What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. 4D4B1DD7-14C7-4520-B9C1-8865685368CC.jpeg
    I’ll be continuing to try out my new-to-me 40mm f2.0 M-Rokkor on my old Leica M2.
  2. I'm trying to exercise a collection of Canon SLR's that don't get as much use as they should, and this weekend I have this Canon A-1 loaded up and set to go, if we get a little sun. The old chrome-nosed Canon 50mm f/1.4 is a particularly nice lens.

    Canon A-1.jpg

  3. That's Great!1 I will be using mine soon.. I knew where it was ..but just retrieved it. The high sppeds don't work, but otherwise is Ok!
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  4. This one had the battery so it's loaded with Kentmere 100.
  5. Fed 2 seemed to work fine, and I finished a 24 exposure roll.
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  6. My Contax IIa shooting just expanded a little in terms of possibilities. I shot a roll of HP5 last week, but when I stopped to visit my tech last week he offered to lend me a Helios 103 53mm f1.8 (1981) that came with a non-functional Kiev 2 that he has. Of course I borrowed it only to be told he doesn't want it back so it looks like I have a Helios as well as the Zeiss Opton 50 f2 Sonnar. If we ever see a hint of brighter skies this week I'll load up some PanF and shoot half a roll with each lens. In the end I'll have a Sonnar and Planar type "normal" for both the Canon and Contax rangefinders. I'm getting antsy to see how they compare.
  7. Loaded up "Lufty" again just before the end of 2020. Hoping for some snow in the next few days,
    Not much inspiration beyond that.

    Leica IIIc-Sync. Originally delivered in 1940, upgraded with flash-synchronisation in the 1950s
    Rebuilt with new red curtains like it originally would have had and painted in RLM grey by CameraWorks UK a few years ago.
    With a 5cm f/1.5 Xenon and loaded with Kodak 5222 Double-X.
  8. Sweet!
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  9. I have a 4x4 baby Rollei purchased from my local dealer arriving tomorrow. Ex condition with a recent CLA. 127 film is expensive and I’ll have to see if I can fabricate a film holder for the ole V700. Photos maybe tomorrow.
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  10. It does seem that old VP127 is more than some other old films.

    I forget now if there is any factory new film, not counting hand rolled film.

    It does seem that there is someone selling hand rolled Velvia 50,
    cut from rolls of 120 film, for about $49 including processing and scanning
    (and returning negatives?).
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  11. Freestyle has several 127 B&W films available. About $15 a roll though.
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  12. It seems I got my rolls of VP127 for about $6 each.
    Also $12 for a stainless steel 127 reel.

    I usually have good results with old VP, so I expect those to work.
    (Last time I tried one, the camera had a bellows light leak, so not the films fault.)

    I also have a roll of TX127, and even CX127 and EX127, that I might not use.

    Otherwise, I don't think it is all that hard to spool your own.
    I believe that there is Portra 160 in 46mm 100foot rolls.

    I have cut film down in a paper cutter in the dark, too.
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  13. I was thinking a jig that fits 120 film with side rails then a spacer that creates the proper distance for 127. Razor blade from there. Hmm
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  14. I will have to try the paper cutter again.
    I did it before with electrical tape at the right spacing from the blade, and then put the film against the edge of the tape.
    Not all that hard to do in the dark, especially as 127 isn't all that long.
    But than again, I have a lot of expired 120 film, too. Maybe less expired.

    One that I never did in the days of 127 film production, was 127 super slides.
    The projector my father bought about 50 years ago came with a sample 127 slide.
    The only one I ever saw.
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  15. Twice an Electro 35GSN!

    My daughter and I share the same camera and we often engage in "same-same-same" photo safaris (same camera, same film, same places).

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  16. Did you buy them independently?

    My wife and I both had a Nikon FM before we met.

    Conveniently mine is black and hers chrome, so it was easy to tell them apart.
    (My dad had a black Canon when I was young, so I got used to cameras being black.)

    Mostly I had slide film in mine, and negative film in hers, so not the same-same-same as you say.
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  17. Yes I bought them in two very different periods of my life: the first one is a love at first sight on a street market the second one is the spare camera I bought for me when my daughter told me she would have loved to learn shooting film (see me melting...).
    Cleaned, re-sealed and in complete full order, never failed at me.
    I can tell which one is mine because I stick a film label on its back to remember what I am shooting, otherwise they are identical and quite near as for their serial numbers.

    I like the fact young people interpret photography in a very natural way, yet they remain astonished when one shows them the classics (from real photographers).

    But definitively, sharing the same moments it's all what it's worth, I guess you understand me.
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  18. A duo that has been moldering in the closet for too long. . .The Fed-3 / N-61 and the Isolette 2. Both with EDU 200. Aloha, Bill 2k18-DSCF3040 ces13 zx rr-horz.jpg
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  19. I've just shot some FP4 Plus with this Pentacon Praktica BC1, and I'll try to post some sample images tomorrow.

    Pentacon Praktica BC1.jpg
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  20. My Elmar-M 50/2.8 usually only come out in the summer. A slow lens is not ideal for gloomy short Scandinavian winter days, but today was bright and sunny.
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