What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Another nice copy of the very pretty Balda Baldessa 1a came my way, and I'll try to run a test film this weekend. The 45mm Isco-Gottingen Color-Westanar f/2.8 is a sharp and contrasty Tessar design.

  2. Lumpy, like everything in Rodinal in my experience!

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  3. Just curious, since I have a bulk roll of Kentmere 100 to experiment with. I think I'll just stick to HC110 dilution H for now. My best results with Rodinal, btw, were with the original Agfa APX 100, TMAX 100, and Plus-X. Tri-X, even though the grain was sharp, was too grainy for my tastes.
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  4. Stuart- actually that image looks good. The tones show up well on my computer.
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  5. This weekend will be working with another of my "amazing" duos. . .the Industar-26 on a Fed-2. Just a bit less sharp than a Jupiter-8, but with a little more contrast. Aloha, Bill DSCF0862 ces13 rff gsbc.JPG
  6. Yep, same here. The Couple with the dogs being darker and more defined than the surrounding landscape draws my eye to them and the fading landscape they are moving into provides a nicely done context.
    Lot of Metaphor there....
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  7. image.jpeg Started this yesterday.
    Trying my first roll of Ilford SFX 200. Since its sensitivity borders the shorter infrared wavelengths I'll try a few with an R72 filter. Mostly, though I'll use red and yellow filters. Probably stick with wide angle lens from 24 to 35.
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  8. hope you will post some results on the minolta camera thread
  9. I've loaded some Ilford FP4 Plus into one of my old favourites, a Nikon FE with the MD-12 motor drive. It may be in the nature of a farewell film as I have another nice example of the FE and I'll probably sell this copy to free up funds for further acquisitions.

    Nikon FE copy.jpg
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  10. I will take out my Olympus-Pen S. The loaded roll has been sitting there for almost a year. I don't know why 72 half-frames take me so long to complete.
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  11. Continuing with the XE this weekend. I've shot just under half of the roll with deep yellow filter and a few with no filter. The remaining shots will be with R72 (tripod mounted), #25, and #29 filters.
    I also have a roll of Rolleipan 25 in my Olympus XA that I need to finish.
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  12. In a short time, I am off to the Sunday Market with this Fed-3. I will have both the N-61 & Jupiter-8 in the kit for some comparison shots. Aloha, Bill 2k20-050-DSCF0037 ces13 bc bm.JPG
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  13. [​IMG]

    I'm taking a long-weekend trip to Mons, visiting a fellow film photographer.
    Plan is to use this Welta Weltax along, as well as a Kodak Signet 40.
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  14. Started a roll of Panatomic-X in my Minolta SRT 101. Probably will use a wide angle in the 24 to 35 mm range or just go with Minolta 24-50 f 4.
  15. Back to basics with this Vito II. Aloha, Bill 2k18-DSCF3050 ces23 r.JPG
  16. I'll be using my $46 Leicaflex body this weekend.


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  17. DABBEDF4-7B3F-4204-8542-61624B8A9165.jpeg
    I’ll be using my circa 1965 Nikon F (with much newer plain prism and 50mm f2.0 Ai Nikkor).
  18. beautiful!
  19. It seemed a good idea at the time to buy this 12mm lens: Great creative potential. I should have known - of course - that it is more like a one-trick pony. I do enjoy taking it out on occasions though, and think I will exercise it this weekend.
  20. Thank you!
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