What did you shoot this weekend? Nov. 4-6.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by anthony_lauro, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Some HS Football:
    I didn't do any noise reduction. I shoot Olympus and had ISO 2000 going. Stadium was so dark it was insane...
  2. Youth & HS soccer, D300S, Nikon 300 f4, ISO 250, 1/1250, manfrotto monopod
  3. cheerleading contest for young girls... I think this group was middle school (6-8th grade)... these girls could DANCE!!!
  4. I was fortunate enough to photograph the ING NYC Marathon for New York Road Runners. : )
  5. cheerleading contest ... this group is 6th to 8th grade
  6. another one
  7. another one, different team, the girl in the glasses is an incredibly talented dancer
  8. I normally shoot cycling. Here is a shot from this July that is a bit unusual. This is an "on the bike" shot, taken with a Canon G10 while riding.
    It's tricky to do this as you must look backwards to frame, while riding in the oncoming lane and looking ahead for cars. It is difficult to compose backgrounds and get the riders framed right while riding, but this type of shot gets me photos I would otherwise not get.
    We were riding up the Col de l'Iseran in the French Alps which summits at 2770m making it the 2nd highest pass in Europe.
  9. here's another of that girl who can really dance...
  10. Bringing in the action sports again, my shot for this weekend. Steve Dostal, backside kickflip, Bakersfield CA.
    Nikon D2x, 10.5mm fisheye, two sb600s on Cybersyncs wireless controllers, one sb50dx. It's almost pitch black in these indoor skateparks, especially in the evening, so I tend to bring a lot of flashes with me.
  11. Three volleyball matches on Saturday... 1 college then 2 section finals.. one LONGGGGG day.
    6. Posted in back order of occurrence, the college drew 10x's fewer people for it's final home match of the year than either high school match
    Shooting ONE state tourney match Thursday then that ends my volleyball match shooting until the 'JO' season in the Spring far as I know it.
  12. High School Football 1
  13. High School Football 2
  14. High School Football 3
  15. AYF Football Semifinals
  16. Last HS game for the season they did not make playoffs, might cover some others for local paper
  17. Allen, you should check out a friend of mine @ www.cyclingcaptured.com Nice Shots everyone!!
  18. Didn't shoot any sports this weekend.
    My son had been doing lots of Parkour and earlier in the year ruptured two disks and put a stress fracture in his spine.
    Things went downhill after some physiotherapy and the boy ended up in hospital for some emergency surgery. He came out of hospital on Friday, so I spent Saturday keeping an eye on him and making sure he was up to date on his painkillers.
    Here's a before and after comparison:-
  19. Here is a shot I did for the Varsity. They did't make the playoffs and this is my first time shooting sports at night.

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