What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Nikon f3, Nikkormat EL, Rolleiflex 2.8E.
  2. Finished a roll of TMX 100 in my F2as yesterday and loaded a roll of FOMA 400 in one FM2n. Loaded a roll of Velvia 100 in another FM2n today.
  3. Thanks very much for that information!
  4. WP_20180618_07_47_19_Pro (2).jpg

    2 Frames left after the weekend. So it came to work with me today.
  5. Yesterday's arrival, a fairly tidy little Olympus collection. If the weather permits, I'll run a test film this weekend.

    Olympus OM10

    Olympus 10 Pnet.JPG
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  6. Nice OM-10, sample Rick. We sold a lot of that model at the family camera shop. One thing I remember: important to keep battery surfaces clean as the OM-10 seems a bit sensitive to batteries with less than clean contacts. Otherwise, the OM-10 is a superb picture taker. It's lightness makes it a great choice for outings. I have the later version, which is the OM-G. When we closed the family camera shop my dad gave me two NIB Zuiko lenses: A 50mm f 3.5 macro and a 28mm f 3.5. I didn't have an Olympus body so I picked up a used OM-G. Later added an OM-1N and other lenses. Mu favorite lens for walking around is the Zuiko 35mm f 2.8.
  7. This weekend I'm trying out my recently acquired Tamron 35-80 f 2.8-3.8 Adaptall lens. Currently mounted on my Minolta XE which is loaded with Plus-X.
  8. I'd like to try my Ricoh XR-7 with XR Rikenon 1:2 50mm lens. I've read lot of great reviews of this lens. Should be very sharp. Maybe with Fomapan 200 film.
  9. Grrr! the Agfa Record III has a light leak somewhere along the edge of the bellows and I can't seem to find it.
    That's one roll ruined.

    Loaded up this thing instead and shot about half a roll of Double-X

    Contax I (v5) with Ross 3.5 inch F/3.5 Definex.
  10. Rick- I once found a light leak in an old Ansco Viking by putting a small LED penlight (coin cell powered) inside the camera and closing it up. Took it into a darkened room and looked for light coming through. YMMV of course.
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  11. What a beauty, I have Contax II from 1938, working perfectly.
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  12. This weekend (nearly over) I've been using a Minolta SRT 202 (meter inoperative) with 35mm f 2.8 MC Rokkor and Plus-X. Using sunny 16, the occasional wild guess, and bracketing as needed. Corrections made in scanning.
  13. I've used bright spot lights from the outside looking in, but on this one I think it's one of the long edges of the bellows isn't bonded to the body at the film plane (the leak's only visible in the images, not on the film edges). It might be that the leak is only open when I'm opening up the camera and a vacuum is created. I'll have another look when I get round to it.

    I have quite a number of Contaxes from the Contax I version 4 to a Contax IIa "Color Dial", most are in working condition :D
  14. Oh, I miss my XE...............
  15. OMG, you had an OM-G!
  16. My 'new' Leicaflex SL, and some FP-4.

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  17. Nice example of Leicaflex SL. I look forward to seeing some images.
  18. Using a Minolta SRT 101 with 100mm f 3.5 MC Rokkor macro. Loaded with Plus-X (cold stored with 2012 expiration date). Also running film through Olympus 35 RC.
  19. Finished the roll in the Contax I, scanning the film today.
    Haven't decided on what to load up next.

    I've also spent a few minutes adjusting the focus on the Agfa Record III, and adjusted the uncoupled rangefinder.
    Still haven't discovered the light leak, but worked out where abouts it must be leaking from.
  20. Got diverted with the gift of the Minolta XG1. Still have to finish my last roll of PanF+ in the Pentax KX.

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