney finder, right angle(eye level) finder. When you push each finder on an electrical contact puts the screen into the correct orientation for right side up-left to right viewing.
    Many lens adapters at reasonable prices. (China?)
    A shutter speed dial! Please please please, no press button-spin control dial-read shutter speed on screen, just gimme the damm dial with the speeds marked on it!
    Ditto for a real aperture ring on the lens. Even if aperture control is fly by wire give it the feel of the old mechanical linkage.
    And, I'd rather have 5 million great pixels than 12 million crummy pixels.
    A cheap, easy to plug in, wired electrical release. If Olympus wants to develop a fragile, battery eating, radio or IR remote release they can be my guest. Just don't try to sell it to me for an 800% markup because I'm NOT interested.
    Well, I think that about wraps up the essentials.
    Yes and a way to offer manually, precisely were we want the focus to be!
  90. rdm


    How about some manufacture start to make PenF lenses and just supply the short macro extention tube that would let it be used on the new Penn. After all its the same dam mount. IF we can have some new Manual focus lenses that can be used on both, that would be so cool. Beter yet, olympus start up production of those old Zuiko lenses again, that would be sweet.

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