What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Pretty close to the top of my "If I were allowed only one camera" list, the pretty Zenza Bronica ETRs, loaded with Ilford HP5 Plus.

    Bronica fin copy.jpg
  2. It would be hard to go wrong with this combo, Rick. And with the 120 negative HP5+ could easily be the only film you'd need if you had to choose only one film. I look forward to seeing some images. This reminds me I have a roll I need to finish in my Fujica GS645 S.
  3. I hope to finish a roll of Fuji Superia 400 in my Olympus 35 RC. And try to start a test roll in my new to me, Kiev 4A, with a 50 mm/f2 Jupiter-8 lens.
  4. Kent T said
    The Olympus 35 RC has several users at least here. At least two others, I think, plus I have one as well. It's a compact package that offers shutter priority plus full manual in a body about the size of an auto only Konica C35. And still may be used by sunny 16 if meter doesn't work or if battery is discharged.
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  5. Mike,

    Mine is used manually and with my Gossen Luna Pro meter. But my meter does function on mine in shutter priority. I love mine for the fact that it's the smallest 35 mm with a rangefinder, manual mode, and the most useful features in a camera it's size. Metered manual is the only lacking feature.
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  7. I think tomorrow I’m going to take my Contax RTS out and finish the roll of film I loaded in it last year. I wonder what kind of film it is?

    Rick H.
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  8. This weekend I’m using an OM-4Ti & 40/2, the latter being the only OM lens I currently have.

    Need to get it finished as I’d like to shoot Canon FD, which in my (non digital) mainstay since the early 90’s, for the summer.
  9. [​IMG]

    Loaded some Rollei Retro 80s in a freshly repaired and cleaned Contax II (The one in the middle).
    But only shot a couple of frames today.
  10. I hope to join you. Not quite a Contax II, but close. Shares tooling. I now own a Kiev 4a of my own. 50 mm/f2 Jupiter 8 lens. How do you rewind film?
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  11. The Contax/Kiev cameras rewind by depressing the button on the bottom plate and turning the rewind knob simultaneously.
    The button disengages the sprocket wheel from the winding mechanism.

    I bought this 1937 Contax II earlier this month as it was going cheap. It also came with a Jupiter-8 attached to it.
    I have a Kiev-4 on the to-do list. Need to tweak the rangefinder calibration.
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  12. I have never seen a Pen-S with that lens. Is this a mariage of some sort?
  13. Thank you! Appreciate these tips. Plan on enjoying mine and running a test roll of film. More to come!
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  14. image.jpeg
    Maxxum 8000i with 50mm f 1.7, Kentmere 100
  15. Also put a roll of Kentmere 100 in the Fujica ST 605N with 50mm f 1.4 Takumar that I posted on page 112 of this thread. I took it cycling with me early this morning and was able to get a few images. I cut my ride short as the derailier was giving some trouble and the bicycle is currently stuck in high gear. I'll work on it tomorrow.
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  16. Hello Mike
    I just picked up a Fujica ST701 and 4 lenses at a garage sale for 20 bucks, just waiting on the correct Wein cells to check the meter.
    Are they good cameras and lenses ?

    Willl report back one I have ran a roll

  17. While Fuji never offered the large selection lenses like Nikon or Canon (or even Olympus, Minolta, Pentax, etc) what they offered where high quality lenses with advanced coating (EBC or electron beam coating). The ST 701 is unusual in the lineup that it takes mercury cells (unlike the silver oxides of the less expensive ST605 and ST605N, or the 6 volt cell of the LED display ST801. My family owned a camera shop for many years and we stocked both the M42 mount Fujicas as well as the later X-mount as well. The ST701 is a high quality, well made SLR. Sounds like you got a bargain, Don. What lenses did you get?
  18. Hello Mike
    Glad to hear that it is a decent camera
    I received 2 Fujinon 1.8 55mm, one with stripped filter threads, a Telesar?? 2.8 28mm, and a Fujinon 4.5 200mm

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