What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Minolta SRT 101 with MD 35-70 and Plus-X and Rollei 35 with HP5+.
  2. Out again with the "new" green Fed-2 / N-61. Test roll showed a major light leak due to miss aligned back. Swapped out with a "spare" back, all seems well for now. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill Fed-2 N-61 W-3 rff.JPG
  3. Reminds me of a Soligor 450 (?) f8.0 preset that I had for a Minolta SR1s. For cheap, it gave me fairly good results. Back then I also had a 28 and 135 - both Soligor presets. It seemed like second nature to use lenses that way. For the life of me I can't remember what I did with those lenses, but the camera was stolen and replace by a 101. I can't remember what I did with that camera either.

    But today it's an EF Canon. Might get a good sunset or two what with all the smoke in the air from Canadian forest fires.

    Sitting in my office here on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, I just got a good whiff of the smoke.
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  4. I think some of the short to medium tele preset lenses might have had more aperture blades than the auto aperture versions. Some of the "dream SLR kits" of the 70's and 80's might include a preset 35 and 135 but only one T-ring so you had to move the ring over to the lens you wanted to use. Also, if I may use the dreaded "digital" word here, some systems seem to accept preset lenses better than some manual auto aperture. For example, the "so called crippled K mount" for Pentax requires "A" series or higher K mount for the camera's metering to know what apertures are available. So an ordinary M or early SMC K mount doesn't fully communicate with meter unless stopped down. Presets work great since the camera doesn't need a DOF to meter with these lenses My old Pentax *ist is happier with present lenses than early K mount types. Same true of my ZX-M film SLR.
    I hope to see more posts about these modest, but still capable preset lenses.
  5. Mike Gammill said:
    I'm going to attempt just this, as the days warm up and draw out, Mike. I have a fair selection of pre-set lenses, mostly of the variety that have the two rings, one of which is used to pre-set the aperture required, and the other which opens and closes the iris to enable focusing and/or exposure. One of my reasons for buying into the Sony full-frame mirrorless system was to use these lenses, as the excellent electronic viewfinders will not only magnify the image in several stages, but can retain constant levels of brightness no matter what aperture setting is in use, greatly assisting in focusing.

    This weekend I'm using a rather unusual Pentaflex SL, a budget SLR produced for a period of only about a year circa 1987 by VEB Pentacon. It's a sort of modified Praktica Nova with fewer shutter speeds, and the 50mm Pentaflex-Color f/2.8 lens is the ubiquitous Domiplan in disguise.

    Pentaflex SL

    Pentaflex pnet.jpg
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  6. Very nice example of Pentaflex SL, Rick. I look forward to seeing your results with it and with the preset lenses.
    From what I have read from photo magazines dating back to the late 50's through early 70's, Lens makers (including the camera makers) initially offered longer focal lengths as presets. Also, early macro lenses were often preset. I have an early 60's Minolta Rokkor QF 50 mm f 3.5 macro preset. I believe Canon (for Canonflex) offered one as well. I might be in error, but I think Yashica offered one in the M42 mount as well. I have a 1965 issue of Popular Photography that has a complete lens listing (arranged by focal length) that I will refer to later.
  7. Untitled.jpg
    Took the new S3 2K out for a spin this morning. First roll, we’ll see how it went. New to this rangefinder stuff, and I like it. I have to get used to the colored filter thing, dumping the orange when C-41 goes in. The little Pilot works nicely. The shutter is a tiny, quiet, instant “click”. Much different from the SLRs I’ve used for so many years. The tiny lens is beautiful, though I didn’t take any time to show that in the snapshot above.
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  8. Nice looking S3. I'm envious. Be sure to post some results when you can.
  9. WP_20180813_07_31_15_Pro.jpg

    I shot a local old timer day event in my home town with my Leica M3 DS,
    Got a few frames of Double-X left on it. Probably won't get round to filling it up until next weekend (at the Doesburg Open-Air Fotografica Fair)
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  10. Nice camera porn there Moving On !. . .Rick is doing pretty good also ! I think your in for a ride of your life ! I am getting a jump on the weekend with the "new" green Fed-2 & my RB-67. I will have a Jupiter-8 on the Fed now that the light leaks are gone. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill 2k18-08-011-DSCF1229 r-horz.jpg
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  11. .... and suddenly I have an idea what to do this weekend. My wallet will probably not like me for it :)
    If I go, probably with a Werra 3.
  12. Yeah, I usually end up buying something with the words Leitz or Leica on it :D
    I usually get together with members of the AnaloogFotoForum for lunch at restaurant "De Waag" around 1pm.
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  13. Since I've just finished cleaning this big, heavy SLR, I guess I'd better run a test film. It's the Ricoh Singlex TLS, with stop-down metering and a feeling of absolute indestructibility. It's best feature is the very good 50mm Auto Rikenon f/1.7 lens.

    Richo Singlex TLS

    Ricoh Singlex TLS copy.jpg

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  14. In addition to the SRT 101 I have film in my Olympus 35 RC.
    If sunny will use a K2 filter
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  15. Didn't come home from the Photographica Fair with any Leica's this year.


    Got half a roll of Ferrania P30 in a Canon Dial-35 again.

    Next weekend I'm looking to shoot one of my 1910-20 Speed Graphics at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg(NL)

  16. I came home from that same fair having bought...... nothing :eek:. I am still amazed at having achieved that, there was plenty temptation....

    The olive Werra as above kept me doubting a fair deal, but I have enough Werra's as it is. I hoped for some of the slightly-less-usual Jupiter lenses for my Kiev, but while there were plenty Jupiter-8 and Helios-103 around, I haven't seen any of the others..... So, I managed to stay on the self-induced leash. I'm not enough of a collector, probably, :)
    Worse: didn't even finish the roll in the Werra I brought.....
  17. I shot a few frames of the town with my Leica M3, including a cat sunbathing on a large junction box.

    Really chuffed with the Argus Model K, only about 2000 made :)
  18. I am getting an early start on the weekend to escape all the B.C. forest fire smoke here in Puget Sound. YashicaMat 124 with 80's, my Ercona II with UFX100 & a Fed-2 with some Fuji 100 color for "snaps". Aloha from the Mainland, Bill
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  19. I'm trying to give some old favourites a workout, each weekend, if the rain lets up.This weekend is the turn of of the Canon FTb, one of which I bought second hand many years ago, as my first "real" 35mm camera. I still have a soft spot for this fine camera and the great Canon FD lenses.

    Canon FTb QL

    Canon FTb Pnet.jpg
  20. Probably
    Argus C-4

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