What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Put the plans for using the XD-5 on hold as I discovered that I had a roll of Plus-X in my Minolta XE that I haven't taken a single photo. Using it with my Tamron 70-210 f 4-5.6 compact Adaptall lens. Got this one brand new in box for around 20 USD. Rather than carry a standard or wide lens I'm carrying my Rollei 35 along for a wider view. Instead of switching lenses I just switch cameras.
  2. Nikon FM2n with both Nikon and Zeiss lenses.
  3. Olympus OM-2n with Provia 100f along with an Agfa Selecta Prontor-Matic-P with T-Max 400. In case anyone's interested, I am also trying out "new to me" 35mm f2.8 and 24mm f2.8 OM lenses.
  4. Over the weekend I:
    - finished a roll in the Nicca 3f.
    - shot a roll with a Graflex Speed Graphic (with Graphic 23 roll film adapter)
    - shot a roll wiht a Contax I
    - shot 50 frames with a Leica M-E

    Should have some good stuff from the "Battle of the 11th Bridge" event at Grave
  5. Working on Plus-X in the XE but have switched to MC Rokkor 50mm f 1.4. Hope to finish this up today or tomorrow.
  6. Rollei 3.5 Xenotar (Daily Art Photography)
    Leica M3 (Daily Great Photography)
    Pentax MX (Car)
    Nikon FM10 (Truck)
    Calumet CC-400 (Special Occasion Heavy Large Format)

    I received back a bunch of film I shot at a wedding. I have several conclusions.

    First, anything through the Rollei is lightyears ahead of any 35mm. The density of data is so massive that there is no grain, excellent gradations of color or shades of gray, razor sharp images, and virtually no ghosts shot directly into the sun. That thing is just amazing. When I'm serious about shooting, it has to be my go-to camera.

    Second, the Leica M3 w/ Summicron 50 (second to the last model?) is great. If I'm shooting 35mm so I can get a lot of shots per roll, this is superior to Nikon and Pentax lenses I use. Provia was stunning. TMax 400 was quite good.

    Third, I'm going to put basic bodies in the car in case something shows up in front of me. Something that can be stolen, and I won't care. Decent glass, but nothing I'd cry over losing. Robust. Pentax MX / Nikon FM10 with simple 50mm 1.7 / 1.8 lenses.

    Fourth, I prefer TMax over Tri-X. It must be a generational thing. I like the look better. Crunchy grungy grain on 35mm Tri-X is distracting to my eyes. Just a preference thing.

    Fifth, I'm really bummed that Fuji seems to be getting out of the slide film business. Prices are skyrocketing, rumors abound that there will be no more production runs. Provia and Velvia (with people / without people) have been my go-to films for so long, I don't know what to do for color without them.

    Sixth, when I want to pull out the big gun for B&W develop-at-home art, I'll go with the big gray monster, the Calumet Bill Bowes gave me. Outrageous quality. Has to be 25 pounds. :)

    That's my shootin' style these days. I get to dust and admire the rest of my pretties that sit on shelves.
  7. Bradley Tri-X is an acquired taste. Unfortunately I acquired it long ago and there is no cure. I have moved my Nikkormat FT-2, it now lives in my car. I wish I could remember what kind of film is in it. Maybe time for a change.

    Rick H.
  8. Rick, I put stickers on all my cameras now with the film that is inside. Too many failed recollections after a month or so and four bodies in use …. Get the kind that remove without leaving sticky residue. Ya might look a little dorky, but hey! We ARE shooting film.

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