What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Those Dial 35's are fun little cameras, Rick. Great lens and slightly wide angle work well. I used to own the Bell & Howell version (including hard case). Mine was given to me around 1977 or so (it was traded in at my family's camera shop) and it quickly became my carry anywhere camera. I sold mine a few years ago as I wasn't using it much. I wish it still had it. One favorite use for it was to shoot a roll of transparency film and have it returned uncut so it would fit in one of the old filmstrip projectors. Also shot some E4 Ektachrome that I processed at home. Mainly, though, Plus-X and Tri-X.
    A few from my Dial 35
    family camera shop around 1977
    younger sister and brother (I think I had a Sunpak 201 flash at the time)
    my '71 Impala
    I look forward to seeing your images, Rick.
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  2. Testing a roll of Fomapan 400 in this one.
  3. Got myself a Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54/2 this week.
    Depending on the weather and my actual mood I might give it a try this weekend.
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  4. I hope to get out with this pretty Kiev-4M with the Helios-103 53mm f/1.8 lens. If the temperature lifts above 5oC...

    Kiev-4M (Type5) copy.jpg
  5. Another immaculately clean camera... I think you have one of those filters they used in the 1970 s washing powder commercials brand A- vs our new improved Drawbridge Magik tata makes it simply brilliant. I suppose your history in advertising photography is to credit.
  6. I finished the Fomapan 400 in the SRT 101 so I'll probably post some of those photos when I start the next Film Camera Week thread later this week. I started a new 100' roll of Kentmere 100 so I'm shooting a short test roll in my Minolta XE (image posted a few days ago). Also running another roll of Kentmere 400 (this time though Pentax ZX-7, also picture a few days ago). The Pentax is fitted with a Promaster 28-200 (rebadged Tamron XR 28-200)
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  7. I'm taking my folding 1930s Voigtlander Bessa out today to shoot at a vintage drag race event, might also take the Praktica LTL out. I'll shoot at least 2 rolls of 120 today (8 shots per in the old "6x9" Bessa)-maybe one other roll of color 35mm? This is the same local crew who races at a nearby drag strip, so I'll be looking for some different angles today, since I've shot it all already.
  8. chuck_foreman|1 said:
    I think that has to take most of the blame, Chuck. Old habits die hard...Though, as I've mentioned before, I've always been fussy about the condition of cameras I'm buying. This Kiev-4M arrived from the Ukraine with original packaging and ER case and some factory documentation, and I doubt that it had ever been used. Note that it still has the original plastic insert protecting the accessory shoe.
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  9. image.jpeg
    ZX-7 with Promaster (Tamron) 28-200
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  10. Rick, do you find that most of the old gear you by works as it should, or do you have to send a lot of it off to get fixed (or fix it yourself)? For me, its usually the latter....
  11. Currently on a 8 day vacation with a baggage allowance of one small carry-on bag for everything, so every cubic cm counts. Only camera I have room for is my Pen S (and my iphone).
    Film is HP5+
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  12. If ever the rain stops I'll continue my trials of the Astrum Foto-100 film, with a Minolta Maxxum 7.

    Minolta Dynax (Maxxum) 7 copy.jpg
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  13. jason_withers said:
    Most of the stuff I buy works as it should, as I usually quizz the seller If I have any doubts about it's condition, and I don't hesitate to return it if it doesn't live up to expectations. Getting repairs done is just so expensive that it's only particularly valuable or desirable items that I'd send away. I'm not competent enough to do anything other than simple repairs, such as freeing up sticky shutters and cleaning simple lenses, but I'm OK at cleaning and restoring worn items.
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  14. You got a pilots license for that Maxxum Rick?
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  15. No, I fly it by the seat of my pants... It's far less complicated than it looks. One of the (many) reasons that I like it so much is the fact that Minolta, in the twilight era of film cameras, produced a camera that had a knob or dial for every function, as opposed to the "press this, revolve that" style of operation that was currently in vogue with Nikon and Canon. It's very similar to the Nikon F4 in this respect...What higher compliment could I pay it!
  16. image.jpeg
    Lens was found in a storage shed where it had been for 15 years. Cleaned it up and seem to work on the T70. I will run a short roll of Kentmere 100 through it later.
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  17. Everything on the T70 seems to work except for the film counter. It does not reset to zero when the camera back is opened. Minor inconvenience of course. I hope to take a few photos with it over the next few days.
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  18. Not the weekend yet, but this afternoon I shot a roll of Ilford Delta 100 in the camera on the right in the photo.
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  19. Two 105m Nikkor ais lenses. Micro 2.8 on left is excellent for closeups of flowers, etc. but only O.K. at a distance. On the right t p306.jpg he legendary 105/2.5 lens, my favorite general purpose 105mm lens.
  20. image.jpeg
    Lens is Tamron Adaptall 35-70 f 3.5 with deep yellow filter. Film is Arista EDU 200.

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