What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Let me try again. My recently acquired Nikon F2as. Trouble with the program. pix200.jpg
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  2. Right On Rick ! After ages of Luna Six's, Pentax Spotters, Sekonics & various Westons, I hit upon the small but deadly accurate Pilot. One is in each Fed/Zorki/Isolette kit, also in the 6x9's. Readily available on Ebay for under $25 delivered.
    Tony give a call when you hit here. I am planning some solar energy consulting on Maui for the last of the month. Lunch again??
  3. Bill,
    O.K. and Yes.
  4. James, I approve of the F2AS :)

    As for me, I have a busy weekend coming up by I have been shooting the snot out of my Hasselblad 500C and plan to keep doing that. Mine was made in 1960 and all my lenses in the 1961-1965 time frame. Plus, until I can re-seal the A12 back, I'm only using the old 12 back(also 1961) that requires using the "peep hole" to start the frame counter.
  5. Nice lookin' F2AS.
  6. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    My trip to New Orleans' French Quarter this weekend got postponed due to frozen Interstate highways.I was going to try out some Nikon FA's and a Nikon F3HP I just got. Oh well, there's always next weekend.
  7. Nice F2AS indeed, James. You've inspired me to take down a Nikon FE, a camera I haven't used for a while, and load up a length of Arista EDU 100. I can't recall using the Nikkor 105/2.5 on this camera, so I'm looking forward to a walkabout.

    Nikon FE

    Nikon FE Pnet.jpg
  8. That’s a lovely FE Rick!

    I’ve a Fuji GW690ii loaded with HP5+ waiting to be used this weekend. I might also do some test shots with Nikon FM + Voigtlander 40mm + Arista 100.
  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Doing some night photography with the Pentax ES II.

    Pentax ES II.jpg
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  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Ahh, the ESII was my very first SLR camera. Bought it on Nov 4th, 1974. I traded it and a bunch of Takumars for a Leica SL2 because I got tired of screwing/unscrewing the lenses on the camera.
  11. I think I will take an F2 out to the field today and use up a roll of the D100. I need to exercise the shutter.

    Rick H.
  12. I expect my Fed-2 / Jupiter-8 combo to cover the 1 yr potus protest march in Honolulu favorable. Aloha, Bill Red Fed-2 gs.JPG
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  13. Been running low on the faster black & white film (ISO 400) so I ordered 100' of Ilford HP5+. I do have a bulk roll of Tri-X in cold storage that I'm saving for later as I do like it a little better. One roll of Eastman 5222 left (probably 20 exp) that I'm saving for later. However, still got a good supply of Kentmere 100 and Ilford FP4+ in the loaders.
    Continuing to use my Minolta SRT 101 and Olympus 35RC,, both with FP4+ for this weekend.
  14. Just stuck with the RC35 so far as my wife and I visited my son and his wife to bring (and assemble) a baby bed. So excited for them (and for my wife and as first time grandparents soon) that I didn't have time for many photos. Assembly went okay, but there were a few pieces of hardware missing that we are having shipped to them
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  15. My latest FM2n with a serial number in the 8 million range. pix203.jpg
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  16. Finally finished a roll of Foma Retropan 320 in the Nicca 3-f, need to scan the results this week when I find the time.
    Need to test another repaired Contax I next.
  17. Processed and scanned a roll of Plus-X in my ZX-7. Currently working on a roll of FP4+ in my Minolta SRT 101.
  18. I’ve Orwo UN54 in my FM and Orwo N74 in FE.
  19. I'm going to test a Canon P this afternoon, so if it works as advertised I'm going to use it this weekend.
    Don't know yet which 50 mm lens I'll purchase with it, either a 1.8 or a 2.8.

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