What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. OK, I found the Certo Dolly which uses 127 film, the bellows look good, and film is loaded.

    It seems that they originally came with a mask so you could get 16 shots on a roll,
    but it didn't come with that. Also, one of the red windows is taped over.

    So, with a roll of VP127, I hope to try it this weekend.
    Well, there is forecast for snow on Friday and maybe Saturday,
    but hopefully I can find something.

    Otherwise, the film from the Beseler Auto 100 and the Fed 2 came out.
    Some from the Auto 100 seem overexposed, so either I go the exposure wrong, or the
    shutter is slow. Maybe both. It was cloudy, but I might have over compensated.

    Are we supposed to post both pictures of cameras and taken with cameras?
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  2. Bored with lock downs and never having tried a Barnack Leica, I put in a low bid on a 1955 Leica IIIf and won - much to my wife's dismay.
    I received it today.
    It is quite dry and in dire need of an overhaul, but with exercise things starts to come to life. I think I will run a roll through this weekend before sending it in for service. The film canister was in the camera "Sakura Film Konipan SS" and may reflect when the camera was last in use.
    Leica IIIF w Elmar 50/3.5
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  3. 0C37A2F3-BC8E-4003-8F74-D215D543BE67.jpeg
    Picked up this big and battered but smoothly operating Fujica GL690 with a 100mm f3.5 Fujinon (shown next to my Leica M2 for scale). Put a roll of T-Max through it — love the big 6x9 negatives!
  4. I have the same GL690, almost equally battered. Heavy but beautiful negatives - I love it and should use it more.
    It has one design quirk, you may already know, but I wish I knew earlier: While the film forwarding lever allows incremental strokes to forward the film, you MUST make at least one full stroke, or the shutter won't cock and the camera jams. If it happens you'll have to remove the lens and cock the leafshutter manually.
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  5. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Great shot! Get those gears up and running in the frosty temps.
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  7. I like the 6x9 negatives as well. Contact prints from the negatives are large enough to put in photo albums (as many people used to do). I like some of the Fuji fixed lens 690 rangefinders.
    For the next outing, though, I'm using something more portable:
    Will load with Ilford FP4+
  8. OK, so my plan to shoot a few frames with the Leica IIIF illustrated above didn’t pan out. Too erratic shutter. I’ll look for a Leica tech tomorrow.
    The trusty FE2 with an unbeatable 28/2.8 AiS got a spin instead.
  9. being that i'm stuck with another ice storm ,2nd in a week ,i unpacked my 2 bronica's and loaded the EC with HP4 and the S2A with portra 160 to shoot some snow/ice pics. the canon F1 has FUJI 400 that i am finishing up P1060718.JPG
  10. No weekend plans, but what else is new.....


    Got some Agfa APX 100 film in a Contax I, (A version 5, if you're sticking with Kuc's type definitions)
    Not using the Definex lens this time though. I've mounted one of my CZJ 50mm f/2.8 Tessar lenses on it.

    If I decide to stay in this weekend, I'll spend my time servicing an Aires IIIc.
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  11. The Leica IIIF and Elmar 50/3.5 I bought last week was accompanied by a VIOOH finder. The camera and lens went off for a CLA, but I didn't think the VIOOH was worth the cost of service.
    It has the typical haze and a terrible eye relief - the latter cannot be fixed by a CLA, of course.

    Before I attempt to clean it myself, I decided to give it a go on my finderless MDa, with a 35mm - just to be able to say I have actually used a VIOOH in case I mess it up when I try to open it.
    This is not a particularly pleasant setup but there are only a few frames of HP5 left in the camera so it won't be that much torture.

    The finder "zooms" from 35mm to 135mm or rather; it crops the view. 135mm is really a tiny little patch.
  12. Not a fan of the VIOOH myself, though forced to use one sometimes with a 28mm TUVOO attached to it when I want to use my wide angle Hektor.
    The VIDOM is less likely to be hazy, but you'll have to contend with the horizontally reversed image.
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  13. Not seen one of these big beauties before! Are they difficult to get your hands on in good working condition?
  14. image.jpeg A camera I use quite often but with compact MD 35mm f 2.8 Celtic.
  15. I'd been looking for one for quite some time and carefully combed through a number of listings from Japan on _bay. You'll also see them or the older G series on the KEH website. The one I bought was quite beat up but all the shutter speeds work and the blackout curtain (used when changing lenses mid-roll) is functional. The rubber collar was missing from the focus ring leading me to believe that the lens had been serviced. They are quiet to operate (in-lens leaf shutter), easy to focus, and surprisingly easy to handle (a wide neckstrap is recommended).
  16. Taking an old friend out, the Nikon F2S. The body came to me in the mid-80s in fairly worn but perfectly functional condition (serviced since, of course). The DP-2 finder was found in the sale counter at Nikon service a few years later for a surprisingly low price and has been on the camera ever since. I've mounted the 50 f1.4 AI which sees a lot of digital use on the D750 and D3 but hasn't seen film in ages. A nice combination that hasn't been used enough in recent years as newer "toys" have arrived. Other lenses will probably get trotted out during the course of the roll, but the 50 will make a nice starting point. Given the time of year and weather I'm thinking HP5 will do nicely.
  17. I'm just about to sell this old beauty so I'm running a short test film to confirm it's fully functional.

    Minolta SRT 303a.jpg
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  18. I'm still amazed at how immaculate your old cameras are, Rick. Without fail.
    Whoever bought this Minolta will be quite happy.
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  19. What a beauty Rick!! If I needed to start yet another camera system, I'd offer you $1,299 for it. But I don't... so I won't. :)
  20. Bettendorf said:
    Personally, I'm absolutely certain you need another camera system...
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