What did you shoot this weekend Oct. 30-31 2010

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  1. High School Girls Field Hockey
  2. High School Girls Field Hockey 2
  3. oops...
  4. High School Girls Field Hockey 3
  5. Some very ordinary rugby
  6. Stanford @ Washington
  7. Is it ok to post photos that were not done this weekend? This one is from a few weeks ago. I don't shoot sports every weekend, but I do shoot quite a lot of sports and I have several in the archive that I would like to share. May I post an older image on weekends where I have not been shooting sports?

    Here is one for now. This is junior national champion Daniel Farinha completing the 1-lap 333-meter individual time trial on the track at Hellyer Park Velodrome in San Jose, CA. Daniel won 3 national championships in 2010 -- the 3 km pursuit, the 1 km time trial, and the team sprint.
    Most of my sports photographs are cycling. I have lived and breathed cycling for the past 26 years.
    How do I attach multiple images on one posting? I notice others do this for this thread.
  8. here's another one... this is the Keirin race.
    The Keirin is a form of track racing popularized in Japan. In Japan, they bet on it like horse racing.
    It is a 9-lap 3-km race. The riders start behind a motorcycle. When the race starts, they jockey for position because it is highly advantageous to be in the top 3 and a big advantage to be first, right behind the motorcycle. As the race continues, the motorcycle continuously increases the pace until the rider can no longer hang on. With 2 1/2 laps (~850 meters) to go, the motorcycle accelerates away and the race for the line is on.
    In this race, Ryan Gadow got the motorcycle's wheel from the start. When the motorcycle pulled off, he managed to gap the rest of the group and as Daniel Farinha surged at the end, Ryan held him off at the line.
    I'm attaching four images:
    1. riders lined up at the start line, being held by their starters
    2. paceline behind the motorcycle
    3. Daniel Farinha challenges Ryan after the motorcycle swings off
    4. Ryan Gadow beats Daniel at the finish line
    all photos were taken with a Nikon D90 and 70-200mm f2.8 VR2 lens.
  9. this is the Keirin start
  10. the paceline behind the motorcycle with Ryan Gadow in pole position, Steve Jones on his wheel, note both riders are using disk wheels which are very aerodynamic (and expensive)
  11. Daniel Farinha challenges Ryan
  12. and Ryan beats him at the line!
  13. High School basketball
  14. NPSHL youth hockey
  15. Here we go...
  16. Can action sports play too? Nikon D2x, 10.5mm fisheye, two SB600s, one on either side with Cybersyncs wireless controllers.
  17. Scott Ferris asks "Can action sports play too?"
    If you take a photo of a surfer on a 50-foot wave at Maverick's and there is no contest, does it still count as sports photography?
    In my book, Heck yes!
    Scott -- I love skatepark photography. I tried it once and would like to try again. Your shot is magnificent. Here's my best to date. It was taken in Annecy, France, in August 2009.
  18. High School Football

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