What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Leica IIIf with 5cm f/1.5 Summarit, Loaded with Double-X.
  2. Thanks, Rick. I'm guessing the Contax is not going to become my all-time favorite, despite the feeling of incredible build quality it offers.
  3. Nikon F2, FM2n, F3 locked and loaded...........
  4. I've been out twice in the last few days with the F2 but I also am going to take a few shots with this..
    My home made 4x5 point & shoot I have appropriately named "The Black Rat"
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  5. Still need to fill up 3 sheets in the Grafmatic holder for my Kodak Auto Graflex.
    ....just need to find a suitable subject...
  6. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Taking along the Agat 18k, which now goes with me everywhere.

    Agat 18k.JPG
  7. Probably take one of my SRTs out over the next few days, but if I go cycling something lightweight like my Ricoh KR5 Super II or Konica TCX.
  8. Fed-3 Red.JPG That Black Rat looks interesting. . .tell us about it when you have some pics. This weekend is my last here in Hawaii for a bit, taking off to my mainland abode for the summer racing & wonder abouts. The Red Fed-3 will have a roll or two of 100Tmax for the last Farmers Market. Aloha, Bill
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  9. Been a while since I've posted here. Besides the usual gear (most often a Minolta SRT or XE with various Rokkors, I'm running a roll of cold stored Panatomic-X through my Minolta XD-5 with 45mm f 2 MD Rokkor, mainly to fine tune developing times. Also, for fun, I recently picked up Superheadz plastic camera with a fixed focus 22mm f 11 lens and single 1/125 second shutter. I'm sure there will be loads of light falloff, but the manufacturer admits it. I think Vivitar offered a version of this as well. Got a roll of Kentmere 100 in it. Bringing also a ND filter to play it safe.
  10. Just got the "new" to me Voigtlander Perkeo II and loaded a roll of expired Delta100 for a little test run.
  11. I had to look that one up, not being familiar with the Perkeo, and learned that 'Perkeo' means a pigmy. Lol! Apparently, it's the smallest folding 120 camera made. I may have to look for one. I'll be interested in seeing your results.
  12. Hello Dave
    Here are some images of the camera.
    I saw some photos posted on another board and they were very nice so I decided to give one a go.
    I even found a Voigtlander rangefinder out of Great Brittan that landed the same day as the camera

    Voigtlander Perkeo II 2.jpg

    Voigtlander Perkeo II 3.jpg
    Voigtlander Perkeo II.jpg
  13. OOOoooooo Ah. . You got the really good model. . . with the Color Skopar lens. Enjoy. Aloha, Bill
  14. Did you get it from Jurgen??
  15. Don if you have plans to put a kit bag together, look for a Lowepro Edit 110 bag. $10-20 on Ebay. I use that model for all my folders. . tons of room & 4 pockets. Bill
  16. Hello Bill
    It came from the US from a private seller.

    I have a couple of the 110 bags based on your suggestion for my Retina and Isolette
  17. I second Bill's OOOoooooo Ah! Prettiest pygmy I've ever seen :D And the accessory rangefinder is really cool.
  18. Nikon F2as and a roll of 100TMX. Used an orange filter (B+W 040) this afternoon to make the clouds stand out.
  19. Might wait a few days before using the XD-5 as I want to finish the Plus-X in my SRT 101 (with MD Rokkor 35-70) since it's got a couple of photos of my grandaughter. But the XD-5 is next. I'm wanting to try dilution H for processing it in HC 110.
    Processed the roll of Kentmere form the Superheadz plastic camera (22mm f 11 and single shutter speed). As expected the exposure was about right for sunlit scenes. I'll check for light fall off when I scan later.
  20. I just put a roll of Rollei Superpan 200 in my new-to-me Olympus OM-1 and I have a roll of Ektar 100 to finish up in my Pentax KX. It's fun to mix up the camera/film combination until I settle on the best combination. There are a few others waiting their turn.

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