What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Taking the FED 50 along on some hikes, loaded with Agfa APX 100.

    FED 50.JPG
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  2. I'm planning a road trip from Friday through Monday and will be taking an F2 and an FE, neither of which I've used yet, along with a (gotta say it) D4 that I'm having a ball with. Manual focus glass for all. I bought some more film just yesterday.

    Rick H.
  3. I seem (for the moment) to have misplaced the ST605N, but when I find it I do intend to test the shutter. Kind of in a rangefinder mood anyway. Probably will run a roll of FP+ through my Konica Auto S2 (or 1.6), Minolta HiMatic 7S, or possibly my Olympus RC 35.
  4. I've made a sort of New Year's resolution to use some of the many cameras that have sat neglected on shelves for a long time, instead of just picking up my favourites and heading on out. I have several of this model Retinette, and I'm ashamed to admit that I've never run a film through any of them. This particular example is a Retinette IB, type 037, and I've fitted it with a little Prazisa rangefinder that I feel suits it quite well. The built-in Gossens exposure meter still seems accurate, and the shutter speeds sound believable. So, if the sub-tropical storm that is currently deluging us lets up, I may have some photographs from the Retinette by the end of the weekend.

    Retinette IB

    Retinette IB Pnet.jpg
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  5. It'll be Fuji GW690ii this weekend for me. I've five frames in the roll left to shoot.
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  6. Yashica FX-1, with FP4,a recent eBay acquisition. The meter is 2 stops out, but it seems a linear error so I’ll adjust. Wanted one for ages, but they were not sold for long and are consequently difficult to find in good condition. First impressions are that it is pretty well put together with a confidence inspiring solidity that I like. Some of the old light seal had stuck to the exsposed shutter curtain, but it had not apparently been wound on in this condition, so I was able to carefully pick of the offending bits with tweezers. Thanks to the internet for locating the battery chamber - underneath the rewind crank!
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  7. A roll of Ilford FP4+ in the Olympus 35RC. Also about half finished with roll of Plus-X in my Pentax ZX-7.
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  8. Finishing a roll of 400TX in my Nikon F6 and Zeiss Milvus 50mm F1.4 lens. pix198.jpg
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  9. Finishing up the roll of FP4+ in the Oly RC35 and running a roll of same kind of film through my Maxxum 9xi to test a 1st gen Maxxum 50mm f1.7 that someone gave me a few years ago. If it works as it should I will give it to my oldest son to use with his HTSI.
  10. The "Twins" this weekend. Straps are adjusted so B/W material is on top, C-41 material on bottom. Aloha, Bill 2k17-12-15-DSCF0352 ces26.JPG
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  11. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    It's too (chatter chatter) cold to shoot pictures this weekend....
  12. Nikon FM + Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f2 + Tri-X.
  13. Nice to see you using my all-time favourite exposure meter, Bill, the Gossen "Sixtino" or "Pilot". I have the Sixtino version complete with original "snake chain" which clips snugly onto my belt, and the little meter slips into my pocket. Accurate, highly visible numerals, incident/reflected readings, one-handed operation and very small... What more could one want in a walkabout meter?
  14. The aperture on the Maxxum 50mm is stuck wide open at f1.7. I confirmed this by running a roll of FP4+ through it.
  15. Might make a "Last Post" tonight if I can fit it in. Tomorrow off to NZ and Hawaii for 5 weeks. Taking Rangefinders only, Nicca IIIf and Canon P with Canon 50 1.8, Jupiter-12 35mm and Jupiter-11 135mm. While away I shall endeavour to check up on R.D. and B.B. to ensure that they continue to amaze us with their artistry.
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  16. Looking forward to it! Bon voyage...
  17. I will be interested in your experience flying with film.
  18. Found a 36 exposure roll of Ilford HP5+. Loaded it my SRT 101 and shot some photos yesterday with MD 35-70 f3.5. For today (another snow day) I will finish the roll with 55mm f1.7 MC Rokkor PF attached.
  19. We've had a fairly rare snow last night and it's so freaking cold out there that the snow has held up all day and expected through tomorrow, a rarity in this part of Alabama. I broke out an FE with a 135/2, an F2 with the 24/2.8 and even took an F4S out with an old mf Vivitar 80-200. Shot some HP-5 and some out of date Superia that has lived in the freezer for some time. I'll be developing film tonight and take the color in for processing in the morning. I did shoot some digital stuff too but shooting the film was for some reason the most fun I've had with a camera in months.

    Rick H.
  20. Rick- you got the same storm we got in Mississippi, but maybe with more snow. I look forward to seeing your results. I developed and scanned my roll of HP5+ this evening so I'll put some of them in for the next weekly thread.

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