What Did You Shoot This Weekend, Oct. 2-4, 2009?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wilsontsoi, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Few games from weekend...
  2. ..women's soccer...
  3. ...volleyball...
  4. ...men's soccer...
  5. ...one more women's game...
  6. Some black & white, high school soccer in the rain....
  7. Nice work, guys. Wilson, did you see the image that I posted of us in Seattle? It was nice meeting you. I'll send you a link to some of my Vancouver/Alaska/Seattle images from my Picasa Webalbums.

  8. Some NCAA Division 3 football
  9. Youth Soccer
  10. You soccer and highschool football...
  11. not sure how to get multiple images in one post
  12. High school football
  13. O.K. We had some problems. So here we go again...
    And here is some youth football pics...[​IMG]
  14. Wouw guys great shots man. i shot these this weekend
    checkout my Sports photography blog
  15. HS Soccer 1
  16. HS Soccer 2
  17. HS Soccer 3
  18. HS football @ night[​IMG]
  19. Another shot [​IMG]
    and another:[​IMG]
    and another:[​IMG]
    and another (ouch):[​IMG]
  20. Hope you don't mind some more:[​IMG]
    85mm f1.4[​IMG]
    200mm f2[​IMG]
    bearly incomplete:[​IMG]
    200mm f2:[​IMG]
    the wall:[​IMG]
    fumble recovery (#51 doh!):[​IMG]
  21. R Quan ~ Could you please share what lens brand, iso, setting, etc. you took these football pix with? Looks like a very well lit stadium, as well. Our stadium looks like we play w/o lights compared to these. Ha! Thanks, K~
  22. I mistakenly posted my pics in the wrong thread. Should I re-post a new thread discussing the details? Preview: D3 @ iso 3200-6400, 200mm f2.0 sometimes with TC14E and TC20E wide open, D700 @ iso 3200 w/ 85mm f1.4, pretty decent lighting at a brand new HS stadium - at least a stop more light than our home field - allowing SS in the range of 1/400 up to 1/2500 (!). Picture Control set to Vivid - somewhat oversaturated. No flash (fortunately not needed). A number of shots were with blown out whites meaning I overexposed them and needed to correct in PS. Imagine, over exposing available light night HS football!

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