What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. For the next 2 weeks will be shooting some Art Deco style buildings in and around Washington,dc. using mostly my Kodak Tourist 620 (6x9) folder. I love these cameras and have 3 of them; 2 with Cooke lens and 1 with the 4-element tessar. (The tessar is too sharp so will probably won't use that one). Have a good week...!
  2. Probably a Leica IIIc and a Speed Graphic at a WW2 re-enactment event.
  3. This weekend (17 & 18th) it's The Blues. Rec III-horz.jpg Aloha, Bill
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  4. The excellent+ black FM2n that I purchased from KEH this week. Ordered it on Monday and received it on Tuesday. If it had come in a manufacturer's box I would have believed that it was new. When you get an excellent or excellent+ camera from KEH you get a really nice camera.
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  5. Newly CLA'd Fed 5B & Astra 200.
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  6. I have an e1motional attachment to Soviet cameras But I am really starting the Retinaflex with that three lenses I have 35 yo 135 mm. Also test driving this Barnette (basically a rebranded paxette) cameras for 616.jpg
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  7. I just picked up a Nikon F FTN, so I'll be having some fun with that one.

    I'll probably spool up some TMAX-100 in the Nikon reloadable cassettes I picked up not too long ago and shoot it.

    I've just made a deal on an AI-s 18mm 3.5, and I REALLY wish I had that in my hands to play with. I guess that one will have to wait for next weekend. I'm a wide angle junky, but have never used a(full frame) lens wider than 20mm.

    I feel dirty to have been buying so much Nikon stuff lately.

    I didn't get around to using the Canoflex last weekend, so I'll give it a bit of love also. I'm anxious to see how the meter does. I need hunt down some R-mount lenses, as FLs are a bit inconvenient, breech lock FDs even more so, and nFD lenses can't be made to work at all. I'm kind of sorry that I passed on the $50 one with the included 50mm right next to the $25 I bought, but then if I go back it's probably still there.
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  8. Tony, did you have the Fed CLA'd in N. America or did you get a "new" one off the numerous Ebay vendors? Aloha, Bill
  9. Bill,
    Both. Got a new one and had it CLA'd at Victoria Camera Service. here. Mainly Focus Cam Spring.
  10. This weekend finishing up a roll of Tri-X in the Minolta SRT 101 with a much more recent lens: a Sigma 90mm f2.8 macro. It's compact, but solidly constructed (much better than the Phoenix 100mm f3.5 I posted images from recently). While the Sigma is not as heavy as the Rokkor 100mm f3.5, it is still a well-made lens.
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  11. I still have the Leica IIIf loaded with a roll of Ektar

    I have the Minolta Himatic loaded with Delta 400, the roll of HP5 did not come out, I think I forgot to set the film speed, left it on off! *#%^*&*(
    Oh well I still have a roll to try after the Delta, just hate wasting the film and the chemicals

    And, I just got my Rolleiflex back from Harry Fleenor freshly serviced and new Maxwell screen, loaded with some Delta 100 waiting to be test driven.

    Now if it would just cool down, pushing 100 and supposed to be 108 by Thursday here is San Jose, CA
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  12. Finishing up two rolls of HP5, one in my F3, the other in an FA. Then with travel will revert to the Nicca 5L to finish up some more Foma200.
  13. With another weekend drawing near, an update on the gear I'm using. Still using the SRT 101 with the 90mm Sigma, but with Eastman 5222 (ISO 250) as I finished the Tri-X in it while still using the 24mm. With rain forecasts for several days these may be indoor photos. If weather improves I also plan to run a roll of Tri--X through my Fujica GS 645S.
    New weekly thread starts tomorrow, btw.
    Cheers, everyone.
  14. The one I wanted to use I can not find due to GAS. A Ricoh 126 cartridge with a 135 mm lens. SO you tell me IMG_0314.JPG
  15. Don, check under the bed. Aloha, Bill
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  16. I found it! not quite under the bed. Forget exactly what it looked like. Ricoh 126C-FLEX slr 126 film. 100 mm Tele Rikenon lens 2.6. Had good operational results last time I used it ricoh.jpg
  17. JDM, I'm a bit jealous of your ownership of a Pentacon Super, or I would have been 20 years or so ago!

    I've never seen one to handle. I believe only a few thousand were made, and the f/1.4 lens that went with it may have only existed in mythology. - I see yours is fitted with the f/1.8 Pancolar.

    I no longer have any interest in shooting that ridiculous film stuff, but a Pentacon Super might tempt me back into sticking a cassette of FP4plus through it. Just for old time's sake.

    I can't imagine the results would look a jot different from my Nikon F2A + f/1.4 Nikkor, but it would be interesting to see if any lens difference shone through the halide grit.
  18. Weekend plans fell through due to the heat wave we're suffering on this side of the World Pond. Still have a roll of DX in the Leica IIIc, so I only need to find something interesting to photograph.

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  19. My choice depends on weather and how I get around. If I drive and park where walking is possible, I will likely be using the SRT 101 I mentioned earlier. I will have my Rollei B35 along as well. If I'm able to do some cycling, I'll either have one of my fixed lens rangefinders (Konica Auto S2, Minolta HiMatic 7S, or Olympus 35RC) or a lightweight SLR and normal lens (like Konica TC-X, Ricoh KR-5 Super II, or Yashica FX-3 Super 2000)
  20. I REALLY HATE this V2.2 "time out" feature & the fact is has not been fixed in over 6 months now!
    DSCF6643-horz.jpg For the 24th & 25th, it's onto The Bus & romping around the Honolulu areas. Aloha, Bill

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