What can I do with Royal Gold 25?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by hearst, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Five years ago I decided to use Royal Gold 25 on a trip to
    Switzerland because of its high resolution. It gave me great images
    but I didnt like the slow speed and I really prefer slide film
    anyhow. I had 8 rolls left after the trip and I put them in the
    freezer. Since then the film has been discontinued, and since some
    people said that was a shame and it was a wonderful film, I saved
    it. It is still cluttering my freezer and I dont know what to do
    with it. I can, of course, throw it away, but that seems like a bad
    idea if it is really such a wonderful film. I dont really want to
    shoot it. Any ideas?
  2. g.


    Wish they didn't get rid of that. Breaks my heart.

    Could always sell it on Ebay (???) ;)
  3. Sell it to me. I'll buy all of it from you. :)

    Name your price.
  4. Shove it back in the freezer. I've got two rolls in my freezer. Sitting
    pretty with my Panatomic X. Maybe you'll have a change of heart
    a few years from now. I'd say keep it, or you'll regret it one day.
  5. Get a tripod and take lots of pretty landscape, nature, architecture, still life, etc.
  6. What R. T. Dowling said. Go use it! Or find one of these guys that would use it (as opposed to throwing it in THEIR freezers!) and ship it to them.

    Save it for umpteen years, and you'll be writing a thread that says "Can anyone tell me where to get C41 process film developed?" Or your heirs will.
  7. Sell it to Carl Zeiss in Germany. They have never found a color film to come close to the 200 lpm resolution for their lens testing since RG25 was tragically removed. Fortunately, my Zeiss lenses (many of which tested at 200 lpm) were made and tested before this great film was gone. Contact Kornelius J. Fleischer at k.fleischer@zeiss.de

    And let's all hope that Fuji makes a film in the future that equals it.
  8. This is the newer name for Ektar 25 film; the sharpest color negative film I have ever shot.....my last two 35mm frozen rolls expired in March 1993.........It was also was in 120 roll film
  9. I emailed Fuji on trying to make an equivalent to RG 25 in terms of small grain, etc. They said they had no interest in doing so and no plans to in the future.

    As for a film thats 200 lines- doesn't Fuji Acros do that? And what about using Tech Pan? Or do they need a color film for a specific reason?
  10. Tech Pan probably has the highest resolution of any film currently available, but if someone needs a film for lens testing purposes, color film might be preferable because different lenses often render colors differently. I recently saw a review that compared a Canon 50/1.8 lens to a 50/1.4 and the 1.4 had brighter, more saturated colors. The difference might not have been discernable with B&W film.
  11. Some of Kodak's aerial films like High Definition Aerial Film
    3414 and Aerecon High Altitude Film 3409 have far greater
    resolving power than Tech Pan.

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