What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. q.g._de_bakker said:
    Yes, over the years I've been very picky about buying cameras, and while I have plenty that are not as pretty as this, the average specimen is tidy and unmarked.
  2. Outstanding example of SRT 303. Among my collection of SRTs I have a 303 but it doesn't have the mirror lock up. While I have a few cameras that look new, most of what I have varies from light wear to well-used. The only way I think I could compete, Rick, would be if I had a Tardis from Dr. Who,or Irwin Allen's Time Tunnel so I could go back in time and find these cameras new.
  3. upload_2021-2-21_9-51-45.jpeg
    Still have a couple of reloads left from a bulk roll of Kentmere 100. The AF in this camera no longer functions so I often use it with an A Series SMC 50mm f 2. Still have AF confirmation and all exposure modes. I recently used it with a Sigma 28-80 f 3.5-5.6 HF to test the first load from my bulk roll of Ilford Pan F+. While I had to focus the Sigma manually it was still easy to operate.
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  4. Yashica Minister 700 was out with me yesterday. Potra 400 inside.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Do you remember when we used motors on our film cameras?
    I ought to, as I photographed for a yearbook back in the early 80's with a borrowed setup similar to the one pictured above.
    Back then, I didn't take any notice, but when I started spinning this MD-12 on my FE2 today, I was shocked by the infernal noise!
    I even woke up my wife, which is never a good thing to do - especially not with a piece of photographic equipment.
    The motor came in a box of old Nikon accessories and will not see much use, but it will fun to bring back memories this weekend.
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  6. I'm trying to decide which of these two little gems I'll run a film through. I know I've used the EL a couple of times, but I can find no record of ever having used the GT. So, I think it will have to be the GT...

    Minox copy.jpg
  7. Still a bit early for weekend plans, but I've got a roll of Double-X in this Aires IIIc for a test run

    Three loose elements in the viewfinder needed re-gluing.
    The screws that held down the aperture ring were broken and needed replacing.
    A pin at the back of the shutter was broken and needed drilling out and replacing.
    The shutter itself was sticky and needed a good soak in the ultrasonic cleaner.
    Once reassembled the rangefinder needed recalibrating.
  8. Since I enjoyed my time spent with the Minox 35GT, this weekend I thought I'd re-visit another fine miniature camera, the Agfa Optima Sensor 1035. Many photographers, especially those from the US, have never come across this delightful range of Optima Sensors, but I'm lucky enough to have several of these very innovative little cameras.

    Agfa Optima 1035.jpg
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  9. With my 2nd Covid jab a few days away, I must start sealing up the "camera collection" and plan for the flight back to Wa. state. So this pair 2k18-DSCF3047 ces13 zx rr-horz.jpg will see action. Aloha, Bill
  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I'm going to try to get out and shoot with a couple of Nikon FE2's I haven't used in over 2 years.

    Woo Hoo! I get my first vaccine shot today!
  11. I’ll take the Fujica GL690 today. In the past week I noticed that at least two other PN members owns the same model and I got inspired.
    The format is 6*9cm as the model number indicates; 8 frames on a roll.
  12. This weekend - a camera that seldom gets an outing and a film I almost never shoot (but have a bunch in the freezer). Both very nice and capable of excellent results, though neither has ever particularly turned my crank. With regard to the film it probably doesn't help that I don't develop C-41 myself and the only remaining local lab does a completely crap job now so I have to send the film away. If the combo ends up feeling less than inspiring the Rolleiflex is next in line.
  13. Got a roll of Fomapan 100 Classic in this Butcher-Houghton "All-Distance" Ensign box camera.
    Not sure if the weather will permit me to go out and shoot it though. Spring Storm and all that.

    I'll be spending some time servicing a Zeiss Super Ikonta II for someone, and I'm hoping the parts I ordered for a Leica Standard rebuild will arrive soon.
  14. All my various cameras save this pair are now sealed up for my "Mainland Hibernation ". Postman has just delivered new batches of Copex in both 120 and 35mm format, so. . . . Aloha, Bithe 2k18-DSCF3053 ces23 zx r-horz.jpg
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  15. upload_2021-3-13_7-55-8.jpeg
    Loading this one up with Pan F+. The MD Rokkor-x 45mm f 2, Sigma 24mm f 2.8, and Sigma 90mm f 2.8 Macro make great travelin' companions for the XE.
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  16. The old 1937 Rolleiflex Automat is loaded with a roll of HP5+, but it is gray, rainy and windy outside today, so I probably will not go out until tomorrow. The lens is uncoated and the results improves when the light supports with some contrast.
  17. I'm still working away at the roll of Superia 200 in the OM-2n, but with a bit less enthusiasm due to the two labs I've used recently running out of C-41 chemistry and not being able to get more "due to the pandemic". I already have four exposed 120 rolls in the freezer... so Delta 100 it shall be as I am on a kick with the stuff recently.

    So, back to the Canon F-1n with "Lens Converter E" and some of my Exakta mount lenses. I tried this a few weeks ago, but the converter needed some internal shimming to successfully mount the lenses I have. It wasn't worn, just a bit too thin as designed and with a couple of them the lock pins could skip right over the latch and the fit was sloppy. It ended up an aborted effort, but we're back on track. I took the lenses and converter to my tech who worked out an appropriate shim thickness that works for all of them.

    Using the F-1n relative to the Exakta bodies I own has some distinct advantages. For starters the focus image is brighter and I have excellent focus aids available. Then there is a nice, accurate (admittedly stop-down) metering. The basic reliability of the camera doesn't hurt, nor general ease of use. The Exakta's are a lot of fun, but the Canon is a lot ncier for actually making images.

    The main choice will be the 58 f2 Biotar just because it is lovely.
    _DSC1899.jpg Next will be this tiny 50 f3.5 Tessar. It is brass-mounted, has coated glass and probably the highest mass density of any lens I own. I've never managed to make an image with it and I'm really curious how it does as I've always been a bit of a Tessar fan. The little guy looks rather amusing attached to one of the larger 35mm SLR bodies out there.
    _DSC1901.jpg Last of the bunch is an interesting old creature, the Meyer 35 f4.5 Primagon, also coated. Yes, that is f4.5... I shot with the lens quite a bit many years ago and the results were really lovely so I'm looking forward to using it again. While massively slow for a 35, it fortunately makes a very nice image wide open and the "bokeh" at f4.5 is really pretty sweet. It has the highest disparity in size between the front and rear elements of any lens I've ever owned with a front element bigger than the Biotar's and a rear one that is a virtual "gunner's slit".
    _DSC1905.jpg _DSC1906.jpg
    So, after double checking metering with a grey card against my incident meter I'll be off into the wider world to see if I can find something interesting to shoot.
  18. Minister 700 again. Pentax ME Super just got back from a service so she'll be out and about by next weekend.

    View attachment 1379848


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  19. The homemade 4x5 camera that I just put the finishing touches on. Yeah not a classic per say except for the lens and the film holders.
  20. Another old favourite this weekend, with a lens borrowed from the Contax RTS.

    Yashicaa FR I.jpg

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