What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. A really nice Nikon.
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  2. "I’ll be using my circa 1965 Nikon F (with much newer plain prism and 50mm f2.0 Ai Nikkor)."

    Love the Nikon! A little while ago I shot candids at a wedding, my F was older than the official photographer.
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  3. With another week before I return to the classroom I've got some more filter experimentation to try. I'm making some test photos with a 47B filter (dark blue). I know it completely blocks red (my red laser pointer won't even pass through it). A few characteristics I hope to observe: blue filters increase the effects of haze. All colors with wavelengths longer than blue will either be completely or partially blocked. The effect when used with panchromatic film should be even more extreme than unfiltered orthochromatic film. Hopefully results later in the week.
  4. Here is another one of mine, a 67 Nikon F with 55mm Micro and a gold Sekonic meter. Nikon F.JPG
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  5. Another very nice Nikon.
  6. 69' Nikon F with Photomic TN Finder and 43-86mm lens.

    Black Nikon F.JPG
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  7. 65' Nikon F, Photomic T finder and 135mm f3.5 Nikkor lens.

    Nikon Photomic T.JPG
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  8. retina llc DSCN2885.jpg
  9. 69' Nikon F with Photomic meter and a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor.

    Nikon Photomic.JPG
  10. 74' Nikon F "Apollo" model with 35mm f2 Nikkor lens. As you can guess I have a lot of Nikon F's. Nikon F Apollo.JPG
  11. Ektacolor Type S- my dad used to use that to photograph weddings with a Mamiya Super Press 23. By the time I started photographing weddings the pro film was Vericolor.

    Trying to get in as much photography as I can before I return to the classroom. Kentmere 100 in my Minolta XE and Panatomic-X (from early 80's) in my Minolta SRT 101. Later today I'll have a 100' roll of Ilford Pan F+ to feed one of my bulk loaders.
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  12. Not trying to reminisce too much on this thread but I actually did shoot a roll of Ektacolor Type S in 35mm: my sophomore year in high school I built a solar furnace as a science fair project. I borrowed my dad's Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL with its 50mm f 1.4 lens to document its construction and its use. My dad had it rush processed just in time for him to deliver photos to me just as I was setting up my project display.
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  13. When I worked at a portrait studio in 1975 Ektacolor S was the go to film. Our color lab was selling 120 Ektacolor S for $.95 a roll.
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  14. An old workhorse with a newly-cleaned lens. I have a new roll of Ilford Delta 400 to test and the metering in the RTS is about as reliable as it gets.

    Contax RTS C.jpg
  15. That is great to see. The RTS was a great camera. I had a 1 and a 2 but neither of them have survived to today, broken down and useless due to electronics issues. My Aria and RTSIII is still going, but the RTSIII required a part about 5 years ago that required over a year and the only reason I got it done was that my repair person used to be a Contax/Yashica employee and knew someone in Japan who might have the part.

    It's tragic that these Kyocera/Yashica cameras (the SLRs and the Gs and even the Ts) are just so delicate these days.
  16. Contax offered an infrared remote for the RTS. At the family camera shop we never stocked the RTS, but the lesser expensive 137 and 139 (which had covering issues). The wireless remote wouldn't fit those two without an adapter. However it did fit and worked fine with the Yashica FR. I remember attaching the wireless receiver to the FR and and a bright lightning flash would trip the shutter.
  17. IMG_20200801_192003_1.jpg
    Shot a roll with the Pilot-Super with a 10.5cm f/4.5 Anastigmat (right)
    The lens needed cleaning and the focus was clearly messed around with.
  18. Thanks! It works very well — the film advance is “as smooth as butter.”
  19. Love all the Nikon Fs and the gold Sekonic meter.
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  20. 67' Nikon F, waist level finder with 50mm f2 Nikkor. Nikon F WL.JPG

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