What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Another oldie that I may use over the weekend: my Rollei 35 (S. Xenar) that I recently repaired the linkage to the shutter release. Got a roll of Eastman 5222 loaded in it.
  2. My chrome FM2n.
  3. I haven't shot much film at all lately, but I still keep purchasing new-old film cameras. Film has become tedious and expensive to get processed in my area, which is both discouraging and a bit depressing. Plus, I've become somewhat obsessed with my 'new-to-me' Canon 5D3 of late. At any rate, I loaded film into a shiny 'new' Pentax ME Super and hope to get out and get some shots with it. Not sure when I'll get it developed, but when I do, I'll post some pics.

  4. I'm off to a 2week trip to Bavaria. traveling light w. my Contax 139 (another great "bargain" purchase from KEH), Zeiss 28 mm distagon w. T/C as principal walk around kit, Vivitar Series 1 19-35 in case I need wider. Maybe take its little brother Yashica FX-D as well (only weighs 1 lb). Porta 160 and 400.
  5. I just bought a Contax 139 Quartz. My first ever Contax. It shows moderate wear, but somebody replaced the leatherette already, which always disintegrates on these cameras. More important, everything works as it should. Unfortunately, the camera did not come with a Contax lens. Next best scenario, though, it came with a Tamron lens, so now I have a Tamron adaptall-2 mount for Contax/Yashica that I can use with my rather large collection of Tamron lenses. So it's all good. I've been having fun so far trying my 139 Q with my Tamron SP 90mm macro and SP 17mm ultra-wide. I think I'll try a couple of zooms next. This is a very nice little camera. It has the silkiest film wind action I've ever experienced and a very smooth shutter operation. Just a lot of fun to shoot with.
  6. Finished the Eastman 5222 in the Rollei 35 this morning and developed this afternoon. Had to use a silver oxide battery instead of zinc air (which gives spot on meter readings). Had to reset ISO from 250 to 100 to get readings that agreed with other meters. Apparently it worked as the negatives looked fine. Probably will save these for the next thread since I've already posted a fair number.
    Tomorrow I'm taking my Minolta XD-5 with 45mm f2 MD Rokkor. Probably with some Panatomic-X.
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  7. Just received my beloved Pentax KX back from Eric. Can't wait!
  8. Still haven't gotten round to filling up that roll of Double-X
    I did put another lens on the camera :)

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  9. Maybe this weekend I'll have more luck at the local music festival....if the weather isn't too bad.
  10. Red Fed's for me this weekend. Aloha, Bill DSCF6643-horz.jpg
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  11. Finished the Panatomic-X in the XD-5 so it's back to the Minolta SRT 101. Also running a roll through my Rollei B35. It is much lighter than the 35 and 35S, but stopped down a stop or two its Triotar 40mm f3.5 performs well. On the modern front I'm testing a roll of Kentmere 100 in my Pentax ZX-7.
  12. Hello Bill
    Will the Industar 22 fit the Fed2?

  13. Modern: Konica HG28
    Classic: Nikomat FT3
    Bonus: Fuji GS645W

    Arista Edu 400 in all three.
  14. This WE, I used my new : R1A-5.jpg
    cross-eyed viewing !
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  15. Very Nice Paul
    What camera and film is it
  16. My black FM2n.
  17. Hello everyone. Don, 2k17-071-024 ces10 bc.jpg I know it is a M-39 LTM lens but am not sure about the fit. My Fed's ( 2 & 3) & Zorki, all get the Jupiter-8 lenses on them. Anyone need an Industar N-61 ?? Aloha, Bill Fed-2, K400, OA & V600 scan.
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  18. Depending on my current mood I might use the OGA Solida Record, a dual-format-camera for 120-type-film.
    Plan is to use the 4x4-finder and the films numbering for 4x4/4.5x6-format without the mask for 4x4-images to get overlapping 6x6-frames for some nice panoramic images.
    First tests with my OGA Solida Record last year were everything but promising, but this can't stop me ;-)

    [​IMG]OGA Solida Record by Georg, auf Flickr

    [​IMG]OGA Solida Record by Georg, auf Flickr

    Shot with SL66 and Planar 80/2.8, stopped down a wee bit, as you can tell looking at the pentagon-shaped highlights.
  19. Don,
    My FED 2 is currently wearing the Industar-61.

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