What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. I have several film cameras loaded with film right now, but the only one I have out, easily to hand, is my Pentax MX. I have only a few shots left on a roll of Tri-X, so this camera takes priority over the others. I'm not planning on going anywhere for the weekend, but I have gotten in the habit recently of taking a camera with me when I go out.
  2. New weekend coming up.... hoping to spend some good time with my Leica R cameras. The weather will get to decide whether it'll be Agfa Precisa CT100, or HP5.
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  3. Not sure what I'll do yet. But I've got a roll of fomapan in a Seagull 203 that needs to be tested.
    The RF seems a little off.
  4. Last week I wanted to test shoot Nikomat EL. I shot two rolls of Arist Edu 400 but turned out I made a foolish mistake while loading one of the rolls and that was ruined. The other roll came out well. This weekend I want to use Fuji GA645Zi with Ilford FP4 Plus. I like the weight of the camera - it's lighter than Nikomat EL with lens mounted, and sharpness of the lens is extraordinary. On the other hand, auto focus is bad and I've to try 2-3 times to get the focusing distance right. Loading 120 film on to Patterson plastic reel in the dark bag has been a hit or miss of late for me. I will probably practice a few times with a dead roll before trying my luck with live roll. If the light remains good I might also use Olympus 35 EC with Arista Edu 400.
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  5. I have several rolls of 70's film which I saved over the years, so will be shooting some of it in my Rolleicord; (already shot one roll yesterday) - so will see what develops.
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  6. Hello
    I loaded two rolls of Kentmere 100 from bulk into a plastic cass and a metal cass to see which one I like better, they are in an Olympus 35RC and a Canonet QL17
    I am going to try to get them both shot this weekend and develop them Saturday?
    I just loaded 12 shots on each roll as this is the first time I have rolled my own! and I am using a new to me loader from e-bay.
  7. You'll love bulk loading, Don. I've been doing it since my college days (back in the 1970's) and still do it today. Currently I have film in 4 loaders.
  8. Hello Mike
    I just finished developing and scanning from the first two rolls, came out fine except I forgot to open the gate on one of the rolls so minor scratches. Both cassettes worked fine, there was a little bleed on the edge in a couple of spots on the metal cassette and the plastic was clear

    I was at the Photo Fair in Newark CA Yesterday and picked up a second loader, now I have to decide on a 400 speed film, either Delta 400 or HP5 or XP2.

    I am going to try a roll of XP2 and develop with HC110, there is a thread on APUG, I think, of someone using it and the shots look very good.

    I will post some of the ones I did today on another thread

  9. Don, try a roll of Kentmere 400, $45 delivered off Ebay. Aloha, Bill
  10. B&H also sells Kentmere films in 100' rolls. Their price for ISO 400 is the same as for ISO 100.
  11. Cloudy for next couple of days so I'm using a Minolta SRT 101 with Vivitar 24mm f2. Film is Tri-X at box speed.
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  12. FM2n with Zeiss Milvus 50 f1.4. Used a spot meter to meter off my hand and place it in zone VI.
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  13. 6/10 & 11. Aloha, Bill Vito II-horz.jpg
  14. Voigtlander Bessa I.
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  15. Off to the wonderful West of Canada this weekend with the F3 and FA and a bunch o' lenses, Portra160 and HP5. Rain or clouds, will be happy to be shooting!
  16. I have a Minolta Himatic 7S loaded with XP2 that I am going to develop in HC110
    Not sure if I will get through the roll this weekend but I am going to give it a try
  17. Travelin' light: Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 (match diode, mechanical shutter) with Contax 45mm f2.8. Will also use the Phoenix 100mm f3.5 macro and Vivitar 24mm f2.8. Film: Ilford FP4+.
  18. I have three that I'll probably use this weekend:

    A Nikon F with 1/3 a roll of Tri-X in it that I need to finish off

    A Canonflex RM that I just picked up this week-I'll probably dig out some expired Tri-X or maybe spool off some of the TMAX 100 that's been sitting in a bulk loader for far too long. I don't have any R mount lenses, but I have some FL lenses with the A/M collar that I think will work on the camera(heck, I think you can use a breech lock FD lens if you lock the stop down lever). The meter works and from limited Sunny 16 testing it's close, so I'll see what happens

    Finally, my Bronica S2a hasn't been used lately(the lure of the 6x7s from my RB67 has been too tempting), so it might get some attention with some Ektar 100. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll trek out to one of my favorite sites with it and probably either my Speed Graphic or a B&J Field Camera.
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  19. Just to show how compact the Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 is with the 45mm f2.8 C,Z, lens attached. It will fit in a jacket pocket with this lens.
  20. Well I just loaded the Leica IIIf with a roll of Ektar to try out.

    Not sure when I will finish it but will post when I get it developed

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