What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Yeah I think mine said 18.

    Rick H
  2. Didn't fill up the roll in the Rollei over the weekend.

    For next weekend at the "Historical Festival" at House Doorn I'll be loading up some sheet film holders for either an early 20th century top-handle Speed Graphic or Kodak Auto Graflex.

    Hoping to shoot a couple more images like this one from 2 years ago.


    And maybe Niels' Contax IIIa will show up before then, so I can take a look at it ;)
  3. This week is vacation, so week-end every day :)

    While Rick is having a look the IIIa - which is way above my abilities, I replaced the advance arm om my new-to-me R3 with one including the plastic tip.
    It wasn't possible to source only the plastic tip, but a local repair guy didn't mind parting with a complete arm - it turns out nobody cares to pay to have their R3 repaired so he figured he would never need the arm - my luck - and super easy to replace.

    After developing the first film from last week, it was clear that the camera suffered from severe light leakage.
    The foam around the rear film canister window looked OK but obviously wasn't.
    Not my favorite task to replace the gooey sticky substance, but satisfying when done.

    It is now loaded with a roll of ImagePro 100 - so I hope I caught all the leaks.


  4. I agree James .. nothing like big negatives.. and I have often split a 400 ASA 36 exp into two .."rough" 18 exp rolls.. of course it's a losing proposition , I generally roll 24 exp ..ie 24 clicks on the Watson Bulk loader. I'm not too exact... but thereabouts.
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  5. I believe that Kodachrome may have once been offered in 18 exposure rolls in addition to the 36. It seems that somewhere in some of the old issues of Popular Photography that I inherited from my father that I saw the 18 exposure roll advertised. I would have to look to be sure. Of course with bulk loading the 36 exposure gives the most shots per 100' since you're only sacrificing one leader whereas with two 18 exposure lengths it would be two leaders. When I want to process in a hurry I might only load 15 to 20 frames. For a quick test of a camera I might stop with only 12. I have found that film leader retrievers work better with loads of 15 or more. With 12 it might take several tries or else I use the bottle opener blade on my Swiss Army Knife. With manual I leave some leader out so the retriever is not needed.
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  6. To quote the illustrious Mike Eckman in an article he created regarding Kodachrome :

    '"When it was first released, Kodachrome was only available in 16mm, as a six layer emulsion with a RemJet backing, intended for motion picture films. The first still film Kodachrome wouldn’t be available until September 1936 when it was released in both Kodak’s new 135 daylight loading cassette and 8 exposure 828 roll film format. The speed of the first Kodachrome was daylight balanced at ASA 8, comparable to Kodak’s Panchromatic black and white film. An 18 exposure roll of Kodachrome 35mm film sold for $3.50 and $1.75 for the 828 version, both prices included development by Kodak. When adjusted for inflation, these prices compare to $65 and $32.50 respectively, an incredible amount for a single roll of film."

    The very full and informative post is available here: https://mikeeckman.com/2020/12/kepplers-vault-82-50-years-of-kodachrome/

    As for home loading of 35mm film, I use only reloadable cassettes, with either snap-fit or screw fitted ends. I'm of the opinion that the fewer times the film is dragged through the felt of the cassette opening, the better. One tiny piece of grit can do an awful amount of damage...
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  7. Adding to the Kodachrome information, Kodak promoted the "thriftiness" of the film. That's right, in one ad on the back cover of a mid 50's magazine Kodak referred to Kodachrome as thrifty color. I guess compared to shooting color negative film and printing each frame it was. Also suggested (not sure if Kodak said this or some other company) that instead of paying twenty-five to forty since (more or less) for duplicate slides, instead just take two or three additional shots of same subject.
    Also, until the early 70's, one could buy Kodachrome in bulk. Freestyle in a 1971 ad offered Kodachrome II in 27.5 foot rolls.

    Now back to the original subject of this thread- what camera? Just loaded my Nikon FE-2 with Fomapan 200. I'll post a photo later.
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  8. image.jpeg
    Fitted with excellent Tamron Adaptall II 35-80 SP.
  9. Mike, I would like to see the 27.5 foot short bulk roll idea make a comeback. That would be a great size load for those who shoot a moderate amount of film. But want to try different emulsions.
  10. Some film manufacturers pre-cut leaders so a slight cut provided 36 exposures. A 27.5' roll would yield five rolls.
  11. I was lucky enough to find a tidy copy of the 90mm Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar f/3.5 lens to fit the Voss Diax cameras. These are a little hard to come by; I've had one on the shelf for about 5 years but the front element looks as if a previous owner had attempted to clean it with a pot mitt, and I've never had the heart to try it. This weekend I'll try to get out with this replacement mounted on a Diax 1b.

    Diax 1b cropped .jpg
  12. Nikon F100 and 24-85 G VR

  13. Chinon CM-3, Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 135mm


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  14. Sorry about two photos.
  15. Perseverence pays dividends
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  16. This weekend I will exercise my Leica II D converted from a 1929 Leica Ia to the current II D in 1933/34).
    Lens is a 5cm 1:2 Leitz Summar from 1934. It has fairly good resolution by isn't super contrasty partly because it is uncoated - It works well with color film - and I will load it with Kodak ImagePro 100.
  17. I picked up a 28 f2.8 Elmarit this week so it is joining a 50 Summicron on a stroll or two. I think I'll leave the 35 at home, at least for the moment. I decided to go with one of the SLs this time as the SL2 got the nod the last few Leicaflex outings.
  18. In addition to the FE-2, this one is going along.
    XA-2 with Kentmere 100
  19. I know it's early in the week but I'll be using my FTb I just picked up .a real bargain at 22.00 dollars.ill roll a 12 shots of kentmere 400 to check her out 20220711_175054.jpg
  20. I am entering my second week of vacation and as said before, every day is weekend to me :)

    I have been trying to get this, my first real camera, up and running for a while.

    Serious light leaks (this camera has an awful design when it comes to that), and a film advance issue (I had to wiggle the advance arm quite a bit every time to complete the advance between every frame).

    And finally; a battery replacement issue (the camera used a mercury 675 battery and I didn't realise that I could just pop in a regular zinc-air 675 hearing aid battery).

    All problems that delayed my wish to use this, to me, very nostalgic camera again.

    I hope I have now successfully replaced the foam - time will tell.
    The lightmeter gives a believable read-out.
    My previous successful replacement of the Leica R3 advance arm, encouraged me to try to see if anything was repairable on this one, and I removed the top screws of the arm.
    It turned out that the cover above the advance arm was crudely glued, not screwed, and there was nothing below the top which could be adjusted, BUT when I reassembled the advance arm, it suddenly worked as intended (!!)

    I will try to keep things as authentic as possible, including the cheap Kenlock skylight filter you see mounted (that was the cheapest brand available in my town, and all I could afford in 1977), and a roll of HP5+ (I used HP5 when I learned to process my own film in Rodinal in the 70's).

    I used this camera intensely for about 5-6 years before I was gifted an SLR. I feel very fortunate that I still own it.


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