What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Another old favorite loaded with HP5+
  2. I'm using the wonderful Leicaflex SL with Elmarit-R 60/2.8 macro lens.

    [​IMG]Leicaflex by Zheng, on Flickr
  3. This camera is the last of a batch of 3 classics I bought from an estate sale auction the other week. The other two were a Leica R3 (my main reason for bidding) and a Robot Star.

    I didn't have high expectations for this Contax IIIa, but I hoped a least the Sonnar 50/1.5 lens would be OK.
    As expected the shutter was unreliable, but the lens looked clear and in good working order.

    Malfunctioning Contax RF's sadly appear to be a dime a dozen, but the lens is said to be a diamond.

    While I was considering if I should just get an adapter for mirrorless or go all the way and buy an expensive Amedeo Leica adapter (for a film Leica M), I discovered that the camera would actually trip the shutter IF it was wound WHILE the camera was upside down !!?
    Speeds from 50 to 500 sounded reasonably reliable.

    It gives me an opportunity to check the lens with film before deciding how to proceed. I hope to find time to shoot a roll of Foma 200 this coming week or weekend.
  4. What's the problem with the IIIa, Niels? The slow speeds are relatively easy to fix as the mechanism is under the top cover. Getting into the shutter crate for curtain strap replacement requires a lot of disassembly.
    The curtain roller spring might have weakened a little over the years. I think you can adjust this without having to fully tear down the camera.

    Got another roll of Fomapan 200 in my Rolleiflex K4B. The double-exposure prevention jammed the camera a couple of times on the previous roll, requiring the removal of the front cover and charging the shutter directly.

  5. Nikon F, the beginning of the F mount introduced in 1959. Shown with the p336.jpg Nikkor 28mm f2.8 ais.
  6. @Rick_van_Nooij
    There seems to be at least 2 problems.
    1. When winding the film/tensioning the shutter and subsequently pressing the release button, nothing happens 90% of the time.
    Or rather; the press on the release button will engage the the double exposure prevention but will not trip the shutter, it is therefore possible to advance the "film" again even though the shutter is already tensioned and hasn't been tripped.
    On the other hand; When forwarding the film upside down, it is possible to trip the shutter 80% of the time.
    I don't have to shoot upside down - I just have to wind the film upside down.
    If the shutter doesn't release, it is sometimes possible to provoke a release by shaking the camera lightly while pressing the shutter.

    2. Shutter speed accuracy: Speeds at 1/25 and below are unreliable, mostly visibly faster but also sometimes around the target speed.
    Faster speeds from 1/50 and up appear visually to be reasonably correct, or at least there is a logical speed progression when a faster speed is selected. I will know more about the latter observation when I have exposed and developed the film.

    It seems to be a lot of issues, and I don't have big hopes for the body.
  7. Pentacon six TL with Biometar 2.8/80mm and Zeiss Ikon Ikonta with excellent Zeiss-Opton Tessar 3.5/75mm. Both loaded with HP5+.
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  8. AJG


    From your description of issues, it sounds like your IIIa needs some serious repairs and it isn't that easy to find people to work on them. It's a pity since it is a fun camera to shoot when it is in good shape. As for the Sonnar, that is well worth adapting to mirrorless or a Leica. I don't think you will be disappointed in its performance.
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  9. I splashed out and sent the wideangle lens for the Leidolf Lordomat C35 away for cleaning; it's a Leidolf Wetzlar Schacht-Travetar 35mm f/3.5 and fairly rare. I'll take the camera out this weekend if the weather stays fine.

    Leidolf Lordomat C35 copy.jpg
  10. 1. Sounds like a shutter spring tension issue as I've said over at RFF. I've never had to work on those on the IIa or IIIa, but it can be accessed from the take-up spool side of the shutter crate. Or there is something interfering with the curtain release linkage.

    2. 1/25 and lower are governed by the slow speed escapement hidden under the chrome top cover (directly under the light meter). Which tends to gunk up over the years.
    That always benefits from a little cleaning.

    I normally don't service Contaxes for other people (except for my friend Eric), but I could always take a look for you.I've been on a Contax Repair spree over the last 3 weeks as it is.
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  11. That is a very kind offer, Rick. I'll see if I can figure out to use photo.net PM functionality and reach out to you.
    If you haven't received any message within a day - I (or photo.net) failed, and I would appreciate a ping in this thread.
  12. Finished the film in my Contax IIIa (although not without inconvenience) and started a new roll of Portra 400/120 in my Rolleiflex 3.5C.
    Location: Copenhagen Botanical Garden
  13. No, mistake!
    Fuji Pro 400H, as if anyone care :)
  14. For some reason I rolled 100 feet of b&w in to 18 exposure rolls. I can only say that alcohol was not involved but in the last few days I’ve been dragging around a bagful of F2’s or F4s bodies and a full complement of glass. Same stuff I carried in my newspaper days which could explain why I don’t walk so much as lurch now. I’m finding I still enjoy these things often more than digital. I actually have to figure it out before shooting rather than leaving so much to a computer. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

    Rick H.
  15. Here's one I haven't used in a while.
    Last version of Canonet. I bought it from dealer stock in 1982. Meter went south a couple of years ago. I have a 48-49 adapter so I can use easy to find 49mm filters.
  16. Wisner 4x5 Technical Field. The crown jewel of my collection. It is seldom seen or used and lives safely in a drawer. I need to do something about that. When I lived up on Cape Cod occasionally my work would have me driving around Buzzard’s Bay and down Rt. 6a through the beautiful town of Marion Massachusetts. There on the east side of this road was the Wisner camera facility. Not big, about the size of a small machine shop and I always entertained an idea on how great it would be to work there.
  17. Beautiful. Makes me want to get out my similar Zone VI 4X5. You can't beat large negatives.
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  18. Rick, about to try a similar thing. 36 exp into 2 roughly 18’s. About all the shooting I get through in a week or so. How many turns for 18?
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  19. Mine says 19 cranks.
  20. Thank you MJ.

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