What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. For this weekend: Minolta XE with 24mm f2.8 Sigma, Rollei 35S, and Pentax ZX-7 with 50mm f2.8 macro. Ilford FP4+ in the first two, undecided yet for the Pentax.
  2. Just bought for 15 euros Yashica Minister D and other 10 euros for Minolta Uniomat. Exposure meters in both cameras work, Minister seems to have an original mercury battery. Weather permitting (it doesn't look promising) I try to use these both during the weekend.
  3. Weather permitting, run a roll of decent film (HP5 most likely) through a new-to-me Werra 3; I've ran a roll of expired colour film through it as test (developed in Rodinal, just to check if times, frame spacing etc. are consistent) and it appears to be working, at least for the shutterspeeds I am likely to use. The long speeds seem completely off, but I can live with that. I already have a couple of Werra 1 cameras and quite like them, but having a rangefinder is a sure plus.

    That, and my Nikkormat FT sitting waiting with Delta 3200 for some night-time work.
  4. I've my Fuji GW690II loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus. Late afternoon light is pretty good these days but the need to carry tripod with this camera is slowing me down.
  5. Still have the rest of the roll of Portra 160 in the Rollei 35S and just loaded a couple of cartridges of Kentmere 100 from bulk for the two Fed2's with an Industar 22 and the Jupiter 8 to see which one I prefer.

    And just got the old 500C Hassleblad out and loaded the two old backs for that camera with Delta 100 and Agfa APX100 to check the system and backs as it may go up for sale? I haven't decided yet. I have the 500CM that I just had the Lens and a back serviced by Odess and will be sending the body into him for a service so I don't see the need for two different systems of the same. but the 500C is in really nice shape sooo... not sure!
  6. On the one day in the last 30 that sun appeared briefly I loaded Acros in my Rolleiflex T with 6x4.5 adapter. I still have 8 more to finish the roll but the drizzly West European weather continues, unabated! .
  7. Well the ZX-7 gets Plus-X. Extra snap for an overcast day but plenty of speed.
  8. My latest FM2n with Tri-x.
  9. Due to the horrible weather, I'm still trying to finish with the Spotty F, Soligar 35/2.8 and FOMA 400. Back to rangefinders after this.
  10. Rec III.JPG As with most New Year's Day here in Hawaii, only a very small percentage of locals & tourist are about before 1400 hrs local time. . . Perfect for me to hop an early bus & record some more of Honolulu with the Agfa Record III. Aloha, Bill
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  11. I keep coming back to Nikon FM which is now my favourite 35mm camera. Today I shot a few frames of Arista 100.
  12. With a bit of luck I might finish a roll of FP4 Plus in a camera that arrived before Christmas, a tidy Fujica ST605n with the 55mm Fujinon f/2.2 lens, famous (or infamous) for it's "bubble bokeh".

    Fujica ST605n

    Fujica 605n.pnetJPG.JPG

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  13. I pulled this one out to take a photo for another thread(or rather take a photo of the prism on an F2) but remember that it was loaded and hadn't been used in a while.

    If I can get over it being bitterly cold tomorrow, I might take it out and finish off the roll of Plus-X in it.

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  14. I have one of those too, Rick. Last time I used it I had a Mamiya 135mm f2.8 attached. The shutter seemed to have some light fall-off to one side of frame (tapering?) which I'd never had happen before. I wonder can the auto diaphragm mechanism in certain lenses produce drag to cause this effect or is it just a problem that the shutter has developed? I plan to test the camera with its 55mm f2.2 (which is a nice little lens) to see if the effect occurs again.
  15. I'd suspect some sort of shutter drag, Mike, if the problem persists. In the sequence of things the pin is depressed and the aperture stopped down before the shutter begins it's travel. It's a very basic little camera but delightfully light and a joy to handle, and the f/2.2 lens is interesting, to say the least... I look forward to seeing some of your results.
  16. Thanks, Rick. When my family had a camera shop we stocked Fujica cameras and we sold a fair number of this model.
  17. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Mike, if you have a CRT screen, you might try removing the lens and firing the shutter against the screen to check for even shutter travel at different speeds. I bought an old Sony Watchman pocket TV in a thrift store for $3 just for this purpose, and it's very handy. Rick Oleson did a good article on this also:

    You already own a shutter tester
  18. I've never tried that CRT technique but it's worth a try. Then I will run a roll of black & white through it.
  19. Got a Nicca 3-F loaded up with some Foma Retropan 320 Soft. The Nikkor-HC 50 f/2 hasn't arrived for it yet.So I've got a Summarit mounted on it for now.

    No wild plans for the weekend yet, beyond getting a new set of wheels for the car.
  20. Last day of Christmas vacation for me so I may try to take a few photos today. If my Fujica ST605N passes the CRT test I may take some photos with it over the weekend.

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