What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. It's fitting to end the year with one of the finest SLR cameras I've used, the Minolta A-7, (aka Maxxum 7, Dynax 7). I sometimes think it's where Nikon should have gone after the F4... It's a superb creation, and I was so impressed I bought a back-up copy as a personal Christmas present.

    Minolta Dynax 7 copy.jpg
  3. The camera Gods have smiled upon me most graciously in the last months, first a professional Mamiya 645 Super dropped in my lap, and now a local widow is downsizing her life and gave me her beautiful Nikkormat FT3 with Nikkor F2, in excellent nik, with original invoice and handbook as you can imagine a fastidious lady might be. The focus is beautifully smooth, the light meter works. I will be using it this weekend, weather permitting. I feel very lucky to have such a pristine "Nikon" and I see now what everybody's been raving about all these years. .. I have toyed with the idea of an F2 before.... my fingers are already getting itchy!!



  4. chuck_foreman|1 said:
    Thanks Chuck, and I'll look forward to seeing what you can do with your new toys in 2021. And a Merry Christmas to you!
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  5. Used the old worn FE2 with 50mm 2.0 again this weekend.
    I loaded it with Fujicolor C200 which I regretted almost instantly. There isn’t much color around in Scandinavia this time of year, unless you fancy taking photos of Christmas decorations.

    I’ve had success in the past developing C41 film in BW chemicals, maybe I’ll try that again.
  6. If the rain squalls let up shortly, I might make a brake for the Sunday Market with the Fed-3 / N-61. Last roll of UFX 400 is loaded. Aloha, Bill 2k20-057-DSCF6640 ces23 bc bm.JPG
  7. In an odd sort of way Christmas came early for me. My Contax IIa disappeared several years ago, much to my consternation. Of my rangefinder cameras it is the one I've owned the longest (since the mid-80s) and it is still probably my favourite. Today it appeared like magic in a box containing my Christmas decorations that my wife isn't fond of. How it got there I cannot imagine and my wife has no recollection of putting it in the box, but at least it is back and, apart from needing a good cleaning appears to be working just fine. Needless to say it will have a roll of film in it tomorrow!
  8. Fiddlefye said:
    That's one of the nicest Christmas stories I've heard! You'd have to wonder about the elves...Enjoy your Christmas, and show us some results in the New Year.
  9. I shall. Not being able to find it has become increasingly distressing as time passed. The timing of finding it was kinda perfect.

    Speaking of elves... at the beginning of winter weather season I searched all through my car and the house for my snow brush. No sign of it, so I bought a new one. Overnight last week the old one just appeared in the open in the back of the car like it had been there all along. Still scratching my head over that one.
  10. So now I can finally do a comparison between the 50 f2 Zeiss Opton Sonnar and the Jupiter 8 Russian copy I tend to use on the Canon IVs which I did not yet own when the Contax went missing. It should be interesting!
  11. With this one, I now have acquired the 3 dream Nikon cameras of my youth.
    My interest in photography was triggered around 1977 where the F2 was king, and many F's were still in use by the pros.
    Both were way out of reach, nor did they fall enough in price for me to afford one of them when the F3 was introduced in 1980.
    This black Nikon F FTn Photomic is in nice functional condition, and I'll enjoy it over the holidays.
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  12. A fortnight ago I very nearly binned this Retina IIc. It arrived in a gummy, sticky, filthy condition, as if it had been played with by kids with treacle on their fingers. The rangefinder didn't move, the focusing was very stiff, the shutter blades were stuck and the shutter release linkages had been forced down into an immovable position, probably by the use of an over-long cable release, or somesuch. However, the IIc is one of my favourite Retinas and the lens was relatively clean, and the case, despite the filth, was in really good shape, so I spent most of a wet afternoon disassembling and washing, cleaning and polishing, sticking the peeling leatherette back down, retrieving the shutter release button and adding a drop of machine oil here and there, until it was once again functioning as it should. It even looks pretty presentable, and I'm about to offer it for sale as I really don't need another Retina IIc. Not exactly a profitable use of time and effort, but high on satisfaction.

    Kodak Retina IIcc.jpg
  13. If I can get out this weekend, this is what I'd like to shoot to celebrate the New Year
    Belplasca Stereo 1pa.jpg
    Belplascca Stereo-Kamera

    (Cross-eyed stereo--Taken with my Asahi Stereo Adapter on my Canon 20D)
  14. Starting off the week with a fixed lens rangefinder: either Konica Auto S 1.6 or Minolta HiMatic 7S- depending upon which camera has a battery. Probably Kentmere 100.
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  16. I was going to have a folding 127 camera for the week. (That is, long weekend from 26 to 2.)

    I didn't find it fast enough, so got a Fed 2 that I hadn't tried yet.
    I had thought that they opened like a Leica, but finally figured out how to get it open.
    The spring on the take-up spool wasn't strong enough, so I had to use tape.

    The shutter sounds about right, and it was cloudy so a little extra exposure wouldn't be so bad.

    It has (only) 9 year old Tri-X in it, that I think I bought new.

    If there are enough more days without so much rain, I should finish the roll before the weekend
    (and year) is up. Maybe a picture of it later.
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  17. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Currently in the process of servicing a Soligor Miranda 5cm f/1.9 PAD lens (left). Diaphragm is oily and a pivot pin on one of the blades is missing, so will have to improvise. The Miranda DR camera that was attached to the lens is in nice cosmetic condition, but shutter is jammed. If I can muster up some ambition I might take a look under the hood.

    Also re-lubing a Pentacon 30/3.5 with dry focusing (right).

  18. Tomorrow, Jan 1, I will walk off my hangovers with a black and somewhat worn Nikon F2 which I purchased this past week. It came with a later Nikkor 50/1.8 Ai which I will try out as well.
    I don't know if I am just lucky, but the CdS meters of the 4 1970's Nikon cameras purchased this year, have all been i very close agreement with my lightmeter, which is a nice convenience.
  19. For the first Farmers Markets of 2021, I have swapped the N-61 for a Jupiter-8 on my Fed-3. . . the N-61 is excellent (CLA'd with the camera). . .I am just curious. Aloha, Bill 2021-01-01 009 rff.JPG
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  20. If the weather is good, I will finish a roll of Portra 400 in my Minolta Hi-Matic 9 that I had repaired before Christmas.
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