What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. With both cameras loaded with Arista.EDU 400 material, I hope to "finish" my round of testing this line of film. Several rolls of Catlab 80 were ordered today, so that series also looks to end shortly. Aloha, Bill 2k18-DSCF3047 ces13 zx rr-horz.jpg

  2. The one on the right is the 2x3 Graflex Jr? The one on the left is the RB? 4x5?
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  3. Rick- I believe the Maxxum 35-70 f 4 had an aspherical element as part of its design. I've found mine to be a good performer even at wide apertures. Unfortunately years later when Minolta started using less expensive designs, the later 35-70 f 3.5-4.5 didn't perform as well.
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  4. Rick's RoBoT Tessar inspired me to dig out my Contaflex IV for this weekend.
    It is an awkward user experience; not returning mirror, uncoupled meter, back/button plate removal for film loading, but it is fun to use never-the-less. And the lens produces lovely results.
    I am back to HP5+ film and I will rely on the Selenium meter as it was accurate last time I used it.
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  5. They're both 2x3.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Retina Ii with FP4+. First serious camera I ever used back in 1962,
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  7. Sorry for being late.this weekend past I loaded some kentmere 100 in my Canon A1 with vibitar 28mm 2.8.this film with kentmere 400,Ilford hp5 and fp4 will be developed in cinestill df96 mono bath to see what they look like. 20201006_114041.jpg
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  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Nothing for me... we have another hurricane that's aiming our way, so that means rain...
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  9. I wish you well getting through the upcoming storm.
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  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Thanks, James.

    Fortunately, it looks like we'll only get wind gusts up to 40 mph as things stand now.
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  11. Pentax LX just finished a roll of Ektar 100 and is now loaded with PanF that I'm going to try shooting at ISO 25 (with appropriate changes to development) to see how that works in terms of dealing with contrast. I've also a roll of HP5 in the Canon 7 currently on the trot. Not perhaps a classic manual camera, but a classic in its own right, the Nikon D3 and 24-70 f2.8 will no doubt get a little love as well.
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  12. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Hope to take out this Miranda Auto Sensorex EE, which I picked up this summer at an antique mall in exchange for some non-photographic items. I don't typically look in antique stores or pawn shops for cameras, as prices can be on the high side, but interesting pieces do turn up on occasion, and the owners are sometimes willing to take offers or do trades.

    This camera was in great cosmetic shape but I had to fix a few issues such as a loose shutter speed dial, jumpy meter, and stuck self-timer, as well as the usual door seals and mirror foam.

    Miranda EE.jpg
  13. Another old favourite currently in use, the Pentax Super A . Somewhat surprisingly, the 35-70mm SMC Pentax-A f/4 lens is one of the better short zooms in my collection.

    Pentax Superaa.jpg
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  14. US Mail delivered my order of EDU films, so I have loaded a 136-36 roll of 100asa into the Fed-2 and will be off to the Farmers Market tomorrow. Aloha, Bill 2k18-CH12-14-DSCF3032 ces13 zx.JPG
  15. My first Nikon lens was the 35mm F2.8 AiS purchased in the early 80's.
    Years later I bought the two previous versions; Nikkor-S Auto 35/2.8 and the <New>Nikkor 35/2.8 just to explore the differences, (and because they were cheap).
    Therefore, when I noticed this Nikkor 35mm F2.0 Non-Ai in the window of a local camera store, it took a bit of inner dialogue to convince myself that I needed a fourth 35mm Nikkor.
    Outer barrel was a bit worn and the price reflected that, as did the fact that it was not Ai'd. Glass was pristine though, and when I came home I found a source of a NOS Nikon Ai conversion kit for this lens.
    This weekend I will exercise it with a roll of Ilford XP2. I don't bother with C41 but develop XP2 in regular BW chemicals (HC110) and they come out nice.
    Until I get the AI ring mounted, I will use the lens on my Nikkormat EL.
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  16. Photographing a wedding & reception with my wife later today. 8-hour event. We are using Canon 5D dSLR cameras, plus I'll have my Widelux FV & 8 rolls of film in bag along with dSLR.

  17. For this weekend my SRT 101 fitted with MD Celtic 28mm f 2.8. This lens was a Christmas gift from my parents to me in 1978. Still works like new.
    Loaded with Kentmere 100.
  18. This is my family's SRT-101, it has been used by three generations of my family. Purchased by my father in 1968, my sister used it in high school as a yearbook photographer and by my nephew and niece for a photography class. I just got it back last year and will be sending it to John Tillerington for a CLA. Attached to the body is a semi-rare 100mm f3.5 Rokkor.
    Attached Thumbnails

    Minolta SRT.JPG
  19. I have the same lens.
    A good performer and very compact. I also have the Auto-Rokkor version that I use with my SR-3. Of course the Auto-Rokkor is usable in stop down metering mode on SRT and later. I'd love to find the 100mm f 2 at some point.
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  20. When I bought my first SLR (Minolta SRT 201 in spring of 1978) I never thought I'd need a wide angle lens. I thought the 50 mm and the 85-210 Tamron zoom would meet all my needs. A camping trip to Vicksburg with one of my friends changed my mind. I quickly found I couldn't back up enough to include all the buildings downtown that I wanted. So upon my return I borrowed 28 and 35 lenses from the family camera shop and decided the 28 was what I wanted. My dad noticed I borrowed the 28 the most so that was my Christmas gift that year.
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