What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. And some color (Fuji Superia 400) in my Rollei 35S.
  2. On the road with my best. Rolleiflex xenotar 3.5 with Velvia, Leica M3 50 Summicron with Provia, and a 4x5 with FP4+. And a Pentax MX with portra400 for the salty beach walks.

    Good fun!
  3. Loaded a roll of Kodak TMAX 100, 100TMAX, in my Nikon F2as for the weekend. pix200.jpg
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  4. Hope to finish up the film in the XE and the 35S over the next couple of days. Might put a roll in my Nikon FT-3 if time permits. Although I enjoy my FE-2, I've taken a liking to the FT-3. Need to get a 105 f2.5 for it when I can find one at a good price. The Nikkormat can use either AI or non-AI so that gives me more options.
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  5. Talk about stupid. I decide to take a bunch of arty photos with my new F1. After a few shots I realize I had it in stop down, so I push in the stop down button. A few more shots and something is still wrong. The lens is not stopping down. Dang!! OMG, I mounted the lens in the stop down mode. Why on earth did I do that, after years of never having done it before. So I took the lens of and pushed the button in. All worked fine, and I'm pretty sure I didn't wreck anything. What an IDIOT.
  6. Hello everyone. My Vito II has been the "orphan" of late, so it will go to the Market on Sunday. Aloha, Bill Vito II.JPG
  7. The ai or ais will be more versatile if you ever get more Nikon bodies. It is a good lens. I bought mine from KEH this year. I posted a picture from it on Film Camera Week for April 6 and earlier. I think it is one of Nikon's iconic lenses.
  8. Very true, James. I might get at least one more, but undecided at the present which I would like. Very happy with the FE-2 that I've had several years and the Nikkormat FT-3 has quickly become a favorite (got to get an eyecup for it,though) I have an an old FM that the shutter only works to 1/30 second and the meter is dead. That's actually where I got my 50mm f2 AI.
    KEH does have a good selection of the 105mm f2.5 so I may hold out to get one with AI.
  9. I have ordered
    several eye pieces from B & H in the last year. My FT2 uses the same on and my FM2ns. Surprisingly they are available as new.
  10. Back to basics...This immaculate Petri 7S turned up, so I think I'll run a film through it, just for old times sake. It was a very popular camera in the 1960's with it's Green-O-Matic rangefinder and the ATL (around the lens) selenium meter providing the "Circle Eye" exposure system. It's a centre-the-pointer system, visible in the viewfinder and on the camera top, coupled to shutter and aperture, and on this copy the meter is still alive and appears to be reasonably accurate. I'm familiar with the 7S version that has the excellent 45mm f/1.8 lens, but this example is fitted with the lesser f/2.8 lens, so I'm interested to see how it performs.

    Petri 7S Rangefinder

    Petri 7S Pnet.jpg

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  11. Taking the SRT 101 with MD Rokkor 35-70 and HP5+ and Rollei 35S with Fuji Superia 400.
  12. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I'm going to New Orleans' French Quarter today. Trying to make up my mind on whether to shoot with a couple of Nikon F3HP's or FM2N's. Decisions, decisions...
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  13. My procrastination is the child of Cloud & Rain. Have had the RTS II loaded with FOMA 400 for the last 2 weeks but no chance for action. Supposed to finally clear this week, so, will see what happens.
  14. I shot a roll of Double-X in a Kodak 35 (US Army version) and in a Contax II with a Jupiter-12 over the weekend.
  15. This one. A clean sample with clear viewfinder/rangefinder and a working meter.

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  16. Also added my 35 RC to my daily gear. I either clip it to my belt in a generic case or keep it in a jacket pocket. Currently have a roll of Kentmere 100 in it.
  17. Hello
    I am going to load this one up and give it a go again, ran a test roll through and everything came out good.
    It will probably take a week or two to complete the roll

    Leica IIIg Elmar 5cm 2.8
    Leica IIIg kit 1.jpg
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  18. Finished roll in SRT 101 so now have a roll of HP5+ in Minolta XD-5 with 45mm f2. Still working on roll in Rollei 35S.
  19. Still raining, and the F2 is in mid-roll. Maybe it clears tomorrow.
  20. I had my newly-acquired Yashica TL-Super with a 35/2.8 Auto-Chinon on Bourbon Street, New Orleans last night (what a RIOT!) loaded with P3200TMZ, and again today except with the 18mm f/11 Fisheye-Takumar and Plus-X at the St. Louis Cemetery (No. 1). I’ll post the results in next week’s CMC weekly thread.

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