What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

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  2. Used a Kodak (Folmer&Schwing Div.) "Top-Handle" Speed Graphic over the weekend, and a VPK, and shot a few frames with a Steky III (now that the lens has been cleaned).

    Still have half a roll of cut 16mm film in the Steky.

    No plans for the upcoming weekend, yet.
  3. I'll definitely be using a Zorki 4 this weekend, as it's been in my possession for a decade and never had a film in it.
    About time it got used.
  4. Newly arrived Ricohflex New Dia with Riconar 80/3.5.

  5. I've freed up the sticky shutter in this pretty little Agfa Karat 36 and I'll try it out this weekend. The 50mm Solinar f/2.8 lens is a good performer.

    Agfa Karat 36 #2.jpg
  6. I don’t have photos of them but I broke out an RB67 and finally finished up a roll in my Contax RTS today. Both are quite pleasant to use and I feel the need to use some b&w chemistry and get my safelights warmed up.

    Rick H.
  7. This weekend I've been mostly testing NHSN's Contax IIa :)


    I think it's about ready to return to its master.

    Also filled up the roll in the Steky III and loaded and shot with an EXA armed with a 135mm f/4 Sonnar.
  8. Looking great :)!
  9. The shutter release was still a little iffy on Saturday morning. I gave it a bit more exercise and loaded it up with Rollei Retro 80s.
    Camera never missed a beat (or a frame). Unfortunately I can't revive the meter. It looks like the cell is dead.
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  10. Sounds amazing, Rick.
    Maybe there is a business opportunity in converting the III and IIIa hump to hold a VC meter inside? ;-)
  11. Today was cloudy and I seized the opportunity to exercise my 12mm lens. Due to its extreme coverage, contrast is very difficult to control, especially in bright sun.

    I forgot to bring film but I am fortunate to have a lab nearby.
    They had just received delivery of Fuji color film.
    I bought Superia Xtra 400 and noticed with sadness that Fuji 200 is now the same rebranded Kodacolor Gold as in North America.
    I wonder if C200 is dead and buried now?
    Leica MDa w 12mm 1:5.6
  12. Have done nothing for quite a while. Age impact on lower back and legs restricts activity. However I will return! FX3 loaded with Kentmere 100 and wearing a new to me Vivitar Series 1 28-105 f2.8-3.8. I have never been a lover of zooms, much preferring fixed length lenses. However the advantage of hauling 1 camera/lens around instead of a bag full of lenses, filters, etc. has become apparent. Look forward to posting in the near future.
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  13. Been working on reviving a few more Contax cameras over the week, but decide to load up something a bit less complex for this week/weekend

  14. A more modern entry for the next few day:
    The 50mm F 2.8 macro is my favorite lens to use with this camera. Loaded with HP5+.
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  15. My Contax IIIa is back from @Rick_van_Nooij ‘s SPA.
    It works perfectly (and not only when holding the camera upside down as before) so my Sonnar 50mm 1:1.5 now has a film home!

    Film for the upcoming weekend is Ilford FP4+ and I hope for a few cloudy days so I can shoot a little with the lens wide open.

    Thanks Rick!

  16. You're very welcome :)

    The 135mm f/4 Sonnar you included as a gift has had the internal lens surfaces cleared of haze and the focus helicoid has been freed. I'll have to play with it soon.
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  17. Retina IIIc wlth Rodenstock Heligon 2/50 loaded with HP5 Plus

  18. Leica IIIa and Contax 2a. Leica with post war coating and modern F stops. Contax with 85mm Nikkor copy of Sonnar.
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  19. A Zenit ET with a takumar. Lens needed cleaning, but camera is surprisingly in good condition and a reasonably bright viewfinder for a commie SLR.

  20. Nikon F2S loaded with PanF.

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