What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Nice looking collection you two have. I have mine that was originally my father's. Electro.JPG
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  2. The Yashica GSN posts bring back memories. When my family owned a camera shop the GSN was one of our best selling fixed lens rangefinders for several years. Sometimes the Konica Auto S2 outsold it and other times the GSN was the best seller. Several people in town still have their GSNs, although I don't know if the cameras still work. The GSN, like the Auto S2, introduced quite a few photographers to 35mm photography. Some of them eventually moved up to SLR photography.
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  3. I us a Konica. T3 mechanic 35mm camera
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  4. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I'm really going to try to get out with an F3HP loaded with Velvia 100 film. Hope the weather's nice...
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  5. Doing one of those "Pass the camera" thingies from a Dutch photography forum.
    Now I've got to fill up a roll of Rollei RPX100 with an Olympus Trip 35.
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  6. Mike, shouldn't that be "moved down"?
  7. image.jpeg For the next few days-
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  8. Charles_Stobbs|3 said
    Not an issue for me- it was always "why not both"
    I still have and use my first 35mm fixed lens rangefinder- a Konica Auto S2 purchased new in 1974 from the family camera store. The oldest SLR that I purchased new was a Minolta XD-5. Over the years I added other new gear and plenty of used gear. The 28mm lens in the above photo was a Christmas gift from my parents in 1978.
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  9. Recently purchased Baby Rollei 4x4. My 127 film came in so already a few backyard test shots.
  10. Finished film in XE-5 so this camera is next for an outing.
    Except I may use the 35-70 f 3.5 MD instead
    Also ready to use, an Olympus IS30 (haven't used in a while). Both loaded with Kentmere 100
  11. The Electro ages well and it's quite sturdy, at least the chassis. I rarely found bad specimens of this camera.
    Yours has served your father, it's even more special. A lot more
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  12. I will be using a Nikon FG and a Nikon FG. I have a black body FG that I bought a few weeks ago and a chrome one I bought yesterday. I will keep one and sell the other, but I wanted to use them at least once before selling one of them. I bought the chrome one yesterday at a flea market along with a Minolta X-700 for $20. The X-700 has a shutter problem, but it had a 50mm f1.4 MD lens on it, so I'm not too disappointed. I will use the lens on my good X-700.
  13. It was freezing cold this weekend but Sunday afternoon was light and bright so I had a chance to expose the last few frames of the HP5+ in my F2 w 20/3.5.
  14. @mjferron- what kind of film are you shooting in the baby Rollei?
    I have a Yashica 44A and have used Efke R100 and cut down APX 100. I have a roll of Ilford HP5+ (respooled by third party) that I need to process.
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  15. Arista EDU 100 127. About 15 per roll at Freestyle. Tomorrow I will attempt to create a jig that lets me trim existing 120 stock and respool it.
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  16. Didn't know Aristu/Fomapan made 127 format film? Is this cut film respooled by Freestyle? I've got some Rerapan in the fridge myself...haven't had a chance to use it yet.

    I've shot bulk-roll 35mm spooled into 127 backing paper in my Yashica 44...without a jig. This works okay, but you'll really want a jig to roll the film in straight to prevent film flatness issues ;)

    Meanwhile, I still need to finish that roll in the Trip35. But yet again, no real inspiration to go out and shoot. The Lock-Down isn't helping.
    I also need to feed a roll through a Dallmeyer Reflex that I've rebuilt over the last 6 weeks.


    I don't actually have quarter plates or the 3x4 film for it. But I have a RADA roll film adapter that fits. If I get round to it I'll shoot some Fomapan 100 or 200 with it.

    And then there's the 13x18cm H.Martin Travel Camera that I've been aching to test. I finally adapted the restored roller blind shutter to accept a cable release (by tapping a screw thread into a brass part) . The plate holders have been restored as well. I have a pack of (expired) ORWO microscope plates to feed it....No idea what their sensitivity is and how to develop them though.

    Choices, choices, choices......
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  17. I plan on getting my Nikkormat FTn out and trying to finish up a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus film.
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  18. I have a Beseler Topcon Auto 100 for this weekend.

    Some years ago I had one, and the shutter locked up on the first roll.
    I hope it doesn't on this one.

    About 50 years ago, I inherited much of my grandfather's photographic
    equipment, especially darkroom equipment but also some cameras and such.

    But I did not inherit his almost new Auto 100.

    Personally, I think I still like focal plane shutters, but for those who don't
    know, the Auto 100 is a leaf shutter SLR. Also, as well as I know, the first
    with autoexposure. (If I put batteries in it.)

    Also, an only 10 year old roll of Tri-X. (That is relatively new for me.)
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  19. I used to own a Konica Auto S2, I miss it. Superb parallax compensated range/viewfinder. Lens was superb, and sharp even wide open. Cerebral Palsied me was at McMinn County Airport, taking pictures during the Swift Fly-In years ago, and I got tapped on, startle reflex happened (an acquaintance), I took a hard fall and badly damaged the Konica Auto S2 when I fell on it. Said gentleman was very nice, and actually gave me enough money to replace it. Wound up with a Canonet GIII 1.7 QL and enough money for a few rolls of film and processing. I was bruised up for a few days.

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