What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Back to another old favourite I haven't used for a while, the handsome Minolta SR-3, circa 1963. And yes, the selenium meter works and is accurate enough for negative film, at least.

    Minolta SR-3

    Minolta Sr 3.jpg
  2. I wonder how much childhood memory has to do with the appeal of these old mechanical cameras.....The pictures of the equipment and even the black and white photographs invariably invoke a nostalgia for the 60’s and 70’s for me.
  3. I have an SR 3 with the 55mm f 1.8 Auto Rokkor and the 100mm f 3.5 Auto Rokkor. Never got around to getting the meter, though. Good, solid camera.
  4. Moving On said:
    Yeah, I feel that way too sometimes. I have memories of sitting in darkroom with my dad when he developed film and made prints. He would do 4x5 film in an open tray in total darkness and not having a timer in those days he would listen to a Jackie deShannon cassette and he knew at which point to move the film to stop bath and then on to the fixer.
    I find myself using cameras similar to what he used in those days. I actually have his Crown Graphic and Voigtlander Vitessa L. On the nostalgia side I also want to return to places we visited as a family and photograph those places again.
  5. Moving on said :
    Definitely a sense of nostalgia involved, and perhaps a yearning for an era in photography that was more simple in some ways, and much more demanding and labour-intensive in others, when compared to the present. Of course, there's immense gratification in now being able to afford the cameras I could only dream about, as an adolescent photographer...
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  6. “Of course, there's immense gratification in now being able to afford the cameras I could only dream about, as an adolescent photographer...”


    Bought 4 Nikons, 3 NIB, over the last two years. I couldn’t afford any one of the 4 back then. I have really enjoyed the renewal of one of my favorite memorable pastimes.
  7. Good point. When I was a "broke college student" I could only afford one system (Minolta) so I often missed out on lenses and accessories that were available in other lens mounts. Now with used gear so affordable I have been able to build systems in several systems. Even when my family had a camera shop I couldn't do that as we only carried Canon, Contax, Yashica, Minolta, Olympus, and Fujica. I could borrow gear, but ownership is better.
  8. Feeling like wide angle this weekend. Likely will take some photos at 24mm using either my Tamron Adaptall 24mm f 2.5 or Sigma 24mm f 2.8. The Sigma is in Minolta MD, but if I use the Tamron I have Adaptall mounts for every system I own.
  9. Not sure if I'll venture out this weekend (it's still in the 90s in Atlanta) but I'm trying to hit all my old cameras so maybe the Konica I or the Leica IIIf?
  10. I'm trying to exercise some shelf queens and this weekend it's the turn of the rather lovely Neoca SV with the rare 45mm Zunow f/2.8 lens. I'd love to own the version with the Zunow f/1.8 lens, but many collectors with far fatter wallets than mine have the same desire... I'll post a few results in the current Weekly thread.

    Neoca SV

    Neoca SV copy.jpg
  11. Took a shot with my Nikon F6 while it was cool on my morning walk today. I am finishing a roll that was started in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  12. Using a rangefinder that I haven't put film through in a while
    Minolta HiMatic 7S. Meter and autoexposure still work, although I prefer to use it manually. Just loaded a roll of Plus-X in it.

  13. Yes, if they're not CLA'ed, the difference between "manual" and "automatic" can be up to one stop at the same EV meter reading. Any doubts about the accuracy of it's meter, use a handheld meter
  14. My 7S was a DIY rescue. It arrived with the shutter not opening but after a little lighter fluid it began to work. Even so, if I used it often I'd probably spring for a CLA.
  15. The 7s is very convenient camera Mike, and perhaps a little underrated. Grab it any time, hold it still, get a good result every time. They're durable, of strong build, reliable, with a good quality light meter and a reasonable lens. I bought mine second hand in '77, adjusted the rangefinder, I've done nothing else to it and I'm still using it right up to the present day

    Sample image from archive
    Pottery 1a copy.jpg
  16. Got a roll of Double-X in a Zorki I with a Jupiter-3 on it.
    I'm supposed to go to another living history event this weekend, but I've not received any details about it yet.
  17. I look forward to seeing your photos from this event.
    Good advice, kmac. I have so much gear that sometimes I might go for several months without using a camera. The specs say that the meter is CLC, like the SRT, but I'm not sure how they accomplish this with the CDS cell located on lens rim rather than finder. The SRT of course had two CDS cells that interacted to compensated for back lighting. However, after running quite a few rolls through my 7S I have to admit it's one of the more effected built in metering system.
    My 7S is good to go with a roll of Plus-X inside.
  18. 49C697F0-AF65-45BD-9DE8-B353CC14E0D1.jpeg 0134C465-73C8-4433-B790-1A44193ED26D.jpeg
    I will be shooting with my Nikon F3 and Oly RC.
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  19. Russ-Suzanne- That is one great looking 35RC.
  20. Paperwork came through. Looks like I'll be going to "The Island" this weekend.
    About the Allied defense of the Corridor after Operation Market-Garden in October 1944.

    The Zorki is coming along, as it's already loaded with film.
    Will bring the Anniversary Speed Graphic as well, but will be cheating with a Graphic-23 120 roll film holder.
    I'll probably also bring the A-4 Bomb Spotting camera....for show.

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