What Did You Shoot This Weekend? (May 16-18, 2008)

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  1. Here are some of my recent sports shots. Everyone please feel free to share your work.
  2. More soccer
  3. Another Shot of Soccer Played In the Rain
  4. Now For Something Completely Different
  5. More High School Lacrosse
  6. From The Same Game
  7. Lacrosse From Another Game
  8. Polo at Guards Polo Club 1
  9. Polo 2
  10. Polo 3
  11. I'm not sure if it is my lens, or user error, but this just didn't come out as crisp as I would have liked. I took several and all had this same "fuzziness" to them. Even when they were of non moving objects.

    <img src="http://www.wvcollecting.com/images/hit.jpg">

    The lens was a cheaper one, and maybe I'm just paying the price for it. It is an Access Temp 75-200mm lens on a Sony A100 DSLR.
    Shutter = 1250
    ISO = 400 (i think it was set to auto)
    Zoomed all the way out at 200mm
    Using Shutter Priority

    This was another I took later and even though there was no action in the shot, it was still a little fuzzy.<br>
    <img src="http://www.wvcollecting.com/images/gameball.jpg">
  12. ...varieties...
  13. ...mix bag...
  14. Bartrum & Brown Football Camp
    <img src="http://www.wvcollecting.com/images/bnb2.jpg"><br><br>
    <img src="http://www.wvcollecting.com/images/bnb6.jpg"><br><br>
    <img src="http://www.wvcollecting.com/images/bnb8.jpg"><br><br>
  15. Little League 1
  16. Little League 2
  17. Little League 3
  18. Little League 4
  19. Little League 5
  20. Little League 6
  21. All are great ... I love the little tykes. Barry, Peter, and Wilson: Just curious about your equipment, especially the lens you use. Also interested in settings. I have a Nikon D80 and am curious if you shoot using "manual," "sports," or "program" settings. Your photos are ALWAYS perfect. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Sounders beat (again) Atlanta 4-2
  23. Sounders dominated this match.
  24. Try to add this photo again.
  25. Hi Laura,
    During the spring season I'm using two lenses: the 70-200 2.8 (softball, track & field)
    and the 300 2.8 (lacrosse, soccer, baseball).
    I shoot in aperture priority (AV or aperture value on your camera). I shoot action wide-
    open, 2.8. I shoot Raw. The metering on my camera (Canon 1D Mark III) is very good.
    If I need to make minor adjustments in post processing, I do.
    Look at the photos of others shooting your sport. Analyze what angle was used.
    Practice, try different things. Learn your equipment.
  26. My wife and I went to watch our grandsons play ball Saturday afternoon. Note: About half of the team is made up of girls, and pretty good ones at that.

    All images captured with a Canon 30D and Sigma 120-300f/2.8. The first four are with a 1.4x TC attached (168 - 420mm f/4).

    1) Doing the spin in between innings.

    2) Pretty good form for a girl! Actually, she fields her position well and throws good too!

    3) Chris chsing the base runner back to third.

    4) Angelo finally made it to second base and now he is a happy camper!

    5) Batter up!

    6) She just scored the winning run!
  27. Thanks Barry. All I can say is "Eeeeee!!" Although I know a 300 2.8 lens would be great for baseball and especially night-time football, I'm so small time that I'm sure I'll never afford one. I'll try to play with the aperture priority and see if that might improve my shots. Thanks for your contributions on Photo.Net. I've certainly enjoyed following the sports photogs and seeing everyone's work.

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