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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Rod Sorensen, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Glenn: I'm going to save you a few seconds of time and retire from any forum posting, it's not something I usually do or enjoy anyway and now I see it's also counter productive for both of us... Mike
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    Sounds good Mike - I appreciate your passion for the site and I know its coming from the right spot. What you may or may not know is that a lot of work (time and effort) has gone into updating v1 which was an antique by all accounts - into something that can be supported by modern day workforce. As you can imagine its disappointing to hear people being unhappy with it. Many take shots without giving it a chance or even trying to upload, but I know you have - so for that I thank you. What people don't see is that many improvements are behind the curtain tied to efforts to help with site speed, not necessarily adding functions which is what most users are on the lookout for. Speed is our primary need - but our list is long.

    Traffic, revenue, features, functions all roll up to me. I'm SEO, Advertising Director, Community Manager and by default Scrum Master plus anything else that might be needed. If I could code the site - I would. I work 12 hours a day and I'm here to see it through. Some like me, some don't - its OK although I prefer to be liked (who doesn't). In terms of ego, na....I gave that up when I got married. What I do have is passion. Passion is what drives this site - and this is what we have that in common.
  3. Glenn, can you share any insight into prospects for continued survival of the site? I know the lights have to stay on, and that depends on certain performance parameters. Traffic and revenue (which is probably related (?)) are bound to be foremost. How are things looking? I've done my share of bitching, but things are looking way better from my perspective than they were at first.
  4. .... "until then - making blanket statements like you did, will strike a c[h]ord".

    Enough chords are being struck in these columns to write a symphony. Let's just say that we are all on the same side and a little more understanding and encouragement is needed towards those that are trying to make this work.

    There is no point in being critical, whereas there is one in highlighting the difficulties we encounter and letting the administrators decide what is needed and when. Some of the suggestions I have seen seem weird to me, others totally superfluous, as no doubt some of my ideas would also to others. They cannot please everyone at all times, but I have yet to see a genuine concern expressed that was not taken up and dealt with or placed in the queue for later.

    Come on folks, a little more cool and patience … and how about a smile from time to time too.
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  5. It is a big, wide competitive world out there. Go to DP Review or Fred Miranda to see two sites that are easier to use. I can get to forums easier in Luminous landscape. I have been a devotee of photonet for over ten years. As a former senior executive I know better than to get into defensive squabbles with the paying customers. Fix the site problems or die of non-competitive entropy. The old site was easier to use. Face fact not customers.
  6. A "cord" is a type of rope.

    A "cord" of wood measures 128 cubic feet.

    A "chord" is a group of musical notes/tones.

    One metaphorically strikes a "chord."
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  7. "Fix the site problems or die of non-competitive entropy"

    Hmm, entropy is a measure of disorder in a thermodynamic system. Now as a scientist and executive also for many years, I am trying to figure out what "non-competitive entropy" is .. : -)
  8. Thanks Fred. maybe you would prefer to converse in French or Greek, I promise not to makes mistakes
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    Fair enough Mr.Arnold , we'll keep working on it, we appreciate your generous support. In terms of forum functionality - this is Xenforo platform, designed and engineered specifically for forums, it is not a custom build. I've written this in the past - but old site was programmed in TCL on AOL platform, antique plates on that old car and something that could no longer be supported in todays workforce. I think you'll find that there is little wrong on this side of the equation, the issue you might be experiencing is that you unfamiliar with it. Xenforo vs SimpleMachines which is luminous forum software) is very comparable (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software) I wish you'd give it a shot - it appears your last upload was in 2014.
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  10. Please excuse the compliment mixed with a point of contention, but I just love the ability to highlight the above quote and have "reply" pop up and automatically create the quote in the reply entry box. Luminous Landscape doesn't have that.

    Ok, and now the contentious part. If TCL was working so well for over ten years why are people having so many problems with Xenforo? I mean if it's suppose to be better forum software, why are there more complaints by users than on TCL. How many hours are you spending mitigating this and responding to each complaint?

    And my photos were never softened after uploading to the TCL version of PN. Why is Xenforo doing this? This is a photo site. You don't do this to photos. Facebook doesn't even do this.
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    If I were the one coding improvements, then clearly my time would be not be best spent answering questions in our forums, however I don't code which is why I am in here as often as I can. Most (not all) but most of the issues related to forums I have encountered have more to do with people not being familiar with the new forum vs old forum. Yes, we had issues with logging in/logging out early on - but that turned out to be largely browser & OS specific - we do feel we're past that most of that at this point. Now to the softening question. Is that only you have experienced or are others having similar experience? I do hesitate to compare what you see in Photoshop vs what you posted on any site for reasons I noted before. But I'm all ears, and I will test some later this evening.
  12. You don't need to test, Glenn. My thread I started in which you replied shows the screengrab showing the OS interface being softened on top of the photo I posted on No Words. Those images were tack sharp on my system both in Preview and Photoshop and on Luminous Landscape, DeviantART, Audacity Forums, Roger Deakins Forums, Adobe Forums going on ten years or more.

    This softening did not happen in PN 1.0 either.
  13. Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 3.21.53 PM.png

    Here's a screenshot of the Mac OS interface we all know should show tack sharp vertical and horizontal lines. It looks WAY too soft here.

    What do you see? Tack sharpness?
  14. OK, now I turned on Adobe Flash in PN preferences and in Firefox. Let's see if it softens the same OS interface test image. Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 3.30.20 PM.png

    Still softens.
  15. Entropy, by definition is a gradual system decay into disorder. I flew the Navy FA 18 simulator with success after just 15 minutes orienting myself to the cockpit. My point is not the software you use it is more about developing a decent and useful human interface. Your problem is with that human interface.
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  16. I believe this, too, although I cannot say exactly how it should be improved.

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    Posting interesting Photos, usually always strikes an harmonious chord, too.

  18. I know what entropy is, I taught it at university. My question was what is
    "non-competitive entropy" ... : -)
  19. I don't feel particularly harmonious when this site alters the look of my images I spent quite a bit of effort getting to look the way I like it, especially for a site that appears to be dedicated to supporting and championing the art of photography. It's an art to me, not a pastime for Facebook gawking

    Or is this site now designed to just drum up activity data by member's lighthearted Facebook style chit chat? If they don't fix this softening of photos, I'm not going to upload anymore of my images. I'll just squat and chit-chat and look for other photo dedicated sites.

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