What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Spotmatic with 24/3.5 and FP4+ - taking advantage of a spell of nice weather.

    A trip is coming, maybe I take the Spottie along.
  2. Spent so much time with the RC and Olympus XA that I didn't do as much with the SRT 101 as I planned, I'll keep it with me at work this week.
  3. Started a roll in my Nikon F2as today.
  4. All sorts! FM10, Spotmatic F, M3, Rolleiflex Xenotar 3.5, jeez I need to focus!
  5. This weekend my town celebrates its annual Prairie Arts Festival. Fuji Superia 200 in the Olympus XA, Plus-X in both Rollei B35 and Minolta XE with 100mm f 3.5 MC Rokkor macro.
  6. Got a roll of film in a KW Pilot Super with a KW Anastigmat with fixed aperture at f/6.3.
    We'll see how that works out.

    I'll be taking it and a few other cameras with me to the Belgian Ardennes this weekend.
    I hope I get round to shooting some images between drinking beer and playing boardgames.
  7. I'll put a roll of HP5 through a camera I haven't used for a while, the Bronica S2a.

    Bronica S2a

    Bronica S2a Pnet.jpg
  8. The customization of the Mamiya Standard is finished to the stage of testing, so a roll of Fuji 160 NS was exposed through it this week using two lenses, the 100mm f3.5 and the 65mm f6.3. The customization included swapping some parts from a Super 23 body and the fitment of a "Graflok" back with 6x9 Graflex film back

    Finished Mamiya 2 copy.jpg
  9. If it's not raining too much, I hope to be taking my girlfriend on her first photo trip with me . . . I know that I will shoot some digital but I will also be bring my F100 loaded with Tri-X, a Diana with the same and my RB-67 with Tri-X and TMX. If I REALLY looking for work, I may take my 4x5 Tech or my 8x10 pinhole cameras. The 8x10, which I have never actually used, will be loaded with some old frozen Kodak XX?
  10. I am hoping to spend sat. & sun. wondering around the rural areas of Skagit Co. . .barns get me going!! Will use the folders. . .Agfa Record & Isolette, plus a Fed-2 for "snaps". Aloha from the Mainland, Bill Rec III-horz rr.jpg
  11. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    The weather is supposed to be bad down here this weekend, but if it somehow clears up, I've got some F3HP's that need some exercise. Loaded with Provia 100F and Ektar 100.
  12. I'm heading north to a big steam threshing show tomorrow, and taking some period correct camera gear. One will be a Century Camera Co. Model 44 4x5 with 150mm Velostigmat lens in Volute shutter. The other will be a 1914 Kodak Special No.2 with TT&H anastigmat lens in Optimo shutter. The camera will shoot FP4 and ISO 2 dry plates, the Kodak will be loaded with Pan F.

    Kent in SD
  13. Using this next, since I finished up film in my SRT 101. The Celtic 28mm came with original box and works like new. Likely will load with Plus-X
  14. Thought I was using my Yashica FX-1, with a small assortment of ML lenses. Turns out, the FX-1 pretends to be winding film on even when it's empty. Thought I'd loaded it the last time I took it out, and didn't use it. Guess not. It's a shame because I thought I was getting some really nice shots. And the damn frame counter advanced every time I wound the lever. Good thing I also took my DSLR, though I didn't use it much. But, at least I got something.
  15. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    On every SLR camera I've ever used (includes Pentaxes, Canons, Leicas and Nikons), the frame counter advances whether or not there's film in the camera. You're supposed to watch the film rewind lever for motion when you advance to the next frame.
  16. Wife and myself went through the delta and across the levee this morning with the cameras.
    Still accumulating pictures of my childhood stomping grounds before we cross the river for the last time.
    Shot some Ektar in the S3.
  17. And yet you guys wonder why this website is dying.
  18. Huh?
    Not sure I see your point.
  19. A past time of mine is to visit places where my late father took photos and by studying his old images I'd place myself in the same spots he stood in and I take shots of the same scenes, nearly 70 years being the difference between the two times of the picture taking. Street scenes of towns we lived in were interesting, also back yards of previous residences etc. It makes a good family documentary of "before" and "after
  20. I'm picking up an AGFA Optima 535 Sensor from the post office later today. That will be my camera for the weekend...

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