What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. arthur_gottschalk said:
    A tricky question, with the answer subject to a number of criteria. From personal experience with both, plus the Kiev 60, I'll have to say that I'm not very fond of any of them. They all seem to have mechanical weaknesses and flaws, especially when it comes to film loading and frame spacing with the Pentacon Six and the similar Kiev 60, and the Kiev 88CM is notoriously variable in quality of construction. In my first month of use the plastic tab that unlocks the film back broke off, followed shortly by the light trap for the darkslide tearing away from it's mount. I'd probably choose the Kiev 60TTL as a user, as I can handle it like an overblown 35mm SLR.
  2. I confess that I'd like one to use with that 30 mm fish eye lens.
  3. Yes, that Arax 30mm lens is a very tempting proposition...If you do decide to buy a Kiev 88CM, buy from a reputable dealer rather than off an auction site. Arax and Hartblei are two that come to mind. I see Hartblei currently have a very good deal in place:

    Kiev 88CM camera kit
  4. upload_2020-6-7_22-6-14.jpeg
    The one on the lower left- Konica Auto S 1.6 with Kentmere 100
  5. Nice collection there, Mike!
  6. Loaded this last Sunday with another roll of Fomapan 100, no frames exposed yet...

    Leica II (1933), Leitz 7.3cm f/1.9 Hektor.
  7. In addition to the Konica Auto S 1.6 I'm using my Minolta XE to try a roll of Ilford Ortho Plus. Haven't decided on which lens yet.
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  8. Rick Drawbridge said
    Thanks Rick. That picture is a bit outdated. I've since sold the Konica Auto S3, although I might look for another one some time soon. The Konica Auto S2 and S1.6 both work fine, but the Auto S is stuck at f 11. I'll work on it in a week or two.
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  9. My "new" Fed-3 / N-61 has proven the lens very sharp, but in back to back test, a Jupiter-8 has come out the winner,,, so ….., I have put an orphan Jupiter-8 on the camera and will be running about for a bit with it in a kit. Aloha, Bill 2k20-050-DSCF0037 ces13 bc bm.JPG
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  10. Two Konica rangefinder cameras, an S and an SII. This weekend it's the turn of the SII with it's wonderful 48mm Konishiroku Hexanon f/2 lens, described by one contemporary reviewer as "One of five of the best lenses ever made by anyone, anywhere, anytime".

    Konicas copy.jpg
  11. Balda Baldax with Tessar 4.5/75
  12. Finally decided on lens to use on XE.
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  13. I've just finished cleaning and overhauling this old Braun Norca II, circa 1952. At least, I think it's a Norca II; there were several Norca models, and this one has a 105mm Praxanar-Bayreuth f/3.5 lens which doesn't get a mention in the information I've been able to acquire regarding this camera.. The camera has internal flaps to reduce the default 6x9cm frame down to 6x6cm, which seems more likely to be successful with a triplet lens of these specifications.

    Braun Norca II

    Braun Norca II.jpg
  14. Nice, and from a time when baseball players designed lenses!
  15. Still got half a roll in the Leica II. Switched out the 7.3cm Hektor for the 5.0cm f/2 Hektor.
    Shot some old brick work from World War 2 last Sunday, no particular plans for the upcoming weekend.

  16. stuart_pratt said:
    LOL...Yes, some of the low-end Steiner-Bayreuth lenses are said to have the refractive qualities of baseballs, but the better ones seem to perform quite well, in my experience. John Seaman posted some excellent images from a Braun Paxina with the 75mm f/2.9 Praxanar-Bayreuth, back in 2018. Quite a remarkable performance from an oversize triplet.

    Paxina at the Midsummer Festival, and a Reality check
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  17. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Hope to test a couple of Soligor EC lenses on the Miranda RE-II: a 28/2.8, and a MC 85-210/3.8 with 1:3 macro focusing. I picked up both quite cheap as they are not particularly sought after, and the 28mm had a few issues (sticking aperture, loose focusing ring and a dinged filter thread) which I was able to fix.

    Soligor sold Miranda-mount lenses for some time after Miranda went out of business. According to the Soligor Lens Compendium, these lenses were made by Sun Optical. The E/EC-type lenses have EE settings and maximum aperture pins for use on the later Miranda SLRs, though they may not stop down fully to minimum aperture if used on the earlier cameras.

    Miranda RE II + Soligor EC Lenses.jpg
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  18. During this Lock-D 2k18-DSCF3047 ces13 zx rr-horz.jpg own thing, my black cases have been gathering a bit of "dust". So this weekend, it will be Green & Red. Aloha, Bill
  19. IMG_20200622_080348_1.jpg

    Shot a few frames with this Contax I (version 4) with 5cm f/2.8 Tessar last Sunday. Probably won't finish the roll before next weekend.

    Recently cleaned the haze out of the Tessar, so I felt the camera deserved to have another roll put through it ;)
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  20. Still have to finish film up in a couple of cameras but later in week I'll post a photo of what I'll use next.

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