What camera will use fd lens?

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  1. What camera will use fd lens?
  2. SCL


  3. Just a background note.

    The FD(n) lenses were the last of the original SLR Canon mount lenses made for the bodies listed by SCL.

    In 1987, Canon switched to an INCOMPATIBLE EF mount for their new series of autofocus cameras. For FD-mount Canon shooters with a large selection of FD lenses, this was the point at which many switched to Nikon.

    Realizing that this new mount had alienated many Canon users, Canon did finally make a converter - mostly aimed at the sports shooters with the long lenses.

    There are still companies (not Canon) making converters, but to focus to infinity, they have to have corrective lenses in them. Adding more glass and more surfaces can be tricky, especially when the lenses being adapted are very different.

    Just in general, use the FD lenses on FD bodies.
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  4. If you are like most of us who went through the transition to EOS, you will try to find some way to use your FD lenses on EOS bodies before giving up in disgust.

    Given the plethora of EF lenses available for use on EOS bodies, there is very little to be gained by trying to stay with FD.
  5. Any mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will mount FD lenses with a simple adapter. You can choose Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, or Fuji.

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