What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Bateman's House event this weekend,
    Bringing a No.2 Folding Pocket Kodak, a what I think is a 9x12 Butcher-Hougthon Cameo with roll film adapter,
    (And that last roll of double-x in the Leica IIIc hasn't been filled yet, so that's coming along, as well as the Leica M-E with Sonnar)
  2. My 'studio' has tilted to digital in a hard way--and is not likely to swing back in any meaningful fashion.

    So I am running through the collection of film cameras and paring down to the bare minimum--such as a single example of each kind. I have already put the Mamiya RB67 kit out for sale--keeping the RZ67... This week I dusted off the TLR collection. I will keep the Minolta C330, and sell the Minolta Autocord and Yashica Mat 124. Through this weekend and next week time to burn the last roll or two with them! :)
  3. Thinking classic fixed lens rangefinder next. Either my Konica Auto S2 or Minolta 7S. Most likely with Ilford FP4+ or Eastman 5222.
  4. If the weather is nice, I may take out my Kodak Reflex II TLR camera. Though I have a few shots left on a roll of Elite Chrome in the Reflex III SLR.
  5. Currently under haze and fog from the BC wildfires, but hope to take out the Pentacon 6 with PanF+ & tripod.
  6. I've got a Yashica D loaded with Illford HP5 that I need to take out.
    Used it for the first time today.

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  7. Marcel the Yashica D is a wonderful entry into medium format as well as a refreshingly simple break from carrying around a large 2 1/4" SLR system. I bought a used one that had been refurbished after a nearby college switched to 35mm for photography courses. A nearby repair shop bought the lot, cleaned and adjusted them and sold them for 60 USD each. That was in the mid 1980's. Still have it and use it. Looking forward to seeing your results.
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  8. I need to clean out some film still loaded in an SQ-A and some more in an RB67. The former is Provia and the latter is Portra 400.

    I've also picked up two more Fs to play with this week-the Photomic T I showed in another thread, and a plain prism. The "feeler" on the Photomic needs to be cleaned and lubed-something that I've had to do to all of my non-FTN F finders. I also need to see if I can get the slow speeds going without actually digging into the mechanism.
  9. Gonna try to finish off that roll of TMax 100 in the Rollei 35s

    I just rolled up a roll from bulk Kentmere 100 for the Fed2 that I painted the holes in the curtain, so I am going to give it a try and I will probably try the Pyrocat HD on the Kentmere
  10. In addition to the fixed lens rangefinder I'm also taking a modern film camera out as well: Maxxum 8000i with Maxxum 35-70 f4. This little zoom is barely larger than a 50mm and even has an aspherical element as part of its make up.
  11. This morning I used my newest FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 1.4/50. with a B+W 040 orange filter. One shot at sunny 16 and one a stop less of the same scene.
  12. Looking forward to use Zeiss Icarex TM + Meyer Optik Oreston 50mm f1.8 loaded with Arista Edu Ultra 400. This is the last of 18+ rolls I rolled from the 100' bulk roll.
  13. Looks like I have to add one more camera/lens combo to this weekend's gear: A number of years back the vocational director gave my oldest son (who is now a chemical engineer) a Chinon CP6 with databack and Chinon 28-70 f2.8-4.2 lens. The camera is missing its battery grip so can't test it, but I told my son I'd test the lens for him on one of my K mount cameras. The Ricoh is empty so it gets the honor. The lens appears to be well-made. We'll see how well it performs.
  14. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Looks like thunderstorms in the forecast right now, but hope to shoot a test roll of Fujicolor 100 in a FED 4.

    FED 4.jpg
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  15. That FED 4 looks nice. I look forward to seeing some images. Went out late yesterday afternoon take take some shots with the Chinon 28-70 f 2.8-4.2. Nice bright view (the Ricoh KR5 Super II needs that), easy focusing, and smooth zoom. Will finish the roll this morning with the 50mm Rikenon as a control.
  16. Done. Now back to my trusted Minolta Autocord.
  17. Negatives look promising from the Chinon 28-70. Will scan after they dry. We have rain forecast for several days so photo ops might be limited. However, I do have my rain proof Yashica T3.
  18. I'm putting a film through a Minox 35EL. While the results from this tiny camera are quite astonishing, I'm not really "at home" with it, yet. Having rather large hands makes the Minox difficult to use, and I find I use my fingernails to make adjustments to the aperture, and occasionally get a finger in front of the lens. The focus ring moves very freely at the front of the lens and it's easy to shift it accidentally when one is juggling the camera. Still, I'm looking forward to the results...
  19. Yes, the 35EL was the first of their line and for me, the best (I still use it occasionnally). When they sold out their last model, the GT-S, I decided to have one, but was very disappointed : out of the box, the aperture setting did not work ; I repaired this, but having developped the first film, I noticed that the view spacing was very irregular and I could not do anything about it. So I decided that I would not use it again (moreover, I disliked that the ISO setting was only possible through DX code).
  20. Posted a couple from the Chinon zoom over in the weekly thread, but still have a roll of Eastman 5222 to finish up in the 8000i. Starting a roll of Rolleipan 25 in one of my Pentaxes. I plan to use Rodinal and stand developing with the 25. First time to try so not sure what will "develop".

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