What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Will process the roll of HP5+ from the XD-5 later today so I'll pick up the XE-5 (with 50mm f1.7 MC Rokkor), also loaded with HP5+.
  2. Thursday's DSCF0862 ces13 rff gsbc.JPG mail put "another" Fed-2 into my hands. This time it has an Industar 26m lens. Not as sharp as my Jupiter-8's, I find the 26 ideal for portraiture, being that it's is a bit "soft" & most forgiving in the various blemishes of both youth & age my subjects hold dear. So, shortly, this new pair and I will head for the Farmers Market on the Aloha Hot Rod. Ah, food & film it is Today! Aloha, Bill
  3. My wife came home with this Yashica Minister D after her spree in a Goodwill store. The mechanical "auto is rather strange to me but after 5 years of sitting I think the camera deserves trip out. The viewfinder is hazy but the rangefinder patch is usable.

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  4. "King's Day" and celebrations coming up this Friday, got 3/4th of a roll of Ferrania P30 in an Olympus PEN FT
  5. Got a few frames left on the roll of HP5+ in my XE-5 that I will finish today. Also a roll of Kentmere 100 in my Olympus 35 RC that I'm working on. When I finish those I will continue with my Nikkormat FT-3, which also has Kentmere 100.
  6. Bill,
    Is the PanF+ for real, or are you tripoding?
  7. Decided to switch to MD Celtic 35mm f2.8 on the XE-5 as it seemed a better choice the day's photo outing. Finished that roll yesterday, Still working on the Kentmere 100 in the Nikkormat and the Olympus 35 RC.
  8. Finished a roll of 100TMAX in the F2as late last week and started a roll of 400TX in the F6 on Saturday.
  9. My newly acquired Nikon F2. Though it is not a collectors item by any means it was purchased at my local dealer and was given a CLA. I attached a 50mm 1.8 series e for it's small size and lightweight. I think I am actually going to put my digital on the shelf and use this combo for most all my work. It has that just right feel for me. I attached my favorite wrist strap, my -2 diopter and loaded it with Foma 200. won't have time to shoot it till Sunday though.
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  10. I have a couple of Kiev-4's and this later Kiev-4m with the 53mm Helios 103 f/1.8 lens is in particularly nice order. I know it's going to take about half a film before I've re-mastered the "Contax grip" , but I also know that if all goes well there should be some worthwhile results. They're not cameras I use very often, but I like to exercise them now and then.


    Kiev 4M Pnet.jpg
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  11. Hello again. Tony, DSCF0870 ces20 gsbc.JPG I can do 1/100 & f8's here when roaming about the markets, or for that matter, anything outdoor. It is amazing what light we have here in Hawaii ! I generally prefer my UFX400 / Kentmere400. I will be "dragging" the "new" Fed-2 this weekend but this time with a Jupiter-8 on it. I do carry the monopod for those "shaky" moments! Aloha, Bill
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  12. I think it's a good weekend to shoot some Velvia in a Nikon EL2.
  13. More of the Pentax KX and Pancro 400 as I try to get development right with TMAX developer. Not so easy.
  14. Uh oh. What "Contax grip"? I was thinking of taking my Contax out for a spin, but now it seems that I need to learn something, first.

    Gorgeous shot of the Kiev, by the way.
  15. AJG


    The key to the Contax grip is to make sure that you're not covering the small rangefinder window near the shutter release with an errant finger. If you do, the split image disappears...
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  16. Finished a roll of 400TX in the F6 this morning and loaded a roll of 400TX in my newest FM2n.
  17. Ah! Yes, that could easily happen. Thanks!
  18. Davecaz said :
    Yes, you have to grip the lower portion of the camera body with your thumb, fourth and little fingers, and operate the focus wheel with your middle finger, leaving your index finger free to trip the shutter. It's the gap between the middle and fourth finger that has to be maintained, to avoid blocking the rangefinder window. I find it all a little clumsy, but it becomes easier with practice.
  19. Started a roll of HP5+ in the SRT 101 which still has the Minolta MD 37-70 f 3.5, but I may switch to the Sigma 135mm f3.5 Mini Tele for tomorrow. Also still have film in the Olympus 35 RC.
  20. 1967 BP Nikon F (DE-1)
    1979 Nikon F2 (DP-1, DE-1, DW-1)
    F2 and DP-1 has been overhauled by Sover Wong, DP-1 also has new CDS cells.

    I shoot TMax 400 in both.

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