What Did You Shoot This Weekend?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wilsontsoi, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. I guess Chuck's earlier post got wiped out due to server glitches, so here we go again for this week. Lets post them up, folks.
  2. ...men's hoop..
  3. ...reverse layup...
  4. ...baseline action...
  5. Appleby went 3-happy...
  6. ...a bit of soccer...
  7. ...tripped...
  8. Pipeline Masters, run is small surf at Backdoor and Off The Wall. We didn't get any really classic Pipeline days for the contest. Here is Andy Irons cranking one off the top...
  9. Eight-time world champion Kelly Slater cranks one.
  10. Rugby at my local club
  11. Maidenhead second row getting isolated
  12. more soccer
  13. Tip Off
  14. All these shots are incredible! All of you guys amaze me. The men's hoops stuff is an awesome shot and an awesome play! Wilson, do you move around at the end of the court during the game? I'm afraid to do that thinking that I will distract the players (jr high and hs). On the reverse lay up shot, what lens did you use? Were you close and if you were did you get run over? I'm pretty concerned about getting knocked down, well not really, I guess it's my camera getting broken that I'm most concerned about. There is only about six feet at both ends of our court. I really, really like all your shots! Thanks for any help you can pass along.
  15. Haven't posted here before - but here are a couple of recent shots..
  16. another...(try to get the size right this time..)
  17. Dang. Any tips on sizing the uploads correctly - ? Thanks, guys.
  18. One more try
  19. December Fury Boxing event
  20. Great to see lots of posting here everybody.

    Marcy, glad you enjoy these and it's neat to see lots of participations. As for the reverse layup pic, it was shot at 70mm at f2.8 ISO-640 synced at 1/250 with couple off-camera strobes from corner. I move around along baseline as needed, but only during time outs or game stopage. If you only have 6 feet away from baseline, you'll probably get more hard time from the refs than from the action itself especially if you shoot from near basket. That being the case, shoot away with a wide angle, at least until officials tell you otherwise. As for getting run over, there were a few occasions that I'd considered close calls, but that's just part of the fun. ^_^

    John, your upload size was probably fine. Just add image "Caption" so that they'll show up as images instead of links.

    Happy shootin' folks!
  21. John,
    I did the exact same thing not long ago and Wilson is right (of course), you need to add a caption. Makes you crazy doesn't it?
  22. Hi Wilson, I love your sports photos. Gives me inspiration to see what's possible.
  23. Girls JV.
  24. CF vs CV
  25. OK - a couple of soccer shots -
  26. Wahoo! I finally figured out how to post a photo - (what a retard!!) Thanks, Wilson. Here are shots from a shootout - for these ones, I used the phenomenon that if you have a big lens, nobody will question you when you walk into places others can't go. I walked right into the middle of the field, right beside the refs - used a 70-200 with a 1.4 converter. In this one, I got the keeper making a save -
  27. This one catches the winning shot - faked to make the keeper go right - shot to the left - won the Provincial Championship - pretty dramatic
  28. Shootout winner
  29. Wilson,
    I too am a big fan of your work and appreciate all your feedback! In your reply in this thread, you commented on a couple of strobes in the corners. Can I ask for a little more detail here? Are they set up on stands? I know at GMU, the resident photographer has strobes mounted in the rafters, just wondering about your setup, if you don't mind sharing.

    Thanks for everything!
  30. Just got the D200 a few days ago, my first DSLR. I bought the Lens: 70-200 2.8 G VR to capture some sports.
  31. I had the chance to photograph the Chapel Field vs Chester Varsity Basketball game. At the Hambletonian Classic in Chester New York. Chapel Field won the Championship with a score of 72-44.

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